Meizu Pro 7 Plus is the newest flagship phone from the established Chinese manufacturer. This high-end device aims to innovate a lot of aspects that stagnated in the last generation of mobile phones.

Let’s start with the most obvious feature, the additional back display which Meizu calls Fenetre (a window in French). It’s a 2″ AMOLED unit just below the main camera, but just like the front AMOLED, it doesn’t support always-on functionality. This display wakes up whenever you flip the phone backward, no matter if the main screen is active or not. You can also use double tap to wake it up.

Fenetre also has wallpaper support, including the live ones. Plus, it has weather info, step counter, a clock and even a music player. Speaking about the music player, there’s a secret function of this phone we found by accident. If you press and hold the power button, you’ll get the battery saving Music mode, which shuts down your phone, leaving only the Fenetre as the music player. This allows you to enjoy hours of music without wasting your battery away. This is a really useful feature in remote areas, mountains, beaches, transcontinental flights and basically anywhere far from power sockets. However, the most useful feature Fenetre has is the camera viewfinder. If you swipe up or down you’ll fire the main camera, and you can easily alter normal, beauty and bokeh (blurry background) shot.

Meizu Pro 7 Plus is the first smartphone that comes with Flyme 6 OS installed, based on Android Nougat. It is already available for download on various Meizu smartphones as a beta ROM. This operating system, will either come with Google Play Services, the option to install them, or with China-friendly apps instead, depending on your whereabouts.

Although Flyme 6 interface is different from its predecessor, it doesn’t mean it renounced the previous design. On the contrary, Meizu’s One Mind, the heart and the brain of their phones, is a machine learning algorithm that follows and learns patterns and models of your behavior, then optimizes its performance according to your preference and the way of usage.

Meizu has also implemented a new mode, which will certainly be popular among the gamers. Its name is, unsurprisingly, the Game Mode. This feature somehow knows when you turn on a game to play, and prioritizes all available resources for a better gaming experience. You can turn this mode on and off from the Settings panel, which disables mTouchBack, the Task Switcher, and even the notifications. Another convenient feature that premiers on Flyme 6 is Parallel Spaces, which lets multiple accounts coexist in different degrees of authority, so you have Guest, Normal and Private modes. There’s even a Kids mode if you wanna share the phone with your kids or those pesky cousins who want to play games on your phone.

Meizu Pro 7 Plus is everything you’d expect from a flagship phone. Yet, this model has a lot of innovating features implemented, which we’re sure will become the staple in the future. Props to Meizu for not playing it safe with the flagship product like Pro 7 Plus, but trying to experiment with more functionality and convenience for their customers.