Avengers A-day

New Avengers Game announced by Square Enix at E3

E3 just unveiled the first cinematic trailer for Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day game and it is AWESOME! Marvel’s Avengers: A-Day E3 2019 expose sparked quite the ruckus as the trailer featured a familiar but entirely unique story setting. The characters deliberately resemble their comic book counterparts more than the movie actors. Furthermore, they really act, sound, and speak as in the comics. Marvel’s Avengers release date is set for May 2020 and we will do the trailer breakdown below, but first check it out if you haven’t:

In the trailer, we see that the gang gathered consists of Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. Other fan-favorite Avengers are missing from the trailer but that doesn’t mean they are not in the game of course. The A-Day event is underway as a new threat arises of alien and highly dangerous origin. Our heroes are later seen attacked by human soldiers but it appears they are controlled by some alien force that is also in control of the Shield Helicarrier. Towards the culmination of the conflict, we see a strange crystal that seems to emanate this strange blue power, and after a brief glimpse, it explodes in a pulse of energy, bringing the helicarrier down.

The true problem is revealed after, as the world now seemed to blame the Avengers for the events as they were seen fighting the army. The question about how useful or dangerous the Avengers are seems to spring up again as our team again faces hardships and the danger of coming apart. One of the Avengers seems to have died in the initial attack, but our heroes are taking up the fight.

Marvel’s Avengers video game is coming to PC, Xbox One, PS4 and it is being developed by Crystal Dynamics. Several other companies are in on the project, like Eidos Montreal, Crystal Northwest, Nixxes Software, and it is all done under Marvel’s wing. The precise release date for Marvel’s Avengers is May 12, 2020!

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