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The game offers various game modes, over 50 weapon models and exciting game events. Grab your friends and play wherever you want in one of the most popular mobile FPS! Here at BlueMoonGame, we have compiled information about Weapons and Maps. Use the buttons at lower right part of the screen to go straight to the weapons section ” JUMP 1″ or to the maps section “JUMP 2”.

gods of boom weapons

The impressive gun game in Gods of Boom offers a huge variety of weapons that you can pick from…

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps

The impressive gun game in Gods of Boom offers a huge variety of weapons that you can pick from to suit your playstyle or a specific matchup. From “Boom” to the muffled sounds of a pistol like the “Whisper”, you can surprise your opponents in battle and therefore gain the upper hand. Creating your unique arsenal and making combinations never before seen is heavily supported by Gods of Boom and that’s why we’ve made a complete list of all Gods of Boom weapons here at BlueMoonGame, so you can thoroughly research and decide on what Your style will be.

You can pick apart your opponents from a safe distance with a sniper rifle like the “Scout” or you can choose a stealthier approach and come at unsuspecting enemies from the back with a knife like the fearsome Iguana, the second most powerful knife in Gods of Boom. Maybe you prefer to stop hordes of enemies in their tracks and cut off entrances with a machine gun like the “Equalizer” while your friend patiently covers your back angles with a shotgun, or you can just enter the intense heat of the battle with an assault rifle and use its precision and efficiency to catch defenders off-guard and land the perfect headshot!

Inviting over your friends and matching your arsenals so you can avoid getting countered by the enemies’ weapons is crucial when going up against clans. Coming out on top is what matters in a battle and you sure can’t walk in without the right arsenal.

Shotguns will compliment your team if the map you’re playing is closed with sharp angles, Snipers will help a lot on open grounds or buildings with long hallways. Muffling your gun sounds is useful when approaching an enemies’ defenses because it will be harder for them to tell where you’re striking from. So that means that for example on a closed, tight-angled map, rushing in with a bunch of snipers is guaranteed to land you a quick defeat if your opponents are well prepared, which is always the best assumption to make when building your arsenal.

Starting off Gods of Boom with Assault Rifle might be the best course of action for a new player since they can be useful all around. The game has a currency called “gunbucks” which you might have a lack of in the beginning, so purchasing the Vampire or the Scattershot won’t be a mistake for sure. With all that being said, dive deep into the listed Gods of Boom weapons to find and plan your future arsenal!

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assault rifles

Assault rifles are the universal weapon in the game…

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps

Assault rifles are the universal weapon in the game. You can use them at any range, point blank or 20+ meters. Most of them at least. I’ll try to make a general guide on how to use them, although they are all different.


First of all, your rate of fire is good for most of the assault rifles. The biggest problem you’ll encounter using one is the lack of bullets in the magazine. If you encounter 2 enemies one after the other and you didn’t reload your weapon, you will have to switch the weapon or use a pistol/grenade/knife. With this weapon, your running speed is normal so you are the one capturing points or running around to flank the enemy. Don’t be afraid of the encounters though, if you catch the enemy on the wrong foot AR’s can devastate any foe in a few seconds. Even if they are facing you, you still have a good chance to kill them. Some of the AR’s have increased headshot damage, so you can use that to finish them off even quicker.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Now, if you encounter a Shotgun User on the playground the most important thing is distance. If the distance between you is around 10 meters or more, you should run backwards and keep shooting at them. This is an automatic advantage, even if he manages to shoot he won’t do enough damage to kill you, and if he switches the weapon he is still a few shots behind you and that usually means death. If the distance is less than 10 meters try to run around them while shooting. Don’t stand, don’t try to run backwards. They are usually faster because most people use the Panther pants with shotguns, so this is one of the smartest things to do. Also, you can switch to your shotgun while strafing, or try to knife them. On lower levels just use a grenade. One digression I have to make, use all of your grenades at lower levels, don’t save them for higher ones because they don’t deal a lot of damage later.

If you encounter a Machine Gun user it depends on a few factors whether you can take him out. If he is behind cover don’t even try, you will die for sure. They have better range than you do, so if you try to run into range while facing them, you will die. Machineguns aren’t known for their mobility so always try to flank them or face them at close range. The most important thing is to keep strafing while you fight them, so they can’t shoot you. When you try to flank stay behind cover, don’t go out in the open.

If you encounter a sniper, or rifle user on the battlefield most of the rules for the machinegun apply here. Except that the range of rifles is even bigger and you need to watch out for that too. Good rifle users are the most annoying foes you will encounter on the battlefield. NEVER go out in the open when you face them, hug the walls and find some passages, try to go out of their field of view. They will usually be looking through the scope, so if you manage to get close they are sitting ducks. It is particularly sweet if there are 2 of them sharing the same position.


Depends mostly on the gun you are using and the playstyle. With Vampiric weapons, for example, you should use a Fumigator to max out the healing. You could also use the Hard Hat or Dark Stalker, depending on your weapon, but these are the ones I would use. There are a few pants to be taken into consideration, Space Marine if you are running into the fray all the time, Jockey if your armor is maxed and Panther for obvious reasons.

Try to use this info and you should improve your gameplay, if not a lot, then by a small margin, but every single bit counts.

