Labyrinth of the Witch Worldwide Release Date announced


Labyrinth of the Witch mobile game date has been set for an international release, and it’s on December 20, 2019. Orange Cube Inc. made the announcement as it is bringing its RPG dungeon crawler by the end of the year to Google Play and the App Store. It is a rogue-like game with dungeons that are randomly generated as it reportedly really challenges the players to use all their wits for the game is never dull or repetitive.

Labyrinth of the Witch App Store version released in Japan scored 4.6 stars and has overly positive feedback. The soundtrack was composed by Prof. Sakamoto and it is also particularly praised by those who heard it and tried the game. However, at its core, Labyrinth of the Witch is a simple, easy to pick up RPG exploration dungeon crawler anyone can try.

The features coming our way include the already mentioned simplified system of easy access. Also, there’s the Replay feature which allows the game to autosave every thirty seconds and instantly loads. Also, the game is built with speedruns in mind as very little time is wasted on waiting and there is even a Speedrun Dungeon included.