Marvel Strike Force – Update 3.1


A day before the global premiere of “Avengers: End Game”, FoxNext released a new update as they promised. There were a lot of rumors regarding this update before the actual release, mostly about Agent Coulson who is predicted to be a new addition to S.H.I.E.L.D. team but in reality, we got something nobody expected. Truth to be told, although no one foresaw that we will get Falcon in this update his coming is not a surprise. Here is the list of all changes in Marvel Strike Force 3.1 Update:

New in Alliance War:

  • Squad Defense order can now be adjusted.
  • Updated MVP calculations.

Other changes in this release:

  • Two new playable characters: Falcon and mystery Support.
  • Shuri Legendary Event.
  • Alliance Milestone Event additions.
  • Improved badging.
  • Publicly viewable Dark Dimension timed leaderboards.
  • Updated Character Stats Button.
  • Shredded bugs.
  • Polished visuals.

As you can see FoxNext pointed out that bugs are fixed but after the update’s installation we experienced multiple game freezes when we tried to collect game rewards. I must say that this is not a new problem and those things happened almost after every new update which means that FoxNext is not doing their job as they should. It is very irritating for everyone and I don’t understand why this is happening over and over again. However, this morning we received the information that this issue is solved in the new 3.1.2 Update. Better late than never, I would say, but those things should not happen in the future because the community is already tired of all FoxNext’s mistakes in the last year.MSF Falcon ft What can I say about Falcon? Well, he could be useful in Alliance War but he is definitely not a top Tier Hero. His main purpose is to cause pain to enemies who rely on buffs and to remove stealth from targets. His base stats are similar to other Power Armor Heroes (War Machine, Iron Man) which mean that he has great armor protection but he is low on health. His base damage is good but his skills are not very potent, to be honest. He will be a nightmare for teams with Hand Sentry or Loki for sure, but otherwise, his usefulness is limited. Nevertheless, he will pose a great threat in the Alliance War and the best team for him is with Captain America, Captain Marvel, War Machine, and Iron Man. Keep in mind that his full potential can be reached only in Alliance War Offense. My advice is to unlock him from his Event because he will be a good addition to your roster in any case, but if you are low on resources there is no need to focus on him at all costs since he is not a hero who will drastically change the game for you.

It remains to be seen who is the “Mystery Support”. The general opinion is that Agent Coulson is that support, but I wouldn’t be a hundred percent sure about that. Release of mystery character is expected in the following weeks so if you are not satisfied with Falcon you could save your resources for that character instead.

With the new update, we got 2 new traits – Power Armor and Wave I Avenger. Obviously, War Machine, Iron Man and Falcon gained the Power Armor trait, while Wave I Avenger trait is given to original MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Avengers: Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, and Thor. Does it mean that Wave I Avengers is about to be boosted? – I certainly hope so but it is still early to know for sure because if FoxNext reworks them as they did with Hulk two days ago (unlike before, Hulk now gains Offense Up when he is under 50% HP which is cumulative with multiplied damage of his skills) those changes will be just cosmetic in my opinion. Maybe I am wrong, and maybe those upcoming, small upgrades for each Wave I Avenger Hero will be dramatic when they are all together in the same team, but honestly, I simply don’t believe that FoxNext will allow everyone (80% od MSF community have Wave I Avengers already maximized) to have a new META team for free.

BlueMoonGame implemented all changes from this Update in our content immediately. Falcon is placed in our Tier Lists and you can read his full description in our MSF Heroes page.

In the days to come, we will inform you about all news and changes in Marvel Strike Force like usual and up to date. Good luck MSF fans and may the RNG be with you!