MSF Update V2.3

MARVEL Strike Force Upcoming V.2.3 Update for 2019

With the end of 2018, the MARVEL Strike Force developing team is opening a new chapter for the upcoming 2019, and they are determined to follow up on all major fans’ demands. Firstly, the updates and the in-game issues will be presented and solved shortly. And, some of your favorite heroes will receive an overhaul, making them playable again. So, let’s delve in.

Groot buff?

It is hard to believe that such a powerful character needs this, but it isn’t our fault the game didn’t do the character right! Just joking, Groot is alright but the online community seems to think otherwise. In fact, Marvel Strike Force’s Groot is among the top update-requested heroes currently on Reddit, Twitter, and even Facebook. Well, on 12th Jan 2019, there was a happy announcement from the MSF headquarters saying Groot is in for a boost soon.

What are we in for?

Groot change will include a complete overhaul of his Ultimate, Special, and Passive abilities. In short, the developers are boosting his self-healing ratio a bit, granting him better crowd control, and making him tougher overall.

His Ultimate will now remove 2 negative effects with a 100% certainty, increased from 30%. The exact changes announced look like this:


Marvel Strike Force Groot


  • As an addition to all its current effects, his special ability will now provide defense to all allies affected as well


  • Healing increased slightly
  • Now has a 100% chance to remove 2 negative effects (up from 30%)
  • Gives Immunity to the Guardian Ally with the lowest HP % for two turns


  • Groot gains 25% of his max HP upon revival (Up from 10%)
  • In addition to giving Defense UP to allies on Death, now gives Offense Up, Counter, and Speed Up to all allies when Groot dies
  • All attackers that strike Groot are slowed for two turns



  • Increased chain reliability, with his ultimate now chaining 3-5 targets at max level (up from 1-5)

Marvel Strike Force Drax



  • Increased chain reliability, with her attack now chaining 1-2 targets at max level (up from 50% for 0-2)

Developer’s note: The official site’s announcement also states that the Juggernaut will be updated, with his Resistance increased, even when granted immunity by his other abilities. According to player feedback, Juggernaut was negated too easily, while now they are hoping he will be able to shine more with his main advantage – survivability.

Vision crash fix?

Apparently, many low-end devices, with insufficient RAM memory crash when played with Vision. The team is looking into this as well and they have confirmed the memory issue is the cause for the crash. In fact, it is the Special Ability Vision possesses that eats at your RAM for its visual appearance is a bit demanding, especially for older phones. The Vision update in v.2.3 will address these problems and the team also promises to continuously work on adapting the game for Low-End devices.

Marvel Strike Force Vision

Rocket Raccoon’s Level 7 ability description?

Rocket’s Lvl. 7 Special: Pretty Good Plan, currently states that the 60% chance assist will happen with every attack. While the chance is boosted to 70% now, the obviously wrong another half of the description will be changed. Rocket is not something of a player favorite, especially when paired in his Guardians of the Galaxy team, where he is too OP. The developers are, however, offering a refund on any Orange Ability invested Materials in the upgrade, so if you spent any just send them a ticket.

You can do this via or in-game. Once the V.2.3 goes live, the support team will continue to offer refunds for 2 more weeks.

Kree changes in V.2.3?

Ronan changes are in the works for quite a while now, as the developing team made the announcement ages ago. The entire Kree team will have updates but the exact changes are still kept under wraps, as the team is suspiciously secretive about it. The details will not be released before the V2.3 patch is released, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

Playtesting for Alliance War is also underway, as the team is collecting feedback and is holding the invite-only playtest system as the launch approaches. This new game mode is also coming soon with more info promised as the last year’s Alliance Wars blog gave only rough drafts of what it will be.

For their conclusion, the developing team closed with the Feat the Darkness challenge. Pipster will be the first to take the journey. He is from ‘Legion of Cabal’, but anyone can try it. The first commander who succeeds will forever be remembered in the MARVEL’s Strike Force combat arena and will also be able to recruit Ultron. Additionally, she or he will get 100 additional character shards to share with whomever they please.

That was all from the developing team of MARVEL Strike Force for the upcoming 2019 changes. We were given the details for Rocket, Groot, Gamora, and Drax changes as well as the mysterious Kree team announced a change. We’ll have to wait and see what they have in store for us next.

Full Update is out, You can read more about it HERE.