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In Marvel Strike Force, Ravager Bruiser is a Ravager minion who protects his allies. Ravagers are an interstellar crime organization made up of pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, and thieves. There are more than a hundred Ravager Clans all across the Universe with a unique leader in each clan. They all operate under the Ravager code. Most notable are Yondu Ravager Clan, Stakar Ravager Clan, Aleta Ravager Clan, Charlie-27 Ravager Clan, and Krugarr Ravager Clan.

Ravager Bruiser is pretty cheap for a protector. His price is 15 shards obtainable through premium orbs, violent vigilante orbs, and 4-6 Heroic Campaign mission. Ravager Bruiser doesn't have a clean taunt ability, instead, he has a chance to taunt a target he attacks. He can cast Defense Up which can heal him and last 3 turns if enhanced. He also has a decent block chance. Ravager Bruiser cannot be summoned by Yondu.

Ravager Bruiser is a boarding expert who uses an energy shield to deflect attacks.

Ravager Bruiser's traits are :

Villain, Cosmic, Bio, Protector, Ravager, Minion

Ravager Bruiser's abilities are :


Attack primary target for 80% damage. 30% chance to Taunt for 1 turn.

MSF Skills


Gain Defense Up for 2 turns

Seasoned Fighter

Gain + 5% Block chance

MSF Skills


HealthTotal capability to withstand damage.74863
DamageBase damage applied to target6567
ArmorReduces incoming damage by this amount.4287
FocusCapability to apply effects to the target.1164
ResistanceCapability to resist effects.1283
Crit DamageExtra damage inflicted when a critical hit is scored.130%
Crit ChanceChance to trigger a critical hit with most attacks.10%
SpeedFills speed bar and determines the order in which characters act.111
Dodge ChanceBase chance to avoid an incoming attack.0%
Block ChanceChance to block most attacks.25%
Block AmountDamage reduced when blocking.25%
AccuracyChance to hit the target with most attacks.100%

Stats are for characters level 70 with gear 12, 7 stars and maximum ability ranks

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