mabiogi kemono friends

What happens when you mix in a popular fantasy MMO with one of the most popular anime currently?

Well, this is what happens! The acclaimed Korean fantasy MMORPG, Mabinogi, is enjoying its 16th year run since the initial release. The game is quite popular in the Asian market, but also English speaking areas for fans of the anime-style games. Now, the game is including Kemono Friends popular anime as a crossover event, starting on April 16th and it will last to May 14. This event also brings new missions, rewards, quests, and lots of content to the game. Kemono Friends is a Japanese franchise that has transitioned to TV screens and mobile gaming platforms as well. It is created by Mine Yoshizaki, the famous manga artist, and the manga has two seasons so far.

Mabinogi is developed by devCAT and was published by Nexon Korea back in 2004. The game started there and year by year, it has spread over to other countries, finally reaching North America in 2008 and Europe in 2010. It takes its name from Welsh legend anthology Mabinogion, which are the first prose literature stories in British history. In accordance with that, the game is set and based on myths and legends from Welsh literature. The best part is that it features hand-painted models and textures, which is an esthetic delight.

mabiogi kemono friends

Also, Mabinogi is being constantly upgraded and updated since its release 16 years ago, so now it is very much alive and up to date. It keeps pace with the current tech and gaming trends, while it also kept its style and unique tone. Thus, the game features regular events which serve to engage the player community, and now it is crossing over anime with video gaming. Starting on April 16, Kemono Friends are coming to Mabinogi. As mentioned, the event will last to May 14th, which is four weeks, and it will bring loads of new content to the game. Stuff like new quests, rewards, missions, and lots more!

Kemono Friends is not just an anime, but a franchise project with video games included. In fact, it began with a mobile game that Nexon dished out in 2015, which was followed up by a manga, another game, and then a TV anime project which sealed the deal. Crossing over to Mabinogi, this just proves the endless possibilities of merging various branches of entertainment art and we hope we see more of it in the future.