MSF Alliance War Update

Marvel Strike Force Alliance War Update

Just in time for Christmas, Marvel Strike Force has released another update and this time to announce the long-anticipated Alliance Wars. This will come as the newest addition to the game that will allow players to use in-game strategy and roster power, as well as to show off their alliance coordination. In the end, there can be only one alliance and we will find out at the beginning of 2019 who will stand victorious.

The Alliance War mode is still being tested though so maybe some of the announced features will be changed, replaced or enhanced in the final version. Nonetheless, this update comes just in time so players can start practicing, form an alliance and get into shape for the big launch.

The new mode will bring Helicarrier battles between two alliances within a 12-hour timeframe. The goal in the Alliance Wars is to earn more scores than the opponent. However, this won’t be just the simple fights among Marvel characters, but the players will have to use their wit in order to create strategic attacks, as well as to defend their territory. During this type of gameplay, it will be important to form a functioning bond inside the alliance so in the end everyone would work as a team and win.

Helicarrier represents a number of rooms which are tactically significant and thus you must defend them. Each room affects certain characters and can boost their powers, so it’s important to protect the most valuable first. There is an option to reposition the rooms which can help you protect the most important ones since you can determine the order in which the rooms will be attacked. You’ll be able to bolster the Helicarrier’s rooms with characters you have, even though the lowest level of reinforcement is based on the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in the room.

It’s also important to note that you can use each character once for the attack or as a defendant of the room. Additionally, start practicing strategic and tactical planning since as commander, the players will control the entire roster, not just a few strongest characters.  

This is the last update in 2018 and you can expect more on the Alliance Wars in the upcoming period. Until then, think about what strategy you could use, as well as about the characters on your roster. There is still enough time to perfect the gameplay and face the opponents.