Kitchen Master – Be a Chef at the Fast Food Restaurant


Sooner or later comes a small game that you just can’t help but giving a shot. It may seem like something you already played before, but then it shows you something new and you are hooked. Kitchen Master – Cooking Mania is one of these games although it’s nothing original or exciting as you may think after the intro I set up.

Basically, you will create your own cooking world in the game with your food truck and by preparing different meals from all over the globe. This reminded me of the movie Chef (2014) written and directed by John Favreau who also played the titular role. Just like in the movie, you will get to manage a food truck and upgrade it over time once you unlock new items.

Kitchen Master – Be a Chef at the Fast Food Restaurant

There are many dishes and ingredients to choose from and all are supported by cute art that will open your appetite during gameplay. Achievements are rewarded with coins and diamonds, but since the game is free-to-play, expect a lot of adds to pop up from time to time. Also, you will need real money if you want to upgrade faster and get rid of the overwhelmingly attacking advertisements. At one point, somewhere around level 14, they start jumping out with such ferocity that I had to give up. But it was really fun while it lasted.

This is also a game that won’t keep you entertained for long, especially if you get the munchies as I did. But if you have a problem with appetite then this may be just the title for you. The colors are so enticing that you will always be with one hand on the refrigerator door. Or, you can play it only after meals.

Kitchen Master – Be a Chef at the Fast Food Restaurant Gameplay

If you want to play something that really doesn’t offer any strings and that you can quit whenever you want, Kitchen Master – Cooking Mania is a fine game for that. But if you hate adds popping up all the time and click-baiting you, then skip this game completely. You will save yourself some time, as well as nerves by doing so.  

6.0 Fair
  • Atmosphere 6
  • Graphics 6
  • Gameplay 6
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 6.7