Lemmings 2019 Tips And Tricks


Lemmings 2019 is a revival of the old-school legendary Amiga puzzle-platform game from 1991. The game had other adaptations and editions over the years, but this latest edition came out recently and it seems to be growing in popularity rather quickly. While people are already thinking up new ways to improve their gameplay and solve some of the riddles more efficiently, we present to you some of our own tips and tricks we’ve cooked up in the lab so far.

How to get more energy?

Energy is primarily renewed daily and awarded by completing levels. You also get bonus energy by saving the designated amount of Lemmings for each level respectively, so always try to save them all in order to get the bonus. Additionally, energy is purchased by in-game currency, i.e. gold and finally for real money. The game is free-to-play, but having prolonged fun will definitely cost you some cash. Actually, the game currently offers a premium package of playing 2 hours with no limitations for $6.99. No limitations mean nothing will cost energy, so you will still keep all the energy you had before and earned during those two hours.

Cheats in Lemmings 2019?

We do not use the term ‘cheats’ in mobile gaming anymore. The popular term is ‘boosts’. Just joking a bit, but truly if you want to cut corners and get ahead, prepare to spend your gold or real cash.


Which offers, bundles, and boosts to buy?

None. Well, if you want a basic gameplay experience that is. You can purchase anything you like really. If you for some reason need to or want to spend more than two or three hours on this game, every single day, than by all means purchase away. But, you should already have plenty of gold and energy from rewards anyway, so again think it through thoroughly. The $6.99 2-hour energy-free gameplay boost entitled ‘Play Without Limits’ might be a good way to store up on resources.

  • Insurance Policy is what we feel is a vital purchase, but there is not much to be said about it really. It costs only 100 gold and it will allow you to get a refund on all the energy spent during a level if you fail.
  • Trap Disable costs 200 gold and disables one trap. This is absolutely unnecessary, too expensive, and pollutes the gameplay experience. The whole idea of the game is to solve puzzles using your brain, not to pay for it.
  • Double Lemmings can be a good boost and should be considered instead of the $6.99 Play Without Limits. It costs 350 gold and will double the Lemmings awarded after you complete a level while it is active.


How to build a long staircase?

Providing you have the energy for a staircase big or long enough for what you need, you are going to need to be careful not to lose your Lemmings in the process. When you build a single staircase another one on it, they will be two fields tall, but the Lemmings still won’t die when they drop from it. The third one, however, will cause them to die when they fall down, so follow it up with an Umbrella field in the proper place. Do this until you’ve reached your goal.

How to order the blocker Lemming to move again?

As you undoubtedly already know, stopping your Lemmings from falling off of a cliff or walking somewhere they are not supposed to, requires you to place a block sign. This will cause the first Lemming that comes by to stand there and redirect others to run back from the direction they came from. This one ‘blocker’ Lemming will, however, continue to stand there until you click him again. Then, he too will go in the direction from which he came.


Do not tap your blocker Lemming until the very end of the level!

This is a good trick to conserve your energy. Once one of your Lemmings takes the position of the blocker, and redirects others, leave him there just in case your other Lemmings find their way there again. Do not immediately click on him in order for him to stay with the group. Only do that if it is absolutely necessary and the map will change in a way that he will no longer be able to catch up with the others and ultimately finish the level.

Lemmings 2019 is already encountering rather a harsh scrutiny for being a money grabbing game, deceptively offered as a free-to-play system. True, you do not have to spend a dime if you don’t want to. This will limit your daily time for playing, which can be a good thing is you are now looking to waste too much time on gaming anyway. But, if you plan on dedicating more, you are going to have to pay up. And, we feel this principle is not bad if only they did not charge $6.99 for 2 hours of boosted play. It is understandable how reviewers and the fans of the franchise can be hurt by this, but the game’s experience seems rewarding so far. We’re just going to have to wait and see.