Outbreak Dead Crysis Review

Outbreak: Dead Crisis Review

Outbreak: Dead Crisis is a highly ambitious and cleverly assembled zombie shooter, made by a 3-man development team that recognizes what a true shooter fan wants to play. The game represents a new concept with innovations in the genre as well as an overall improved grasp on the action and the pacing of FPS games. That said, the game is also very easy to pick up and highly satisfying and addictive.

Development and reception

The 3 mentioned team members comprise an indie development company called Triple Fry Games. They are small but there are no small ideas, especially if they are this good. Outbreak: Dead Crisis is currently in early access on Google Play, and the game is already leaving quite the positive impression on the audience. The game is being published by Triple Fry Games as well and its marketed as a mobile arcade zombie shooter that does much to relieve your stress with cool fast-paced action and smooth gameplay.

The story

A Zombie Outbreak plagues the world, go figure, and people are naturally organizing settlements and defenses to save what’s left of humanity. You arrive at a settlement as a rookie recruit and older high ranking people are taking you under their wing. They are shaping you either into a zombie killer or zombie chow, your choice of course.


This is the part where Outbreak: Dead Crisis mobile game brought the most innovations as far as the FPS genre is concerned. This is a first person shooter game, but, it has solved the movement/aim/shoot controls problem in a genius way. In this game, you do not have free movement with your character and instead, every stage you visit has a predetermined set of positions the player can occupy. The player will then, with a tap of the Dash button, automatically run towards one of these points. This is crucial as waves of zombies close in on you and you need to make your getaway. Additionally, this move also makes your character invulnerable while you dash.

With this kind of movement restriction/solution, this game has solved the age old problem most FPS games have when being ported to mobile phones. Since everyone uses their two thumbs to play games on a Smartphone, most of the time, FPS games always face a problem since the 3 key commands every player needs to be issuing simultaneously are moving, aiming, and firing. Games have tried to remedy this by adding the Auto Fire feature, where you just move and aim at your targets and your gun shoots itself. However, this takes out so much of the whole shooting experience.

In this game, you need to tap to shoot and not just that, you can also switch weapons, perform a melee attack, and even slow time. Weapons all have a pretty realistic and short magazine, which adds to the whole adrenaline rush experience. When zombies are about to swarm you, you can switch to the next weapon after your first one runs out of ammo, just to avoid waiting for reload. However, letting swarms of zombies get in close to your shotgun will arguably yield the most satisfying feeling you’ve had in years in video games, just try it.


Outbreak: Dead Crisis graphics modestly suits mobile devices, nothing more to be said about it. The environment is 3D as well as character models, but the textures are very rough and models are minimalistic, to say the least. However, this is what needs to be done in order to make the game run smoothly and provide its adrenaline rush experience.

Outbreak: Dead Crisis



Outbreak: Dead Crisis mobile game is a shooter extravaganza and a zombie-killing delight. The game will provide you with some pretty unforgettable moments of pure joy, with zombies splattering in front of you by the dozens and disappearing quickly at the tap of your thumb. The game also promotes quick thinking and good strategic planning. It’s tons of fun, easy to pick up, offers a high skill cap, and doesn’t cost anything. Recommended from the bottom of our hearts!

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