Krystopia Nova’s Journey

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

I don’t like the state of the mobile gaming industry today. Repeatability and safe marketability are what everyone is after, but Krystopia: Nova’s Journey hits me like a fresh wave. It is a game free of all those chains and limitations. It was made by thinking outside of the box, and to play it you must do the same. It is just what I needed and here is why.

Finally, a decent Point & Click Puzzle adventure!

Krystopia Nova’s Journey

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey is a premium point & click puzzle game that challenges players with visual, logical, and mechanical conundrums, without offering no verbal explanations, no assist, and no obvious ques. It is a highly challenging experience, that introduces its own innovative puzzle mechanics which, after mastered, will help you rise to a new level of observation, deduction, and thinking.

The game is offered by Antler Interactive, and it is a part of the Krystopia series which also includes Krystopia: A Puzzle Journey and they’ve also dished out a title called Krystal Kart AR. With this game, they’ve targeted both Android and iOS audiences, but PC as well, as the game is present on Steam. The game is fresh at the time of this writing and it only has user reviews on the iTunes App Store so far, but it has scored 4.2 stars out of several votes.

A captivating story

Krystopia Nova’s Journey

The players will get to explore a mysterious land through which you advance only by solving your way through its secrets and puzzles. As throughout the entire Krystopia series so far, here you play as Nova Dune, a female explored on a mission to uncover every mystery this land of aplenty has and by doing that, help end the conflict that’s engulfing the planet. Through the storyline, you will also have to choose which side Nova will lean-to and you will also have some difficult moral choices.

Heavy on the Tech

Krystopia Nova’s Journey

The content is rich and aplenty, while the visuals are captivating and will put your Smartphone to the test. This game is seriously heavy in terms of tech compatibility. Playing it with a Smartphone bellow 4GB of RAM and with a decent GPU will be impossible. It has full 3D visuals and animations with a 3rd person view of the gameplay, which needs to be smooth in order to work.

This is not the case anymore. Devs listened to the feedback and went back in to fix the probs. Now you can enjoy this game on less powerful Smartphones. Great job Antler Interactive!

This atmospheric and story-driven point & click puzzle game is also filled with colorful characters Nova will meet along the way. Also, the puzzle mechanics and layouts will change, so it is not ever monotonous. You also get to play as Skrii, Nova’s adorable pet, who can overcome some obstacles impossible to her.

A Rare Title IndeedKrystopia: Nova’s Journey is a premium game and it will set you back around $5 for both Android and iOS respectively. For that pocket change, you will get a beautiful, interactive 3D puzzle game, with an immersive story, music, and setting, and with enormous content. There are over 26 room levels, taking the player through caves, ancient cities, and the wild. The game also features achievements, bonus artefacts, and other similar mechanics, and much more.

Krystopia: Nova’s Journey

Tech Compatibility


Krystopia: Nova’s Journey was made by thinking outside of the box, and to play it you must do the same...

User Rating: 4.88 ( 6 votes)