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps

machine guns

Machine guns are great for holding or defending a position…

Machine guns are great for holding or defending a position. In general, these heavy weapons slow you down so you can’t run with them. That is a handicap for sure, but it’s not devastating. They have a lot of advantages. Largest magazines in the game, good range, and rate of fire… I think the scale doesn’t tip on each side, it’s well balanced. How do you use this weapon? Well, you obviously can’t move much, and to be honest, you shouldn’t. Stand behind cover and shoot. Try to hold some ground where you can’t be easily flanked. That’s the most important thing. Besides that, if there are open areas you can cover them easily. An enemy has to come, no worries. Don’t go around and cap the points, you defend them. This is a support role, you are the one behind the guys with shotguns and AR’s picking the opponents from the back. One of the things I didn’t mention about them, and I should have, is the aim. You should stand when you shoot with machine guns because they don’t have a lot of recoil and it’s easy to aim as long as you are standing still. The moment you move, your spread will be awful.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The tactic against Assault Rifles is simple. Try to make them come to you, and by the time they are in the position to shoot most of their health is gone already. Also, because you are playing defensively stay behind cover while you shoot, it’s not that easy to aim for the head for most AR’s. They will try to flank you, especially when you kill them a few times, so be aware of your surroundings and look out for friendly players protecting your flank.

Against shotguns, it’s even more simple. Their range is so low, they don’t stand a chance against you. Mow them down as they try to get in range, and if they by any chance manage to get to you unseen, you are done. As I explained in the paragraph above, try to stay vigilant and check your surroundings every couple of seconds. You won’t move much so the enemy will know your general position.

Rifles are your direct counter. Because you move like an aged turtle or stand still most of the time, it’s really easy to soak every headshot they send in your direction. They outrange you, so it’s no use to try to take them out, try to move to another position behind cover if you encounter them. You cannot outflank them, because of your speed you’ll most likely die before you get into the position to shoot. Just ignore them and try to avoid as much as you can.



You need a Hard Hat to protect you against headshots, period. You could also take a Dark Stalker, but this is my first recommendation. People will hit you in the head a lot, and you want to avoid dying in a second.


What pants to use? Jockey and Cowboy are the ones I would use. I’ll try to explain this. Since you’ll stay covered most of the time, usually enemies will only go through your armor, not health. And since you are not under fire all the time, and you’ll rarely encounter 2 foes at once, the choice is obvious.

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps


Rifles or sniper rifles are the range option in the game…

Rifles or sniper rifles are the range option in the game. They are not hard to use if your aim is right. It takes some time to get used to how rifles work because they require you to focus the enemy all the time.


As in most games, if you use a sniper rifle in Gods of Boom you’ll be pretty static. It’s not wise to run around the map holding a rifle for obvious reasons. You should always be in the highest position or furthest. You should be able to shoot the enemy and position yourself so they can’t easily aim back at you. What is important to know about rifles is that the accuracy is not important. Blasphemy, people would say, how can that even be! I’ll tell you. You only need the accuracy if you are aiming without sights on and because you should never do that, accuracy doesn’t matter. As soon as you aim with a scope the accuracy of every rifle becomes the same. Another thing you should do with most rifles is to aim for the head, they have the most headshot multiplier of all the weapons in the game for a reason and you should use this to your advantage. Practice your headshots all the time if you want to play with rifles and after some time, the results will be amazing. Remember, don’t try to play like Rambo, you should ALWAYS be behind everyone on your team, picking the enemy snipers and other players. When you stand behind cover, do it so most of your body remains hidden. Don’t stand out in the open and shoot, this will ensure a quick respawn…If you have a rifle with the highest or one of the top 3 ranges in the game, try to pick off the enemy snipers, they should not be able to hit you even once

Strengths and Weaknesses


Shotgun wielders can be either ridiculous or pain in the ass. Since you are always close to your spawn or in a high position, you won’t be easy to get to. If you don’t see the enemy getting close to you, there is a high probability your teammates will. So you just stay in range and pick them off. If however, they find a way to flank you, you are dead at least 90 % of the time. Especially if you are aiming at that moment, they will fill you up with a few rounds and by the time you realize what’s going on the battle ended. To counter them, you could wield a shotgun yourself. There is no other solution. Just try to scout the battlefield from time to time to be aware of what’s going on. You are a Recon of the team after all. Act like one.

Machine Guns

Machine gun wielders are your prey of choice, you will ensure they are out of the game most of the time because they are slow-moving targets. That makes them the easiest headshot targets in the game. And like I mentioned above, enemy snipers if you have a better range. They are also mostly static if they are playing it right, and that’s another reason to aim for them first. In general, you should look for targets with slower or no movement because they are easier to hit. If, however, a machine gun wielder gets to you try to run because you are faster, or if you are behind cover try to fire back.

Assault Rifles

Assault rifle users are the ones you should watch out for because they are faster and they don’t have to come as close as shotguns to shoot at you. You should just try to use your range superiority over them because most rifles have twice as much range so you can shoot around 40 m while they can shoot back at 20 m. If they try to fire at you from long range just fire back, from a medium-range you could try to switch weapons, but most likely it’s already too late. I don’t even want to mention close range. Some of the tactics I mentioned above can be applied here. Like the one about scouting the battlefield all the time. That way you can ensure that nobody is coming from the side with a “free kill” thought in their head.



On the head, you should wear a Dark Stalker. Any other headpiece is out of the question. There is nothing as useful as getting that sweet headshot damage bonus with rifles.


As for the pants, I would take a Cowboy or Daredevil. Cowboy because of healing, because you won’t be a target that often and Daredevil because of that 20% bonus to your already high damage can be devastating for the foe.

I hope these pieces of advice will help you improve your gameplay and become a Recon that instills fear into the enemy.

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps


The main tactic with shotguns in Gods of Boom is basically the same as every other FPS game – flanking…


Shotgun users are a specific kind of people. They are ready to die if they just bring a lot of foes with them. And they are actually able to do things like that.


