Minn-Erva & Captain Marvel – Heroes that changed the game balance like none before them


Three months have passed since FoxNext introduced Minn-Erva and Captain Marvel in 2.4 MSF Update. I must admit I thought at first this is just another introduction of new MSF characters, and although I immediately recognized the potential of Captain Marvel I never imagined that those two Heroes will have such an impact on the game. As a matter of fact, the truth is that Minn-Erva is even more useful than Captain Marvel who has unparalleled abilities which make her special in many ways.

When I wrote about 2.4 update I predicted that Minn-Erva will be useful in raids and that she will not change the balance of the Arena and Blitz. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Minn-Erva is not useful for raids – she is essential for raids and unlike any other healer before her, she is actually a vital part of new Arena Meta team. So, what is so special about her, I couldn’t anticipate when I saw her skill descriptions?

I would say everything – every single ability proved to be more potent than I thought. Her basic skill always grants Regeneration to a most injured ally, her special ability brings back from dead literally (resurrected Hero is actually usable unlike other Heroes brought back to life by Scientist Supreme or Doctor Strange) and it should not be used for anything else but reviving. Her ultimate provides even more protection than we anticipated, and her passive grants much more healing than anyone could imagine.

Most important of all is that Minn-Erva is Kree/Cosmic/Tech which means that she can be used with success with anyone who grants bonuses to those traits and that grant limitless options when we come to team creation. Obviously, she is fully compatible with other Kree characters and the team made of Minn-Erva, Ronan, Kree Royal Guard, Kree Cyborg, and Kree Noble is capable of clearing 90% of nodes in Ultimus 6 but that is not the best team with Minn-Erva. The best team with her is the team with Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon.

Beside them, Vision and Groot are the best options for the Arena because Rocket Raccoon will trigger taunt from Groot which means that opponents can’t focus their damage on Minn-Erva and that they will kill Groot first who will grant all buffs to Rocket and Star-Lord and who will be revived later to slow the opponents again. This team cannot prevail against the Brotherhood of Mutants but this the strongest TECH team at the moment which will be avoided by everyone who doesn’t have a strong Brotherhood team.

For raids, Thanos is a better option and you should change Vision or Groot with him depending on the node. The amount of energy Star-Lord and Thanos provide will grant you that you can use Rocket Raccoon’s and Minn-Erva’s ultimate every second or third turn, and you will slice through Ultimus 6 like a hot knife through the butter without using health packs at all.


Captain Marvel, I must say, is a completely different story. She has an amazing skill-set and we knew from the start that she will cause more damage than any other brawler but unlike Minn-Erva, Captain Marvel is not a vital part of any team. Earlier I predicted that the Kree team with Captain Marvel will be able to beat Brotherhood of Mutants and I was right – Ronan, Kree Royal Guard, Captain Marvel, Kree Noble, and Kree Cyborg can kill the original Brotherhood team of the same power, but this team is not a Meta Arena team since they are vulnerable to all other Meta teams and in defense AI is not capable to win against Brotherhood.

On the other hand, Captain Marvel posses a new Military trait which provides her synergy with other Military Heroes who prolongs the duration of her initial Binary form but sadly that doesn’t crucially decide the outcome of battles with other Meta teams and, frankly, the Military team (Captain America, War Machine, Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Vision/BlackWidow) is not a team which is a real threat neither in the Arena nor Raid. So why is Captain Marvel presented as a Top Tier Hero in BlueMoonGame’s Tier List?

The answer is simple, Captain Marvel’s general versatility is unmatched by any other Hero. You can place Captain Marvel in almost any team and she will make that team much more dangerous than before. For example, my Captain Marvel is 45k strong but I couldn’t place her in Kree or Military team since I already have those teams fully loaded with other heroes, so I was forced to make a Blitz team made of Korath the Pursuer, Bullseye, Mantis, Night Nurse and Captain Marvel.

Believe it or not that custom team of 150k power can compete with other teams in Blitz Tier 8 battles with more than 80% win rate. It is simply unbelievable, Captain Marvel is so tanky and her damage is so great that she simply utterly destroys everything on her path. And that is not all – Captain Marvel is literally a queen of Alliance War. In offense, you can use her to deal with those teams who are not strong enough but also not weak enough to be dealt with easily. Let’s say that you are about to face a custom team of 75 k power and you are not willing to use your attack teams because it would be a waste – 40k strong Captain Marvel will be able to win single-handedly.

In defense, Military team is much stronger than usual and you will need to use your main Meta teams to clear that Military Defense slot which is the point of the defense in the first place. If I am about to compare Captain Marvel’s current role with other Heroes in the game, I would say that Captain Marvel is similar to Crossbones after the global release of MSF – she is good for any team.


In the end, all I can say is that FoxNext provided us with 2 amazing heroes that are worth every resource invested in them. If by any case you haven’t got Minn-Erva and Captain Marvel already maxed, you should put everything you have in them immediately, without hesitation.  The joy and excitement of playing with them cannot be described in words – you need to feel it yourself.

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The new update will be out in a less than a week so be sure to check all news regarding Marvel Strike Force on BlueMoonGame in the days to come. Agent Coulson is about to enter the fray and we will provide you a full in-depth description of him and another new character as soon as the update is released – Don’t miss it!