mabinogi pet update

Mabinogi just got a new P.E.T. update

The acclaimed Korean fantasy MMORPG, Mabinogi, is enjoying its 16th year run since the initial release. The game is quite popular in the Asian market, but also English speaking areas for fans of the anime-style games. Mabinogi is being constantly upgraded and updated since its release, so now it is very much alive and up to date. It keeps pace with the current tech and gaming trends, while it also kept its style and unique tone. Thus, the game features regular events which serve to engage the player community. Such is this latest update, that went live on July 16th, which added a new feature – becoming a Pet Trainer.

Mabinogi is developed by devCAT and was published by Nexon Korea back in 2004. The game started there and year by year, it has spread over to other countries, finally reaching North America in 2008 and Europe in 2010. It takes its name from Welsh legend anthology Mabinogion, which are the first prose literature stories in British history. Following that, the game is set and based on myths and legends from Welsh literature. The best part is that it features hand-painted models and textures, which is an esthetic delight.

This latest update, announced by Nexon, brought the new Pet Training talent, that further expands the recent “My Little Pet” Activity added just a little while ago. Now, players can unlock Fynn Pets as they sync their main pet with the others, by using the Fynn Sync. This has changed the World of Erinn significantly and has made Fynn Pets much more powerful.

 mabinogi pet update

How to unlock Fynn Pets?

Fynn Pets are unlocked by syncing your other pets with your main pet via the Fynn Sync feature. This will give you the Power of the Fynn, which will increase the level cap for the pet, its inventory, summoning time, and give even more! There are also Fynni Gems added, dropped by monsters, and they are bloomed via Fynni Blossoming skill, which also awards a Fynni Pet. These pets accompany you as all others did thus far. Also, Pet Perks have been revamped and many of them improved, to increase efficiency, with an addition of new ones:

Wild Frenzy – Pet’s maximum, minimum, and critical damage increased for the duration after the perk is activated. Also, an additional attack will reach several enemies within a certain radius of the target.

Frozen Earth – Ice cold Fynni will gather and play as a pet covers the ground with a sheet of ice. The icy Fynnis will cling to enemies nearby while the skill is activated, stunning, and causing damage. 

Wings of Haste – Speeds up a pet’s ability for a set duration while activated. The Pet owner’s speed will also increase.

Players will also harvest Capybara Fur, help Heulfryn, and encounter Pinkie and Katell, peculiar children. They will hint at the secret of the Fynni-imbued pets and monsters alike, but will also share how to control them, so pay listen closely. Those who pay attention will learn of Mag Mell, which is the last resting place of the Fairies.

Fynn Pets add a new magical element to Mabinogi and bring a set of new features to the game. Players will not need to utilize the special pet abilities and perks added, which are activated during battles across Erinn, but more things also await so check them all out now. The update was released on July 16, 2020.