New Pokemon Game by Tencent

New Pokémon game in development by Tencent and The Pokémon Company

New Pokémon mobile game announced with Tencent’s TiMi Studio at the helm, with the company’s now long-running collaboration with the Pokémon Company. The title is TBA as well as the genre or the general direction in which the production is set to go, but it is already causing quite a ruckus in the online gaming community, especially on and Twitter.

Tencent Holdings, the Chinese titan, needs no special introduction as this conglomerate has grown to an incalculable and incomparable size, it’s getting scary now. People are genuinely scared as they immediately associate Tencent’s involvement with the project as a sign of commercial purposing, with the side effect of pushing out and killing off anything that is worth something other than the profit. Despite that, seemingly every project Tencent has its fingers in ends up being both commercially and critically successful, like the 2018’s movie Venom or the mobile MOBA game Arena of Valor.

Anyways, the holding company has grown and some would argue by swallowing smaller fish in the gaming sea, which is why some parts of the gaming community might feel as they express on social media. Be that as it may, Tencent’s TiMi Studio is developing the upcoming Pokémon game for better or worse. They are also working on the upcoming Call of Duty: Mobile project, so people are just assuming both games will be for Smartphones.

However, there has not yet been an official confirmation from the developing or the publishing houses, with the release date not even pinpointing the year. The only official public confirmation was that the production for the new Pokémon game has started and that the key players are set. For better or worse, the fans are just going to have to deal with it.