NES Games On Switch

New NES games added to Switch Online

Starting this Wednesday, December the 12th, Ninja Gaiden, Wario’s Woods and Adventures of Lolo will all be added to the Nintendo Switch Online, which is the name for the Nintendo Entertainment System library for the Nintendo Switch. Last month, Metroid, Mighty Bomb Jack, and TwinBee were added to the ever-growing collection of legendary Nintendo titles.

Ninja Gaiden got its premiere on the Nintendo Entertainment System at the end of 1988 in Japan. The United States premiere happened a couple of months later, in March of 1989.

Ninja Gaiden

The main character of this game is Ryu Hayabusa an heir of his family clan who travels to America in order to avenge his father’s death. Ninja Gaiden contains 6 chapters in 14 stages, excluding boss battles. Hayabusa defeats all of his adversaries with the help of his dragon sword, ninja skills, and ninja magic.

The first ninja Gaiden began a successful series that had many entries, and also branched out on other games like Dead or Alive, whose main character, among others, is Hayabusa himself. There are also lots of games which are inspired by Ninja Gaiden, like this year’s The Messenger.

In Wario’s Woods, the player is controlling Toad and collects monsters and bombs, arranging them so they can clear the screen of enemies. This is a puzzle game, very much alike to Dr. Mario, and fans of these kinds of games will enjoy this 1994 hit.

Wario's Woods
Adventures of Lolo is kind of self-explanatory. The main character is named Lolo, and it’s a guy actually, trying to save his love Lala from the evil King Egger. This title is focused on environmental puzzles, and it was launched in North America in 1989.

Adventures of Lolo

Along with Nintendo Switch Online and its library of NES games that went live back in September, the subscribers are allowed to pre-order wireless NES controller for Switch. The controllers will be shipping later this month.

It’s good to see Nintendo keeping the legacy of their legendary games and presenting them to the younger audience. However, we all know these games are re-released so the fans that grew up playing them have the chance to play them legally again (we won’t mention the emulators here).