Over Half a Million Dollars Prize Pool for Arena of Valor Tournament


We know Tencent’s plans for Arena of Valor International Championship and they include $600,000. This impressive sum is intended as a prize pool for competitors to fight over.

Arena of Valor International Championship will have 16 leading teams starting off from regional competitions and heading to semifinals and finals in Thailand. Finals will take place on December 15-16 while the tickets for the event will be available from November 19. The best four teams from the regional competition will automatically go to Thailand. And when it comes to other 12, they will go to Vietnam for qualifier competition which starts on November 23. Season 2 of Arena Series is currently underway and weekly competitions in the West will decide who goes to the regional competitions in Sao Paulo, Brazil, slated for November 9-10.

Tencent Games’ mobile multiplayer online battle arena will thus expand its international reach by including teams from various places around the world. Thus, the Championship will have competitors from India for the first time, while three teams from the West will participate as well. This includes Valor Series champions from North America, Latin America, and Europe.

arena of valor

Arena of Valor first launched in 2016 in Asia and from there became a worldwide hit. Last year, the game was released for Europe and North America so it’s understandable Tencent is going after establishing the game in the esports scene. The game has regional leagues, like half-dozen across Asia and the Valor Series in North America, Latin America, and Europe. Besides the International Championship in the winter, there is the World Cup in the summer.

The reason behind Thailand hosting the finals is that this country has the most active, loyal and passionate fans of Arena of Valor in the world. So it was only fitting to strengthen the fandom at the place that has the most fans.

Arena of Valor is one of the most popular games in the world despite slow commercial growth in North America. It earned over $140 million alone in revenue outside China and the overall success helped the game to establish itself in the esports scene with partnerships with Globe Telecom, ESL and AT&T. And importantly, the game is also available on Nintendo Switch.

This year’s World Cup took place in Los Angeles and had a prize pool of $500 thousand. This tournament organized in Los Angeles was intended to increase the game’s presence in North America. While International Championship in Thailand is a big “thank you” to huge fandom over there.

The game is free-to-play and available from App Store and Google Play. The concept is to pick your favorite hero and fight others in fast and 5v5 multiplayer action. And there is plenty enough time to get ready for the next round of competition in 2019.