Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event

New Event for Apex Legends surprises everyone with its mechanics

Did it really have to turn out like this? Just when we’ve seen that fancy gameplay trailer for Star Wars Jedi: The Fallen Order, which offered a ton of interesting footage and ignited a spark of hope in all of us. A hope that EA has finally come to their senses and that they want to turn things around and return back to their roots, back to the times when they were trying their best to please the gamers, not the investors. Now, they released a new Iron Crown Event for Apex Legends, and it’s full of surprise… mechanics.

The thing is, Iron Crown Collection Event for Apex Legends is something their playerbase was literally begging for in the past months. A way to introduce an awesome, engaging event, that would make the players excited and eager to rush back into the game in order to earn some fancy-looking limited rewards. And they did just that, with the introduction of the Legendary Hunt event, which was a great, fun, and engaging event, while also allowing players to earn some amazing rewards. Sadly, the Iron Crown event is nothing like that, and players all over the world are outraged, and for a good reason.

During the Iron Crown event, you can complete specific in-game challenges, which will earn you some rewards. To unlock the best event skins and all of the main goodies, you need to open the Iron Crown packs. The thing is, simply by playing, you can earn 2 of these Iron Crown Packs. In order to get the other 22, you need to acquire them through your wallet. Well, since Apex Legends is a Free-to-play game, and generally, the packs are prized 1 USD each, it should only take 22 USD to unlock all of these, right? Well, not really… Unlike the regular ones, these Iron Crown Packs cost 700 Apex Coins (roughly 7 USD each), so that translates to 154 USD in total if you want to get all the goodies (or around USD 140 if you buy discounted Apex Coins). However, that’s not all. If you unlock all 24 packs, you will also unlock the option to buy the Heirloom for 3500 Apex coins. Assuming you managed to get two packs by playing, and bought the remaining 22 packs and the Heirloom, all of that will sum up to 170 USD (including discounts). But, if you didn’t complete the challenges, and you bought everything, that will cost you a grand total of nearly 200 USD. Unlike the first event, The Legendary Hunt, which was engaging and fun, this one feels like a cash grab, aimed to force people to spend money in order to get some of the rewards they’re offering. 

So, you have two options here, either you play the game, earn your two Iron Crown packs, and pray to the RNG Gods that these loot b… I mean, surprise mechanics grant you the skin for one of your mains, or you can open up your wallet. Still, there is always the third option, and I am fairly sure all of you are well-aware what it is.