meowoof review

Meowoof – A Cat n’ Dog One Finger Arcade

You like cats and dogs, you own iPhone, iPad or iPod and you’re in a mood for some simple taping action? If that’s the case, Meowoof might just be a thing for you. Now, if you search a meowoof word in a dictionary, you won’t find it, but that’s exactly how this pair of unfortunate entangled animals must sound in action. You’ll take control over a cat and dog tandem – but there’s a catch. You see, their owner had imprudently left them home alone, which proved as a certain recipe for a disaster. They went in a fight and somehow managed to get entangled by a piece of rope. Now their little tummies are growling with hunger, and they have to set out on an epic journey to find their irresponsible owner, lest they’ll terribly perish of starvation.    


Cats and dogs usually don’t get along together, but it this case they will have to overcome all their differences and learn to cooperate. Since they are tangled, with just a short length of rope between them, they move in a very peculiar way – one of them stands in place, the other swings around, and then they change places. This awkward situation influences not only the way they move but also the gameplay itself. There are points where only one of them will be able to achieve something (for instance to pick up, or destroy a specific dog or cat related item), so you’ll be forced to find the right timing when one of them is in charge. Although this does take a little practice, everything is exceedingly simple – after all, this is a one-finger arcade game.

The world this reluctant cat n’ dog tandem had found itself is also pretty strange. The levels mostly have a layout of a tunnel and are filled with different food items you’ll greedily pick up along the way. They also encounter large quantities of enlarged plates, forks, chopsticks, and other cutlery, which will make you wonder are they actually hallucinating because of hunger, or is it just how cats and dogs usually perceive the world? Is it all just a manifestation of their all-consuming hunger? The game, fortunately, doesn’t provide answers for these surprisingly unsettling questions. What it does provide is simple yet addictive fun, with a number of family-friendly enemies along the way, such as animated forks that try to poke you in the ribs or giant bees with nasty stingers.

After each stage, you’ll get the chance to spend some of the food you’ve amassed along the way, and upgrade your abilities with standard things such as health recovery, additional health, energy recovery, and increased health. In short, the game is cute, with colorful graphics, a pair of adorable protagonists, and surprisingly fresh concept. So grab the first iOS device that comes in your hand, and roar proudly: Meowoof!