March Nintendo Switch Games Overview


Nintendo Switch isn’t dropping the proverbial ball on the virtual playground as this last month was a continuation of all things expected and promised from the headquarters. Nintendo Direct 2019’s spreadsheet has been followed to the letter while other developers are trying to get in on the game…and are failing. Both Sony and Xbox have attempted to match the Nintendo Direct model with the same format of video news but have still to perfect the model.

New Nintendo Switch games added to the fold during March 2019 were the promised Yoshi’s Crafted World and Final Fantasy VII, with lots of more upcoming titles TBD.

Yoshi’s Crafted World

Yoshi’s Crafted World Nintendo Switch release is a bit steep with a $59.99 price tag for a digital release but the game has pushed the limits of the Switch platform capability with also expanding the Nintendo’s household platform trademark allure. The game looks incredibly good and polished to high shine, with advanced models and improved physics mechanics, compared to other titles from the Super Mario Universe.

The story is quite simple, as platformers tend to get. Bowser needs to steal certain gems that will give him the power to do whatever he likes. Yoshis from Yoshi Island are the stones’ guardians and are out to stop him.

It is at the gameplay mechanics where this Yoshi’s Crafted World took a detour from other titles from the Super Mario Universe. Instead of being a platformer all the way, this game is in large part the Art & Craft classroom. There is plenty of content and the new mechanics are proving to be quite difficult to master. In fact, fans are already saying this is the toughest Yoshi-Nintendo game so far.

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII Nintendo Switch release date was announced towards the end of 2018 and as promised, it has arrived on the switch. The game is definitely set to test the limits of the complexity of the Nintendo Switch controls in terms of how much it can take. It will definitely utilize and use every available button on Switch.

Undoubtedly the greatest challenge will be camera control but it is handled very well. The rest of the game is a carbon copy of its original along with all our beloved pixeled models and down to the last ability featured.

Nintendo Switch games list is looking better by the month as things are getting closer to the big reveal – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, announced for Summer 2019.