One Punch Man - Road to Hero

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero has arrived

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero mobile game launch is finally here. Oasis Games officially releases their project based on the popular anime of the same name and it comes in form of a card game with a turn-based gameplay system and along the lines of an RPG genre. This is the first-ever officially licensed game that features the characters from the mentioned anime on the Western market, so the fans are eager and ready to try it out.

This game was developed under joint supervision by the creator and author of the manga Isamu Tsukuru, who goes under the pseudonym ONE, and Yusuke Murata who is the original illustrator. Also, the animation production team closely collaborated with the Japanese art team on this game, all with the effort of recreating the authentic visual style and the appealing blend this phenomenon has.

One-Punch Man: Road to Hero mobile is now available for iOS users on the iTunes App Store. The Android version is expected to arrive fairly soon as well. The plot of the game follows the storyline of the original manga and anime series with all the original characters accounted for and, much to everyone’s delight, all original voice actors from the anime.

The manga achieved high critical and commercial success immediately after its release, going viral quickly. An anime project quickly followed, which just had its second season aired earlier this year. There is also a remake of the manga series with modern prints, authored by original creators, and the anime has also had many specials and bonus materials released since.

Saitama, the main protagonist, and his student Genos are at the center of the story in One-Punch Man: Road to Hero mobile game. As mentioned, it features the original storyline with the same antagonists, characters, and the setting. In the game, the players will be able to collect the characters and train them, increasing their power on their road to becoming higher ranking heroes. The producer of the game, Jinyang Xu from Oasis Games, said:

“One-Punch Man: Road to Hero was created so loyal fans and players can battle, train, and collect characters on their own hero’s journey. With Saitama as an ally, build the ultimate fighting team with complementary skills and prepare to immerse yourself in a fantastic combat experience with exciting storylines!”