Moto Rush GT Comes at Full Throttle onto Nintendo Switch This April


Get your motors runnin’, racing fans and prepare for new biking adventure that comes our way straight from lovely Poland! Moto Rush GT approaches our Nintendo Switch consoles in the satisfying haze of smoke, dust and smoldered tires, promising become the one racing title we’ve anxiously been waiting for ever since the days of Turbo Outrun. The game in question is developed by veteran Polish developer called Baltoro Games which boasts more than 200 mobile games of different genres under their pyramid studded leather biker belts. The fair amount of games from their large portfolio belongs to various racing titles, whether for two or four wheels vehicles, so this is certainly not the first time they tackled these kinds of subjects – the guys know what they’re doing and it totally shows.

Moto Rush GT

Not only that their upcoming will look absolutely stunning (if few sample images released so far are to be trusted), but the game will boast many advanced features, the most prominent of which is the optional support for Nintendo Labo Toy-Con Motorbike. Now, in the unlikely case, this name doesn’t ring any bell, it’s one of their several cardboard cut-out toys sets and this one, in particular, will allow you to emulate actual motorcycle handlebars. Assemble it, place your Joy-Cons into handles, and enjoy yourself in an unparalleled lifelike driving sensation – if you’ve played Mario Kart 8 Deluxe you know exactly what we’re talking about. Of course, those of you who prefer more conventional methods of control will be able to choose between standard options such as Joy-Cons or Pro Controller.

Moto Rush GT

Developers also provided an impressive list of things you’ll be able to experience with Moto Rush GT, including 12 different types of fully customizable motorbikes, more than unique 100 levels, tilt support, interchanging day and night cycles, realistic weather conditions, as well as bunch of different game modes adjusted for all levels of gaming experience. Most importantly, with the game such as this where it’s all about the sensation of dizzying speed and the fluidity of its gameplay, it’s imperative that it’ll be able to convey everything the right way. Moto Rush GT comes with 60fps, so you’ll be able to enjoy a gloriously smooth ride without any hiccups.

Finally, clad yourself in your best leather jacket, warm your engines and keep your eye straight on the road – Moto Rush GT is set to be released this April.