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In first 2 parts of Knights Chronicle Guide, we talked about Town and Heroes and our journey brought us to the Social button on Knights Chronicle taskbar. The social aspect of the game is very prominent and interacting with other players benefits you in many ways. Let see the Social Screen:

As you can see you have two options – Friends and Guild. We already explained everything about Guilds but it is good to know that you can access Guild Screen through Social button also. Friends Icon opens a screen with your friend list:

You can have up to 50 friends at the time and on this screen, you can see information about login time, friend’s PvE and PvP team, pall points distribution and guild affiliation. It is of utmost importance that you send pall points to your friends every day since sending pall points provides both you and a friend with pall points. That goes in both directions which means that you can acquire more than 500 pall points per day just from sending and receiving pall points. Pall points are very important because you can recharge 200 energy for 200 pall points (up to 3 times per day), you can spin roulette, you can play pall lotto and you can summon certain Heroes with Pall Summon. If you don’t neglect your “friend duties” you will be able to recharge 600 energy and spin roulette every day. On friends Screen, you can also see a list of suggested active players for your friend list, received friend invitations from other players and you can invite your friends from social networks like Twitter and Facebook to play a game. This concludes Social button and we move to Summon button on Knights Chronicle’s taskbar:

Summon function is very important because that is the main way of getting new Heroes. Every day you get 1 free summon and you can summon 4-star or 5-star Hero of any grade. If you want to summon additional Heroes you will have to spend crystals. Summoning one Hero will cost you 20 crystals or you can summon 11 heroes for 200 crystals. Every week Netmarble favors different Heroes and enables you to have summon bonus for those heroes. On Summon screen there is also Pal Points button. For Pal points, you can summon XPmons, Goldmons, and Essences. Cost of summoning is 20 pall points per Essence or XPmon and Goldmon.
We mentioned all buttons on Knights Chronicle taskbar except Shop button and Menu button. In Shop you can buy a wide variety of Knights Chronicle’s packs and in-game resources for real life currency. On Menu screen you can see shortcuts to different game options such as Inbox, Achievements, Guild, Settings, Codex etc … Codex could be very useful since there you can find all information about all heroes in the game.
Step by step we reached the Challenges segment of Knights Chronicle. Challenges represent a group of tasks you can try to clear every day for certain rewards and they are divided into 4 categories – Special Dungeons, Timespace Void, Boss Dungeon, and Guild Dungeon. Guild dungeon we already mentioned in PART 1 of this guide.
Boss dungeon is a place where you can fight against mega strong Boss of a certain element and the goal is to do as much damage as you can while you are alive. Your score is counted every day for daily rewards and at the end of the week, you get a reward depending on your overall score among other players.
Time Space Void is Tower with 15 floors. This tower can be cleared once per week and every week enemies in this tower have a different element. That is important because on higher floors some enemies have damage immunity on all damage except elemental disadvantage damage. Every floor gives you a different prize and the main prize is received when you clear floor 15. Rewards are very useful so I strongly advise that you clear as much floors as you can.
Special Dungeon is divided into Growth Dungeons, Advent Dungeons, and Multiplayer Dungeons. Growth dungeons are:
⦁ Shining Badges, Costume Badge Dungeon – Three times per day you can fight enemies on hard difficulty for costume badges.
⦁ Rune Relic, Rune Dungeon – You can fight enemies on normal, hard and nightmare difficulty with no entry limit for runes. Higher levels reward you with higher grade runes.
⦁ Mystical Essence, Essence Dungeon – With no entry limit you can farm essences on three levels of difficulty, easy, normal, and hard.
⦁ Light/Dark/Water/Fire/Wind XP, XP Dungeon – Same as Runes and Essences here you can farm XPmons without entry limit on three different levels of difficulty.
⦁ Golden Time, Gold Dungeon – 5 times per day you can fight against Goldmons for Goldmons on 3 different difficulty level
⦁ Origin of Growth, Evo Dungeon – 5 times per day you can fight against R heroes on easy, normal, and hard difficulty for evolving material (Evolvemons and R Heroes)
Advent dungeons are dungeons where you can get Advent heroes who are invaluable for enhancing Heroes in your roster. Every week Netmarble introduce different Advent dungeons in 4 major difficulties. There are 1-star Dungeon, 2-star Dungeons, 3-star Dungeons, and 4-star Dungeons. 1-star and 2-star Dungeons award you with R Advent Heroes, 3-star Dungeon with SR Advent Heroes and 4-star Dungeon with SSR Advent Heroes. While you can finish 1-star and 2-star Dungeons without many difficulties, 3-star and 4-star Dungeons need well-balanced teams and battle strategy (especially 4-star Dungeons which are end-game content). By clicking on each Advent Dungeon you can acquire information about heroes suitable for that dungeon. Be sure to check Party Info before you start an Advent Dungeon.
Multiplayer Dungeons are similar to Advent Dungeons but here you control 1 Hero while the rest of the party is controlled by other players. Also, for finishing Multiplayer Dungeon you are not awarded with Advent Heroes but you get Hero shards instead. Hero shards can be transformed in Town Laboratory for Advent Heroes.
We only have 2 more segments left to mention – Adventure and PvP screen.
On Adventure screen you can see the map of Garniel. There are 11 regions with 10 missions per region. You can clear those missions on three level of difficulty and you will be awarded an interesting story and symbolic rewards. Every mission can be finished with 1, 2 or 3 stars, and all stars are counted in the Star collection list for interesting rewards. Good thing is that after each mission you get a small number of crystals so you will be able to collect at least 1000 crystals while you moving through Knights Chronicle Campaign. My advice is to clear all three campaigns (easy, normal, hard) as soon as possible before you start serious Knights Chronicle gaming. It may be boring but it is rewarding in the end.

In the last update, NetMarble introduced us with a new Theo and Leona Epic Quest. Gameplay, tips, and tricks about those quests you can find in this Scion Storm’s video:

PvP screen brings you to the Arena where you can check the strength of your team with Arena teams assembled by other players. Every week we have a new Arena competition and you are awarded according to your Arena rank and your Tier. Interesting thing is that you can not rely on just 5 different heroes because every week some heroes are featured for extra bonuses and some heroes are banned. If you just started to play don’t be discouraged since your team is mediocre at best – PvP is literally end game content of Knights Chronicle. You will need at least 10 different SSR Heroes and a team class higher than 50k to be competitive and for that, you will have to play Knights Chronicle every day more than one month – so be patient!
This concludes PART 3 of our Knights Chronicle Guide. I hope you found useful information in our guide but if you have more questions be free to ask. Good Luck KH fans and may the Lena be with you!

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