The main tactic with shotguns in Gods of Boom is basically the same as every other FPS game – flanking. Hmm. When you think about it, that’s the only tactic you can use actually. If you try to rush the enemies through an open field, you won’t survive for a second. So, from the moment you spawn you go down the alternate routes. Never in sight, always flanking. That way, you will often catch the opponents clumped up and shred them all if they are not paying attention to you. Needless to say, you have no range at all. The only way for you to survive is to come up close to the opponent and fill them up with lead. Sometimes you can even lure them to your position. Let’s say you walk through a door and see a foe with an Assault Rifle, 15 meters away looking towards you. What do you do? Rush forward and hope for the best? No, you pull back and let them come. Most people in the game charge right towards you when they see you, or at least run toward your last position. Use this to play some cat and mouse, and make yourself a cat. You pull back and wait for him to come and fight on your terms. That’s where you’ll win for sure. A little Art of War, play smart, every little bit helps. This is an action game, where your reflexes and aim are important, but so are the tactics. Also, if you see an enemy who’s not looking at you, don’t shoot at them until you get like 5 meters away, or they may turn around and return fire. So, don’t shoot as soon as you get in range, close in for a few more meters before you unleash hell, that way the enemy won’t be able to retaliate. One of the most important things to know about shotguns is: never shoot the head, shotguns don’t have any headshot bonuses. You always shoot the body, it’s easier to hit and the damage is the same.

Strengths and Weaknesses

How to play against a foe wielding an Assault Rifle? Take note of what I said above. you always stick to the walls and don’t reveal yourself much. If you do, let it be on your terms. You are not in the line of fire or even line of sight. Try to fight in tight hallways and doors, in close spaces. If you know a foe must come through some doors, wait and give them a hot surprise. Another tactic against anyone is: run around them, even at a few meters distance, strafing can save your life. Against Assault Rifles, you can go straight at them if you already have a distance advantage. That means if they are under 10 meters away go for it. If they don’t look at you, and the distance is bigger, go for it. If the odds are not in your favor, go back and find another way. The shotgun is a situational weapon in Gods of Boom, you need to make quick decisions all the time.

Against Machine Guns. Now, this is important, always use speed to your advantage against a machine gun. Running towards them is like running towards a firing squad. Nothing good can come out of it. What you do may sound silly, but it isn’t. Ignore them. Always hide and find another way to get close to them, most maps have at least two ways to move towards the goal, use the other one. They can’t catch up to you, so keep moving until you find a position to flank them, and then it’s coup de gras.

Going against a Sniper Rifle is a rare encounter. It will happen but not as much as you’d like. They will shoot at you much more than you will shoot at them, but if you manage to get close…there is no easier kill in the game. Literally. Take your candy and walk away. And the more there are the merrier. If the enemy team have 2 recons it’s really easy to dominate them most of the time, take the route they are not scouting and force it. You will get 2 kills most of the time for free. However, if the enemy team is forcing you to stay in the open you’ll be in trouble. I’ll say it once more: make them play your game, not the other way around. Don’t show yourself until you get in shooting range, that is the only right way to play with shotguns.


On the Head, you could use a few options. Some people use the Dark Stalker helm. I would say that this is not the best choice. Headshot with a shotgun is not an easy thing to accomplish and they don’t deal any bonus damage even if you hit by default so you should aim at the body. Fumigator or Hard Head are better options in my opinion.

As for the Pants, Panther is the one I’m using, but Jockey, Daredevil and Space Marine are all great for shotgun users. It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish, do you want to be a tank, a speedster or slayer? You won’t make a mistake with any of these.


This weapon is a copy of UTS-15 shotgun. It was made in Turkey in 2012 and the production is still going. The weapon is mostly used by NATO forces and some police forces.

Anaconda is a great AR, but its rate of fire isn’t high. Its accuracy is 80 and it makes Anaconda the most accurate AR in the game + the gun has no recoil at all. Really easy to use and shoot someone in the head with it. It has a Close-Range buff which increases the damage the closer you are to the enemy and Fire Rate Acceleration which increases the firing speed of the weapon as long as it’s not interrupted. The maxed weapon deals 360 damage from point-blank range (headshot 450 damage), and 202 damage from max range (headshot 252 damage) without any additional items. Quite a difference. It has a 22-meter range and the magazine can hold 40 rounds.

You’ll need 1080 gold to buy it and another 1345 gold to upgrade it fully, so the total is 2425 gold. Rate it and give us your opinion.


Bastion /ˈbastɪən/  is an old term for a type of fortress defense system, with its structure designed in such a way as to provide the wider angle of fire, while also granting better protection of the walls and other nearby buildings. Surpassed as a means of defense with the late 19th century, the term “Bastion” is still being used today to indicate something (or someone) valiantly guarding certain values.

Like its medieval cousin, the Bastion assault rifle is more than capable of protecting what needs to be protected. It has a maximum of 2670 Power which puts it side-to-side with other top tier GoB weapons such as Odin, Juggernaut or Sunburst for example. It is a semi-automatic weapon (Burst Shot) with a firing rate of approximately seven rounds per second. The 42-round magazine will provide enough fire coverage even for the prolonged shoot-outs.

Slight downside, on the other hand, would be the Bastion’s accuracy (34), which also doesn’t go well with the long-range this gun has for an AR (23). Moreover, one of the gun’s perks is that it deals extra damage to targets that are further away, so good aiming and accustomedness to the weapon would be prerequisites if one is apt to feel the full potential of this gun.

Speaking of perks, Bastion has one more feature which distinguishes it from the rest of AR’s – the Underbarrel Grenade Launcher. Once every 20 seconds or so, you can fire an explosive grenade which deals pretty good damage (2.500) and it also harms enemies nearby. Whether the enemy is pressing hard, or if you’re attacking a densely organized defense, greet them warmly with this feature and (with a good aim and timing) send them right where you want them – to the spawn point.


