Mighty Quest for the Epic Loot

Ubisoft’s Action RPG Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is available for pre-registration

Do you like loot? Well, Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is Ubisoft’s next project intended for people who do. Mighty Quest for Epic Loot is an Action RPG coming to iOS and Android on July 9, 2019, and pre-registration has begun. It is a mobile adaptation of the PC game from 2013 and 2015, which was eagerly awaited for several years as a matter of fact.

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot mobile game will bring the PC’s version RPG action and dungeon crawling, but the game’s main assets lie in the visual aspect as well as the rewarding experience the entire concept provides. Naturally, the game is all bright and shiny, but the texture quality is somewhat out of the ordinary and slightly resembles animated movies nowadays. It goes without saying that Mighty Quest for Epic Loot promises to be one of the best looking games on mobile devices this year.

However, looks are not everything and Mighty Quest will bring over 100+ different environments and levels in the campaign mode, as well as the PVP arena and challenges. It will be a fully fledged aRPG experience, and at the center of it is its epic looting system.

Key features:

  • Fast-paced dungeon destruction
  • 100+ different environments
  • Over 1000 different gear pieces
  • An extensive upgrading and enhancing system for gear and artifacts
  • Prolonged PvE campaign
  • Well balanced PvP arenas
  • Challenges for the late game

Mighty Quest for Epic Loot promises to again bring some juice to the action RPG extravaganza big time. The pre-register is available now while the game arrives on July 9 to Google Play and the App Store.