Apple Arcade Announced

Apple announces its premium gaming subscription service – Apple Arcade

One of the most popular types of services lately is subscription, and it seems that everyone is putting it everywhere, regardless of the appropriation. On the other hand, Apple was always a company that liked to cash in on trends, therefore it wasn’t surprising to hear rumors they are planning to announce their own subscription service for Apple games. The official confirmation took place during their event at the Apple Park Campus.

Before the announcement, Apple boasted some praise about how the App Store is visited by more than half a billion people each week, and that the games are the most popular category, which consequentially led to the claim that iOS is “the largest gaming platform in the world”. After that, they went to explain the difference between paid and free games (as if it weren’t obvious), and how paid games haven’t been successful on the level of free games because they “aren’t as easy to find”. That’s where Apple Arcade comes into the picture.

Reportedly, this service will initially include over 100 premium games, among them both new and existing, and new games will be added to the library on a regular basis. All games will be available to play on any Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Furthermore, none of the games will require any online connectivity and there will be no ads or in-app purchases in any of the games. Several games were already teased to be included in Apple Arcade, such as Where Cards Fall, Fantasian, Overland and Oceanhorn 2.

Theoretically, this sounds like a fantastic move from Apple, and it is definitely pretty daring. For years there was a noticeable lack of a service that would promote premium gaming experiences, but there are several questions about how the subscription service will function. For example, we still don’t know if players will be able to freely download any of the games in Apple Arcade, or they have to go through the App Store’s special Arcade tab each time they want to launch a game. Also, it’s unknown will you be able to buy any of those games the usual way, or will they be Apple Arcade exclusives. To make matters worse Apple didn’t announce any pricing or availability details for this service, aside from saying that it will begin this fall.

It is quite unpredictable to say will Apple be able to establish a premium games service in a market where it’s hard to make customers pay even a dollar for a game, let alone a monthly fee. We will follow this story and hope that Apple will disclose more details before the premiere of their Apple Arcade service.