Marvel Strike Force Mysterio Featured

Mysterio – Master of illusions and ultimate debuffer

FoxNext surprised us again! Out of nowhere, Mysterio appeared in our rosters. He was on a loading screen after the last update but nothing suggested that we will be able to see him in our rosters yet. Good thing is that I check the entire roster on the daily bases because otherwise, I wouldn’t have noticed him at all.

As you probably know Mysterio’s real name is Quentin Beck who was a former associate of legendary Tony Stark. Tony Stark thought that he was too arrogant and ambitious which was the reason to abandon Quentin’s great project and fire him. Quentin was furious and he came to an idea to assemble a team of former Stark’s employes and to steal Tony’s technology when the time comes. After the death of Tony Stark, he presented himself as the Super Hero Mysterio who will save the world from the rampaging Elementals. Everyone believed him including young Peter Parker who offered him Stark’s technology which was given to Peter for safekeeping. That was the moment Quentin waited for a long time. When he finally took control of powerful EDITH (Even in Death I am The Hero – glasses which controls Stark’s satellites and drones) he decided to use it to create an illusion of all four Elementals who will wreak havoc on Earth and who will be beaten by him which should make him a greater Hero than even the Iron Man. Peter Parker aka Spider-Man eventually learned about Quentin’s betrayal and defeated him in the epic battle but Quentin already succeeded to influence a public opinion who started to believe that Mysterio is the greatest Super Hero on Earth who was unjustly bullied by the Avengers.

Mysterio Movie

That was the short story about the Mysterio lore in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His background in comics is kinda different but he is still one of Spider-Man’s archenemies who is just an ordinary man who uses holograms and illusions to trick and harm his opponents.

In Marvel Strike Force Mysterio is Spider-Verse, Sinister Six Tech Controller who should make Sinister Six team more versatile and dangerous. His skill-set is comparable to Mordo’s skill set with the difference that he can apply Ability Block to City Heroes and that his ultimate’s damage output is somewhat greater. Ability to apply Heal Block to all enemies could be very useful against the Defenders team because it could totally diminish the importance of Iron Fist’s healing. If nothing this debuff will surely annoy us in raids. Also, Mysterio can clear enemy buffs with his basic ability which works similarly to Ronan’s basic skill. For every debuffer Focus is very important and Mysterio’s Focus gradually increases with every Sinister Six ally. When he dies he summons up to 2 Mirror Images who can also remove positive effects from the enemy inflicting damage based on his Attack in the process.

All in all, Mysterio is an average hero who will not have many uses apart from the Sinister Six team, to be honest. It is still unclear how will we farm him but I expect that he will become available through appropriate Orbs and Blitz.

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Now we only have to wait for Vulture and the entire Sinister Six team will be ready for assembling. Until then, Good luck Heroes and may the Random Number Generator be with you!