Marvel Strike Force - New events and powers incoming

“Marvel Strike Force”: new events and powers incoming

It’s one change after the other in the world of “Marvel Strike Force”. As we mentioned recently, the developers are working hard on developing strong bonds between the game makers and the community, and this latest update focuses on incorporating all the changes mentioned before in a coherent narrative. So, here’s what is happening in-game.

The X –Men and The Brotherhood of Mutants have recognized what a great threat Ultimus is, so they have joined their forces in an attempt to take him down. This mission will take them across many different distant dimensions, and the heroine that the game will be focused on is Storm.

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The X-Men leader is a Controller, with powers that charge more and more as the time passes. Her basic ability, Shocking Blow can be extremely useful in raid battles, since she is able to carry over all the remaining charge to the next mission. Her special ability is Ice Strom, where she produces hail that stuns and paralyzes enemies, slowing them down. The more you use this ability, the higher are the chances that this attack will spread across multiple targets and incapacitate them. The same quality of growing more powerful the more you use it goes for her ultimate ability, Storm of the Century. This is a pure damage dealing, no-nonsense talking powerful attack. There is also her passive ability, Ride the Wind which provides support to other X-Men by boosting both Attack and Speed stats of her fellow Mutants.

If you are a “Marvel Strike Force” veteran, prepare for the arrival of Ultron. This mighty foe comes with a brand new game mode which will put the S.T.R.I.K.E team in front of the toughest challenges yet. It will be all about enduring numerous battles and putting together the toughest team, challenging even the most experienced players. This mode, taking place in the Dark Dimensions, will initially have only two difficulty modes, but more will be added down the line. This is meant to be an endurance challenge above all, so the developers promise that you’ll have plenty of time to assemble your dream team and take it into this hostile realm.

Stay tuned for more news regarding changes in this game, including a new type of progress based on character’s star levels, alliance leveling and the content that will become available once you hit that sweet, sweet level 70.