Maple Story The Legends Return

MapleStory M released a new PVP dungeon in the latest update

The Legends Return update for MapleStory M is here and it brings a lot of exciting new features. First, this update allows players to select from eight Maple World Legends in the new PvP dungeon. These include Ryude, Athena Pierce, Manji, Mike, Dark Lord, Grendel the Really Old, Mu Gong, and Moonbeam. This PvP dungeon has two different play modes – Ranked Mode and Free Mode.

In Ranked Mode, players will go against each other in 3v3 battles. Winning these battles will increase your rank and depending on the number of your wins and loses, you’ll receive seasonal rewards. Free Mode is quite different. It allows players much more freedom in choosing how to battle with up to five other players. This mode has a potential for some quite unbalanced teams, but as the name suggests, it’s “free” mode after all, and it’s mostly used for fun.

The second part of this update are the new events. There are two exciting new events that are sure to grab the players’ attention.

  • Kemdi’s Dice Game – starting on April 24th and ending on May 9th, this event will have players collecting dice through hunting. They can use those dice to participate in a special board-game, where they’ll progress on the board by rolling dice. This will earn them various cool rewards and if they manage to complete the quest, they’ll also earn the mysterious Kemdi’s Gift Box.
  • Spring Wonder Wheel Event – starting on May 9th, the Spring Wonder Wheel Event will allow players the chance to win Emblem Potential Scrolls, Lucky Day Scroll, Unique Rank Up Stones, Royal Coupons, and many other rare items. During this event, players can find some well-hidden special tickets that they can use to spin the wheel and earn these amazing rewards.

And that’s not all. This update also introduces four exciting new mini-games available in the Mini Game Station. There are also numerous improvements, fixes, and character rebalancing.