AoW 3 Unit Control

Learn how to effectively control all units in Art of War 3

Ever wondered how it is that someone destroys an army with far less of a force? Well, a couple of major components in Art of War 3, are a unit control and making sure to counter enemy forces. Have this mastered and 50% of win will be yours.  To help you achieve this we have produced few guides explaining the most effective ways to command any particular unit for both Confederate and Resistance. (The links will take you to the guide of your choosing).

However, this is not all. We are releasing “Countermeasure” tool. This tool is a page on our website that for any selected unit will show how it compares to all other units from the opposite faction. For now, opposing units comes in 3 categories (current state is not a final one, work is in the progress) and the categories are an Extreme, Medium and Low-to-No danger.

Finally, we are determined to make Bluemoongame the Center for AoW3: GC community and experience. So if you are the one with something to say, or if you just want to learn, get involved on our Art of War 3, forum section (under development, but usable) or contact me via Facebook ( Vojin BM). Any idea brought to us on Bluemoongame – forum, will be taken into consideration.

Things around these subjects are not nearly finished and we are in need of help from anyone that cares for this game and its community, so bring on your critique, advice, suggestions, arguments or impressions, we are welcoming it all.