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Knights Chronicle Tier List

Knights Chronicle is a turn-based RPG where you need to compose a group of heroes which will be improved as the time passes. Hero’s improvement depends on game resources and a player’s choice in which order the heroes will be improved. The most useful information for a new player is information about the quality of each Hero because nobody wants to invest time and resources in heroes who are “not good”. Game developers in all games of this type try to balance the heroes in order that every Hero has their good sides and weaknesses and that every Hero can be used with success for certain segments of the game, but in reality, there are always Top Tier Heroes and Low Tier Heroes. Knights Chronicle is better balanced than most of the games of this genre but to be honest some Heroes stand out in comparison to others. Knights Chronicle Tier List compares Heroes by their role in the game and ranks them from the best to the worst. Keep in mind that some heroes perform better when combined with the heroes of the same element or with heroes with a similar skillset.

We encourage to create Your own Knights Chronicle Tier List with a tool we made and share it with Your Alliance mates! Click HERE for Knights Chronicle Tier List Builder!

(Heroes are ranked from best to worst – first hero on the left side is the best and the last hero on the right side is the worst. Only heroes worth of mentioning entered a list. For full information about the Hero click on the picture)


hnights-chronicles-himari-portraitKnight-Chronicles-dr-morals-assistant-miss-eticaKnights Chronicle RueKnight Chronicles blessed faith deimosKnights Chronicle KarenKnight-Chronicles-wings-of-hope-sidKnights Chronicle LydiaKnights Chronicle AbelKnights Chronicle EsterKnights Chronicle HildaKnights Chronicle Aika


Knights Chronicle AmonKnights Chronicle Lionelknights chronicle armored alchemist alphonseKnights Chronicle MardukKnights Chronicle ClaudeKnight-Chronicles-charming-destroyer-electraKnights Chronicle IanKnights Chronicle CordeliaKnights Chronicle LibertoKnights Chronicle CarolinaKnights Chronicle Reina


Knights Chronicle BelleKnights Chronicle Saraknight chronicle lustKnights Chronicle RamuKnights-chronicle-Spider_Queen_Arachnia-portraitKnight-Chronicles-vulk-girl-lifaKnights Chronicle JanusKnights Chronicle KaliKnights Chronicle SinclairKnights Chronicle IsaBelleKnights Chronicle JacquelineKnights Chronicle EmiliaKnights Chronicle MinaKnights Chronicle CheshireKnights Chronicle Serdick


Knights Chronicle VerdandiKnights Chronicle Morriganknight chronicle young master yaoKnights-chronicle-High_Pains_Huntress_Momo-portraitKnights Chronicle Davidknight chronicle royKnights Chronicle DamianKnight-Chronicles-word-spell-witch-cynthiaKnight-Chronicles-wild-warrior-cainknight chronicle rizaKnight-Chronicles-grand-duke-heinrichKnights Chronicle MargaritaKnights Chronicle Teslaknight chronicle flame alchemist edwardKnights Chronicle ElizabethKnights Chronicle AshleyKnight-Chronicles-Gritty_Girl_Fighter_RubyKnight-Chronicles-stalking-stringer-tarynKnights Chronicle TaiyoKnight-Chronicles-supernatural-girl-esnaKnight-Chronicles-underworld-arms-dealer-nikitaKnights Chronicle LilyKnight-Chronicles-runic-swordsman-decainKnights Chronicle NixKnights Chronicle MaryKnights Chronicle JuniaKnights Chronicle Julie