November Week 3 Recap

November, Week 3 Recap

With another mobile gaming week behind us, we turn back on some of the highlights from our publication summarizing some of the most important events for the industry. While many new and exciting games came out, there have been important developments behind the scenes and also the Black Friday discounts are now on, so be sure to check out your favorite retailer or online sales platform for some juicy deals.

Our colleagues from Pocket Gamer have put up a very interesting article that contains the top 25 most downloaded games of all time on Google Play, if you’ve ever wondered which titles were the most popular. PG also covers mobile game development up to date and they’ve covered their best games of the week for Android and iOS.  

TouchTapPlay, also our esteemed colleagues, covers all of the latest developments and goodies from the gaming world and have the Battle Breakers tips & tricks ready for all who look to become invincible in the game. If you are a fan of Minecraft Earth, the latest AR hit on the streets, they’ve put up a similar Minecraft Earth guide with tips & tricks for tappables

Minecraft Earth

Blue Moon Game’s Highlights from week 3 of November 2019:

Black Friday Smartphone deals

Everyone likes playing mobile games, but you need a good Smartphone to enjoy the experience you deserve. If you have been playing with the idea of purchasing a new device and you’ve waited for the right chance, the time is now. We’ve covered some of the best sales deals we’ve encountered, but there are undoubtedly more, so be sure to check out your favorite retailer or their website to see just what Black Friday discounts they currently offer. Many of the Black Friday Smartphone deals and discounts have already started and they will last all the way through November’s week 4.

The Game Awards 2019 nominees announced

This last week the prestigious The Game Awards 2019, called Games Come Alive of just TGA, has announced the nominees for their upcoming award show. The show will be held on December 12 and by that time you can vote for your favorite game and for many other nominees from the entire world’s gaming industry. We’ve covered Mobile Game of the Year and Game of the Year category, but there is so much more.

USA VS CHINA Phone Wars round 16

This drama, what we’ve come to call USA VS CHINA Phone wars, is still ongoing for almost a year now. In the latest Round 16, Huawei needs to now find a different way to provide all the Google services we love and often use on our Smartphones. This is due to the Trump Ban, which banned Huawei from the USA market and also caused Google and several other big names in the biz to end their partnership with the Chinese firm. Huawei is now working to replace these first-party apps with a solution of their own.

Mobile Gaming market analysis and statistics has put together one of the most comprehensive statistics overviews on the Gaming Industry seen to this day, by using the AppAnnie as a source of info. The statistics include the entire history of video games to this present day, in all its aspects including mobile gaming, and it even makes predictions for the future within the next five years. If you would like to know just how profitable video game development is and which games on which consoles are the most downloaded, most-played, and the highest-grossing, be sure to check it out.

Frankenstein’s Creature came out on iOS

Lastly, this beautiful game which is a true tribute to the original story written by Mary Shelley in 1919, titled Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, does the source material justice but it also created something new in the gaming industry. The game is titled Frankenstein’s Creature and it is a beautifully designed, watercolor painted depiction of everyone’s favorite creature from the old school horror movies. However, it also manages to satisfy the need for a unique adventure by providing each player the chance to walk in Frankenstein’s shoes on a path picked by them.