Nintendo Labo Variety Kit

New Nintendo Labo Kit Introduces VR Gaming on Switch This April

For many Nintendo Switch users, especially the youngest population, various Nintendo Labo Kits are – without the slightest attempt to ironize anything – the very best thing since sliced bread. True, their attention is legendary fickle and most kids quickly neglected their wonderful new toys, but at the moment when they were introduced by Nintendo about a year ago they really managed to stir things up in the gaming world, both in positive and in a negative way. Of course, there were inevitably those who openly resented the flimsiness of the materials used, as well as the whole concept. However, Nintendo’s deceptively simple formula which paired various interactive objects made of humble cardboard and Nintendo Switch console itself proved to be extremely addictive and appealing on many levels. Now, in addition to the fishing rod, motorbike handles, vehicles, robots and other Toy-Con objects, we’ll be getting a thing that’s likely bound to surpass them all, at least until some new cool gadget appears – Nintendo Labo VR kit.

In all honesty, Nintendo wasn’t the first to come up with this cardboard VR concept (anyone remembers Google Cardboard?), but the combination with Nintendo Switch console and all possibilities this combo offers are pretty fascinating. Ever since hackers discovered that Nintendo Switch actually can support VR, we’ve been guessing when they will actually produce something that will make it happen – and finally, Nintendo Labo VR set landed on our laps. Naturally, Nintendo wouldn’t be Nintendo if they wouldn’t additionally spice things up with not one, but two available options, both of which actually make a pretty sweet deal in their own right.

Just as it was the case with their earlier kits, Nintendo Labo VR kit comes in two distinct versions, which vary both in items they bring, as well as the price. The first one is the starter VR set, which comes with VR goggles and blaster gun (or, rather, cardboard components needed to construct them) and Nintendo Switch software required for Nintendo Labo VR kit to do its magic. The price for this basic set is relatively modest – US$39.99. The other version – which can be called the complete Nintendo Labo VR kit – is admittedly bit pricier, but besides mandatory VR goggles, software and blaster, it also includes bird, elephant, camera, wind pedal, safety cap, and screen holder, most of which serve as rather unorthodox VR attachments. However, if you want to treat yourself with this version, you have to double the amount of the starter set, since it costs US$79.99. Those of you who initially opt for the starter pack will later have the opportunity to retroactively add those other items to their collection, thanks to two expansion packs which cost $19.99 each.

Of course, the available software is admittedly still pretty basic, but if this Nintendo’s VR venture takes root and games which support Nintendo Labo VR start appearing in greater numbers and – if we may be so bold – the price goes down just a bit, the possibilities will be practically limitless. Some would say that that’s a lot of ifs, but if you’re like us and just can’t wait to see how the virtual world is looking through cardboard duck’s rectum (as famous Jeff Grubb had tactfully had put it in one of his tweets), the release day of these VR kits is scheduled for April 12.