This mythical giant was always described with one round eye on the forehead. It was described in many epic stories and poems, but the most famous one is Homer’s Odyssey.

Cyclops is a good weapon. It is made to look like the M16A1 rifle, designed in 1969 by the USA, and has been used by their military until 1986 when it got replaced by M16A2. It was widely accepted by other militaries in the world.

Now a bit about the game. Scope actually makes a difference on this one, it has a much more stable aim with the scope. It has some recoil but nothing worrisome. Its only problem is the low accuracy of 22. The range is good, so that might compensate for it a bit, and it fires rounds in a burst of 3 bullets. Cyclops has the Collimator Scope (medium-range scope) and the Extra Headshot Damage abilities, so it goes well with Dark Stalker if you manage to get those headshots. The only problem with it is the price.

You can only get it in the Special Christmas Event and it will cost you 1000 fragments which are not easy to get and it costs another 33400 gunbucks + 990 gold to fully upgrade this gun. I think that it’s not a good investment, but it’s up to you. Rate it and give us your opinion.


This gun has great range and that’s one of its main features because of its ability Long-Range Combat which increases the damage the further you are from the enemy. The damage is great, only 2 guns outgun it (Juggernaut and Odin) and the rate of fire is average (450 RPM). Recoil on this weapon is low, so it’s a really stable gun. The range is 23 meters, which is pretty high for an assault rifle. It has 55 accuracy.

Cost is 2010 gold (maxed) so it’s not that expensive for what you get. The initial buy is 835 gold and it takes 1175 gold to fully upgrade it.

Stay at the range, don’t get into close combat much and you are golden. Rate it and give us your opinion.

Note: In update 4.5, the developers have fixed the crosshair position when using sights.


Dragonfire is only available during the Lunar Event (Chinese new year). Fully upgraded this gun has the most power of all assault rifles, including the legendary Juggernaut. It has a really low accuracy of 22 and a range of 20 meters. Also, really low for an AR. The magazine can hold up to 50 rounds, fine if you ask me. The rate of fire is great, it can shoot 600 rounds per minute. It doesn’t have a lot of recoil. It has the same ability as the other AR you can get in this event, Warmonger- it deals more damage the closer you are to the enemy (max damage under 10 meters). It has one more special ability-Fire Hazard. Almost the same as Fortuna, it has around 10% chance to deal extra damage. It works like a critical hit which deals 40% more damage. At max range, this gun deals 153 damage, and at the closest range it does 255 damage. Headshot multiplier is 1.2, so it does 20% more damage to the head. You’ll need around 2 seconds on average to kill a foe with full health and armor if you shoot the body, and if you get some headshots into the math, this baby can rip down a foe really quick. Btw, don’t try to hit at max range, it misses a lot, this is a close range weapon.

It will cost you 2400 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.


– Increased damage at maximum firing distance by 20%

Developer Comments: Dragonfire is a beast in close combat, but it really lost its magic as the distance to the target increased. This 20% buff will allow players to use it effectively on the mid-long range, instead of just whipping it out at point-blank encounters.

Balance update 4.6.2:

-Increased headshot damage from 120% to 130%
-Increased damage from perk from 140% to 150%

Developer Comments: Dragonfire dealt unjustifiably little damage with headshots compared to other assault rifles, we fixed that. Also, we made the perk more powerful, increasing the gun’s DPS and making the perk more noticeable overall.


The newest addition to the arsenal is called Firefly. It’s a mean assault rifle with a neat perk: the longer you fire it, the more damage it deals! Getting the new gun is as easy as it gets: just play regular battles, unlock battle cases, and get those sweet fragments! Keep in mind that Battle Cases is a limited-time event, so don’t waste a second and start collecting fragments!


-The longer you fire it, the more damage it will deal. First, it will light up yellow indicating that the first stage of damage increase has been activated. After that, the color will turn into a bright red, meaning you’ve reached the second and final stage of damage increase.

-The Firefly is an amazing weapon for scoring multi-kills. Once you get rolling, your opponents will have a difficult time stopping you.


Guillotine is the second AR you unlock after the Legend. This is a replica of the AS Val, the weapon with an integrated silencer. It was made in 1987 and used mostly by Russian Specnaz Forces due to its price.

In the game, the gun is pretty cheap and not hard to use. It has some recoil, but it’s not uncontrollable. The rate of fire is good. It has 2 abilities. No Scope and an Extra Headshot Damage. No Scope means you can’t aim with it through sights and The Extra Headshot Damage means it deals 135% damage to the head. Works great if you pair it with Dark Stalker. Not a good rifle to use at range, but fine at close and mid-ranges. Fine starting weapon.

Initial price is just 3000 gunbucks, and it costs 11340 + 355 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and share us your opinion!

Update 3.1:
– Increased damage per shot by 5%
– Decreased maximum recoil by 50%
Lowering the recoil by 50% made the gun even easier to use, so now it’s an even better option for new players.


A strange looking weapon that more resembles some SMG than an assault rifle. But don’t get fooled by its strange looks. This weapon has one of the best abilities there are in the game. Incendiary Rounds – it deals damage over time over 5 seconds, and even if the foe goes behind cover you can still target his location. If he is low on Health you can shoot him and run for cover, so he has to heal or die in flames.

The rate of fire is low, but the gun has the same damage at any distance and the range itself is pretty good for an AR – 22 meters. It has a lot of recoil so you have to aim down if you don’t fire in bursts. Accuracy is 40 and it has a 36 rounds magazine. It costs 940 gold initially to buy it and another 1225 gold to fully upgrade it.

NOTE: As of update 4.5, the cost of all upgrades for the Incinerator has been increased by 8%.

Rate the weapon and give us your opinion!


Juggernaut in modern English is a literal or metaphorical force regarded as mercilessly destructive and unstoppable. I don’t think that any other word can fit this weapon as perfectly as this one.

Arguably the best AR in the game. Its abilities are Burst Shot and Long Range Combat. Burst Shots means you always fire 3 rounds. Long Range Combat gives more damage the further you are from the enemy. At the max range of 21 meters, it has the most damage. The rate of fire is really high and recoil is really low with immense power and that’s what makes this gun a complete beast. The magazine can hold 42 rounds, and the accuracy is 30. Try to use it with sights on. It shines on long ranges so don’t use it up close, many lower tier weapons can beat it. If you got one round with or against it you’ll know what I’m talking about.

The price of 3000 gold may seem steep but it’s the best AR in the game and you can’t upgrade it. Share your opinion with us and don’t forget to rate the weapon.


Legend is a copy of one of the most famous, even legendary weapon. The AK-47. The gun made in 1949 is still actively used by some militaries in active service. The most iconic modern weapon in the world besides MG -42.

Every player tried the Legend at least once, so you know all about it. It’s a default weapon that you get the first time you play. After the first few games, it becomes obsolete since you get other, more powerful guns. Still, you never forget the Legend. If you decide to upgrade it to the max it will cost you 300 gunbucks and 20 gold to max it.

Rate it and give us your feedback on this iconic weapon. The Legend.


Lifestealer is the Vampire’s older brother.

It has less recoil and more damage. Same abilities, Vampirism, and No Scope. Vampirism returns damage dealt as life healed so it’s a direct counter to an incendiary weapon. No Scope means you can’t zoom in. The magazine can hold up to 40 bullets. Its accuracy is a lower mid for the AR – 40, but like I said it doesn’t have a lot of recoil, so that’s good. The range is medium for the Ar – 22 meters. I personally think that the low accuracy higher range weapons are useless. It can hardly win one on one against most guns of the same tier, so I wouldn’t recommend getting it.

The base price of the Lifestealer is 81500 gunbucks and it costs another 830 gold to fully upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion about it.

– Increased rate of fire by 12,5%
– Increased the cost of upgrades by 15%
– Increased damage by 5% (ONLY FOR GRADES 1 & 2)
Developer Comments: The situation is the same as with Remedy. Lifestealer needed to be noticeably better than Mamba and just a little weaker than Juggernaut. These stat changes are aimed at making it a more viable choice for mid and higher-level fights.


Mambas are highly venomous and extremely fast-moving snakes. They are one of the deadliest snakes in the world, and there are many legends about them.

Mamba that I’m presenting you today is as deadly as the snake above. The main feature of the Mamba is that it has no distance penalty. This is one of the best abilities you can get in the game, hands down. Although it has no sights it’s not a big deal because the rifle is really precise with low recoil. Headshots with it deal 135% damage, which is great. You can score headshots at any distance and you can do it while strafing! With 550 RPM it’s one of the fastest shooting assault rifles, and it has a 50 round magazine.
The Mamba is a great gun and if you have any doubts about it, take it from the enemy and see. Its strength is not in numbers, it’s what hidden underneath the hood. Some people say that this is the best gun that gunbucks can get you to play under level 34.

It costs 47600 gunbucks to buy it and another 30000 + 730 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate it and share your opinion with us.


Odin is a Nordic and German God, (or was at least, I don’t think many people still have shrines dedicated to him) and he was associated with many things – death, wisdom, poetry, healing…Odin is depicted as one-eyed, long-bearded, frequently wielding a spear, and wearing a cloak and a broad hat. He was often depicted with his animal companions, ravens, wolves and his 8 legged horse Sleipnir.

Odin has a great ability Slowing Shot, or as many people call it- the freeze ability. This makes the enemy you are shooting at a sitting duck. It also has Burst Shots and a Collimator Scope, but they are not groundbreaking like the first one. Burst Shots makes you shoot 3 rounds per shot and the Scope is just a more advanced version of the regular sight. Also, it has one of the best abilities in the game – it deals the same damage (414 body shot and 745 headshot damage), no matter the distance of the enemy. There is an actual debate whether this rifle is better than the Juggernaut, many people think it is. I would say it’s a strong first place contender. You can only get this gun in the Christmass Event, with fragments that you need to farm (or buy if you got enough gold). Rate and share your opinion.


Salamander is a pretty strong assault rifle with additional fire damage. Using it for maps like the Farm or Skyscraper where there’s a lot of assault rifle action is probably a good idea. The Salamander has 5 ranks (Starting from 0 of course). You will probably get a lot of kill steals due to the passive applied fire damage. The clip runs out pretty fast because it’s fire rate is high so use it sparingly in high risk situations so you don’t run out of ammo.


Kind of looks like the AK 74, the assault rifle designed by Kalashnikov back in 1974. An interesting fact is that the gun is still used in some of the ex USSR countries in active service.

Scattershot has an awful range of 18 meters, horrible accuracy of 22 and no abilities, but that doesn’t make it as bad as it sounds. Its rate of fire is tremendous and it has a 60 round magazine, and these are the main advantages which make the gun usable. Some recoil, so you need to use the sights to fire accurately. It’s a really cheap rifle which you can use for a long time. Everyone is booing this gun hard, but I wouldn’t agree it’s bad. Bang for the buck.

It costs 33750 gunbucks to buy, and another 21010 + 625 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 3.1:

– Increased damage per shot by 8%
– Increased upgrade cost by 14%

8% damage per shot may not seem much, but if you take the rate of fire of this weapon into account, it makes a difference. Scattershot is still subpar when you compare it to the Mamba, but at least it’s much more viable now.


Slicer is an assault rifle I would recommend upgrading to level 3 and then skip to bigger guns.
Slicer has 301 body shot damage and 406 headshot damage. It also has the Close Range ability as well as Burst Shots so it deals more damage the closer the enemy is and fires 3 rounds per shot. The range of the rifle is an amazing 25 meters! Accuracy is 47 and it has a 38 bullet magazine. The rate of fire isn’t good, but the stability is. This makes it useful both in close and long range, and I think it makes a difference. All around it’s a fine gun, effectively used in the middle levels.
Its price is 24750 gunbucks , but to fully upgrade it you need 18000 gunbucks and 560 gold. Rate and share your opinion.

Update 04/2019: Initial price for the gun has been reduced from 24750 to 9050. Besides that, now you need an additional 31350 gunbucks and 920 Gold to upgrade it to Rank 5.


This one doesn’t glow when Orcs and Goblins are around, but it makes others glow with burning light.
Jokes aside, the Sting has the ability to incinerate foes and deal damage over time. One of the best weapons in the early game. The rate of fire is low and accuracy isn’t high-35, but the range is 23 meters and that’s high for an AR. The magazine can hold 30 bullets. Recoil is really low and it has decent damage, so it’s viable in the mid game also.
It costs 11500 gunbucks to get it, and another 13890 + 480 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.


Sunburst is an assault rifle with basic power of 1.910 (2.630 when maxed) and it has a range of 23 which makes this a long range rifle with extremely high damage output. It has a stable accuracy of 55 and a magazine which holds 32 rounds. It has two abilities, first being the Exploding Rounds which means it deals an area damage with each shot. Number two is the Long – Range Combat ability where your damage output increases with the greater distance between you and your opponent.


A vampire is a mythical being that feeds on the blood of the living to sustain its wretched existence. Nobody knows the origin of vampires, just the word itself- it evolved from the Serbian word vampir. Later, Bram Stoker wrote Dracula and set a path for all the fanboys and fangirls to make their love stories.
This is the gun that’s really controversial. It doesn’t shoot vampires, but rather vampiric bullets that heal you over time. Now, on paper this gun is outstanding. The range is not good, 20 meters, accuracy is great for an assault rifle- 62, combined with 45 rounds magazine and the Vampiric ability makes this a great gun. On paper. What isn’t written is the recoil. It’s so hard to keep the sights on a target, that the gun is almost impossible to use. You need to keep the crosshair down at the enemies feet to make it work. And you can’t aim with it because it doesn’t have sights. I would not recommend the purchase, although it’s up to you.
It will cost you 45200 gunbucks and another 29420 + around 900 gold to fully upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.

Balance update 4.2:

-Damage per shot increased by 5%
-Maximum recoil reduced by 10%
-Upgrade costs increased by 10%

Balance Update 4.6.2:

-Increased damage by 10%
-Increased the cost of upgrades by 5%

Developer Comments: Heavy recoil really didn’t allow this gun to shine and unleash its potential. Now, it’s more powerful and more comfortable to wield than ever!


The weapon only has 22 accuracy, the lowest in the game, side by side with Cyclops and Scattershot. Also, poor range of 18 meters with only Scattershot being worse. The magazine is great, it can hold 50 rounds, same as Mamba. It has 2 special abilities Close Range and Fervor. Close range, as you could imagine deals more damage the closer you are (max is under 8 meters) and Fervor which gives you faster movement speed after you kill an enemy for 3 seconds. The gun has a 120% headshot damage multiplier. It deals 120 damage to the body from the max range and 203 damage to the body from min range <8 meters. The rate of fire is awesome, 600 rounds per second. That means in the point-blank range you can kill an enemy in 3 seconds if every bullet hits the body. To the head, it’s much faster but you can’t really hit the head with 20+ bullets unless the foe is afk.
This weapon is available only during the Lunar event (Chinese New Year). You can get it for fragments you unlock by gold or gambling. If you want to upgrade it to the max you will need another 43000 gunbucks and 1275 gold total.
Note: In update 4.5, the developers have fixed the description error that displayed the incorrect firing distance as well as crosshair positions when using sights.


Hornet is the first knife you get with gold. Its initial cost is 420 gold and it is a knife that can be used until you get to the late game with ease.


This silly-named knife got the look of a Japanese seppuku knife and got the name by the famous puzzle game. It’s a Japanese suicide knife, used by samurais for disemboweling. A samurai practice, seppuku was used either voluntarily by samurai to die with honor rather than fall into the hands of their enemies or as a form of capital punishment for samurai who had committed offenses, or performed because they had brought shame to themselves. Now the in-game Sudoku is used to cut enemies instead of yourself. It’s the best knife Gunbucks can buy, and it costs 48510 bucks to buy initially. If you don’t plan on using gold to buy knives this is the right one for you.


Claw looks like a boxer knife. It’s the second knife you get in the game, and it’s pretty cheap to buy and upgrade it. I would recommend getting it as soon as you can if you are not buying the shotgun because it’s the only way to defend against it in close combat. It costs 5700 Gunbucks and 190 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.


Iguana is the second knife you get to buy with gold and also the second most powerful in the game. Price is 995 gold, so if you are not going for Damascus, try this one. Fully upgraded it deals only 200 damage less than Damascus, but you can obtain it level 10!


Damascus is the most powerful knife in the game. It is named after the famous Damascus steel and the pattern on the blade represents that beautiful craftsmanship. It’s not upgradable, what you buy is what you get. Only obtainable by gold, and the price is 1925 gold. If you don’t have the main gun it’s a large sum, but if you do it’s definitely worth it.


This is the default knife we all get in the game. It’s there to teach you the mechanics of the game, and that’s it. On higher levels, it becomes completely obsolete and I recommend switching from it as soon as you can. Rate and give us your opinion.


No, it’s not Jamie, but is as deadly as him nevertheless. Kingslayer is so deadly in fact, that when you make a kill with this knife, it will instantly reload your primary weapon in return. When maxed, the damage output goes up to 2000, which is quite hefty. Slaying is guaranteed with this one.


It’s the third knife you unlock, and it costs 19500 gunbucks to buy. It’s unlocked at level 1, and it costs 34790 gunbucks and 300 gold to unlock it fully. I don’t think it’s worth the price, but it’s up to you. Rate and share your opinion.



Fortuna was the goddess of fortune and the personification of luck in Roman culture. Fortuna is often depicted with a ship’s rudder, a ball or wheel of fortune and a cornucopia (horn of plenty). She might bring good or bad luck: she could be represented as veiled and blind. She was also a goddess of fate.

Now that we know the story behind the name, we can take a look at the weapon itself. Why did I start a story like this? Because the weapon has the ability Critical Damage – it has a chance of dealing more damage. You could call it a gun of mediocrity. It has a medium range, lower average accuracy and a good magazine with 65 rounds. Nothing bad about it, and nothing that stands out. Keep standing still while shooting, or you won’t be able to hit anything.

It’s the best machine gun that gunbucks can buy. Costs 54300 gunbucks to get and another 32860 bucks + 800 gold to upgrade it to the max. Rate and give us your opinion.

Balance Update 3.3:

– Critical hit chance increased by 14% – Critical damage reduced by 27% – Rate of fire increased by 5% – Initial price reduced by 10% – Upgrade cost increased by 20%.

When you consider everything, this weapon can score critical hits more often, but the damage is reduced by a high margin so it’s basically where it was.


Hans is a masculine name. In German, Danish, Dutch, Faroese, Norwegian, Icelandic and Swedish, originally it was short for Johannes but is also recognized in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Estonia. Hansel (German Hänsel) is a variant, meaning “little Hans.” “Was Hänschen nicht lernt, lernt Hans nimmermehr,” which translates roughly as: “What little Hans doesn’t learn, grown-up Hans will never learn.”

So, we could name our gun Hansel, because he will never grow up. His skin is the copy of the WW1 machine gun Maxim, with the magazine on top. It is the first machine gun in the game, given for free. You can only use it for the first 5 levels, and it becomes obsolete after. Basically, it’s purpose is to teach you how to use a machine gun in this game.

It will cost you 300 gunbucks and 20 gold to max it. Rate and give us your opinion on the gun.


An uncanny resemblance to the famous M249 Light Machine Gun and its many variants surely wouldn‘t be enough for the Gods of Boom devs to just call this weapon a Hero, but its traits express some interesting qualities which coincide with ones of its counterpart. Namely, the M249 LMG has a „quick-change“ barrel which can rapidly be replaced when reloading or in case of jamming, while also being able to use both linked ammunition and standard magazines.

It uses 5.56 mm bullets, which makes it compatible with the M16 an M4 for example, allowing on-spot resupply from rifle magazines in case of emergency. Since it has been in service from 1989, traits that M249 possesses surely led to numerous heroic actions where ammo and reinforcement were scarce, and the enemy restless. Like the veteran above, the Hero Machine Gun is made to provide strong fire support for the team.


The Paradox ensures that every shot with perfect aim will re-appear in your magazine (much like Spare Bullet perk Baracuda has), while shots to the body have a chance of returning.

Overclocking perk gradually increases your rate of fire as you lay bullets onto your enemies.

Supremacy reduces damage taken when firing. This gun seemingly yearns to be used.

Handling and Use

An inexperienced user of this weapon will need some time to accommodate to the pretty high recoil, which makes aiming more difficult (especially to the head). Yet, once mastered, this gun turns into an almost neverending shower of bullets that can guard, or even assault certain positions.

Hero is a support weapon which is intended to provide aggressive fire coverage. With all perks taken into account it is a very powerful weapon, but the wielder should at all times be protected because it can be easily countered with snipers or with flanking attacks.


Hurricane is a strange gun, to say the least. It is a machine gun with Vampiric ability. It steals health when you deal damage. The only problem is the range of 25 meters which is the lowest of all machine guns and the accuracy of 15 which is also the lowest of all machine guns! The rate of fire is also average, but at least the magazine is good – 60 rounds. You can’t stand in one place and spray bullets at anything that moves, you have to get into the action. Like Rambo. Now, the second problem is that you can’t run with a machine gun… If you want to make this gun useful use it with Fumigator helm and Space Marine pants. That’s the only equipment you can use effectively with it.

It costs 23800 gunbucks to get it and another 18660 bucks + 565 gold to get it maxed. Rate and share your opinion.

Update 04/2019: After the update, the buying price of Hurricane dropped from 18660 to 6030 gunbucks. You will now need an additional 15080 gunbucks + 830 gold to max out this weapon.


Hydra is a Greek mythical serpent beast, which resides in a cave near a lake. It was renowned for its many heads and a regenerative ability (if you cut a head it can grow back fast). It was killed by Hercules who used a sword and fire to stop the regeneration.

Hydra we are presenting today also has an interesting ability: every consecutive shot is faster than the one before, so if you keep shooting uninterrupted you get a faster rate of fire. The magazine has 60 rounds so it’s not easy to unload it. Keep firing! Now, one more important thing that’s not written anywhere is the accuracy. You can see it has 10 accuracy, and that’s awful, but this gun improves the accuracy with every shot as well as the rate of fire! Even if you move the crosshair will stay narrow if you are shooting at the enemy. So, you could say that the number is not real and it doesn’t represent what this gun has to offer. Although the stats say differently, I would recommend getting this if you are into machine guns.

The initial buying price is 31600 gunbucks, and it will cost you another 21700 bucks + 650 gold to max it out. Rate and give us your opinion of this mythical creature gun!

jack frost

Jack Frost is the personification of ice, cold and winter. He comes in many forms and names across the globe as different characters. Sometimes he is represented as a villain and sometimes as a hero. What persists is that he always represents chill and frost.

Our gun Jack Frost has one of the hardest hitting bullets in the game. Its fire rate is average though so it’s not overpowered.
Now comes the sweetest part: it has a 9% chance to slow the enemy. When you combine it with machine gun rate of fire, that percent multiplies a lot. It also scatters bullets way less than the other machine guns, combined with 40 accuracy this makes it a reliable weapon. Also, this gun has a max range of 30 meters and that makes it the machine gun with the highest range! I think that Jack is the best machine gun in the game, all things considered.

It will cost you 99800 gunbucks to buy the gun and 730 gold to upgrade it to the max. Rate and comment, give us your opinion!


Matador was released as part of the second Trejo update. Matador borrowed the looks from the rather interesting looking machine gun made in Britain back in 1938 – The Bren. The gun is distinguished by the magazine that is located on the top of the weapon.

Let’s look at the raw stats first. The weapon has 50% accuracy, pretty decent for a machine gun. It shares second place with Anubis, right after the Armageddon. The range is 27 meters, the average machine gun range. The magazine is the worst amongst machine guns – but it can still hold up to 50 rounds! Matador is a really powerful weapon, it deals 420 body damage with every shot (maxed), and it has 1.2 headshot damage multiplier without the Dark Stalker. Good rate of fire combined with the damage puts the Matador side by side with the Hurricane itself. The gun has an interesting ability – Right Through. Did I say interesting? I stand corrected, the ability is savage. It shoots through every enemy in the path and does bonus damage by doing it. The perfect spot for the Matador is a choke point, where you can expect a few enemies at once, like doors or narrow corridors.

You can obtain it through fragments. The basic cost of the weapon is 1000 fragments, and you will need 1900 more to update it fully.


Pain is considered the most powerful weapon in the game damage-wise. When you look at the stats it doesn’t seem like it. It has a mediocre range of 27, a good magazine with 60 rounds and 38 accuracy which is also mediocre. The power of the maxed gun is pretty high, 2428 and the rate of fire is also great, and that’s still not it. What makes this gun a monster is the special ability Synergy: it deals increased damage to burning and frozen foes. If you combine this weapon with the Incinerator, for example, you can shot one bullet at the enemy, switch to Pain and shred the enemy to pieces. That’s how the best players utilize this gun, and if you can use it like that you’ll see the results soon enough.

It will cost you 1200 gold to buy it and another 1245 gold to upgrade it, so the total is 2445 gold. Rate and give us your opinion of the gun.


Intimidating name, Persuader. It reminds me of a friend of mine who has a baseball bat in a car named the Advantage Giver.

This is a straightforward gun, what you see is what you get. It has no abilities, you deal 219 damage to the body and 342 damage to the head at any distance. The range of 25 meters is really low for a machine gun, but it has the largest magazine -70 rounds, and a solid accuracy of 44. The thing I noticed about this gun is that the crosshair narrows pretty fast if you move and stop, so use it like any other machine gun – stop and shoot. Don’t strafe. If you like to get in the game and shoot, not paying any attention to the effects or abilities, this gun is made for you.

The price to get the gun is 46450 gunbucks and it takes 29850 bucks + 745 gold to upgrade it fully.

Balance update 3.3:

-Rate of fire increased by 5% – Initial price reduced by 12% – Upgrade cost increased by 18%

This won’t change anyone’s opinion on the weapon. 5% won’t change much in terms of gameplay, people who don’t like the weapon still won’t consider buying it.


It is the best machine gun in Gods of Boom on paper. However, many people argue that it takes only the third place behind Pain and JackFrost. You can’t move and shoot with it because it spreads a lot and that really hurts the gameplay. It means you have to stand and shoot, so it makes you a sitting duck. It has the No Mercy ability and that means it deals more damage to enemies with less health. True finisher. Like any other machinegun, it has a lot of bullets (50 rounds), 28 range which is good and mediocre accuracy (but good for an MG) of 48. The rate of fire is great, it can mow down your health very quickly. Like any other last gun in the tier, you can only buy it with gold and it takes level 34 to unlock it.
You will need 2800 gold to buy it, and you can’t upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 3.1:

– Increased damage per shot by 10%

This is what the gun needed to become the best or at least share the first place in the machine gun section. Making Annihilator great again!

Balance Update 4.6.2:

  • Increased maximum firing distance by 5 meters
Developer Comments: we increased the maximum firing distance so that this high-level sniper rifle would be more appealing. Due to the changes, Liquidator will be a worthy opponent to Barracuda and Thanatos.


The name itself comes from the Egyptian God whose role was to guard the gates to the underworld. Now, this gun sends enemies right there. Jokes aside, this gun got its looks from the Type 88 LMG, Chinese machine gun made in 1989. In the game, this is the gun I really love. It has great accuracy for a machine gun, a range of 28 meters and the biggest magazine in the game ( 70 rounds). The rate of fire is average, while the gun doesn’t have a lot of recoil. Perfect weapon for early and midgame. