Mystique - The mutant woman

Mystique – The mutant woman with many faces

As promised, Foxnext is introducing new mutants in Marvel Strike Force!

Mystique was announced earlier but she entered MSF roster just this Friday (12th October 2018). As she appeared, we immediately learned that Magneto will also be introduced soon because all of her skills work better with Magneto. That news was most welcomed by all Marvel fans since everyone expected to see more mutants in Marvel Strike Force for a long time now.

Mystique is a well-known shapeshifter, portrayed by Rebeca Romijn in earlier versions of X-Men and Jennifer Lawrence in the past few years. She is both a cunning infiltrator capable of mimicking any face she has seen and a trustful friend of Magneto. Although she is represented as the villain, her intentions are often good which means she is not evil.


In Marvel Strike Force, Mystique has a unique set of skills focused on fighting against stealth targets and targets with buffs. Her damage output is not big, however, she is fast and she can strike multiple times. She can also copy positive effects from enemy targets as well as making them attack each other. As I said before all her abilities are much stronger if her ally is Magneto which means that her usefulness will depend on Magneto’s power and role. In my opinion, Magneto will be a protector but that remains to be seen.

Blue Moon Game will continue to feature Marvel Strike Force and all news will available accordingly.

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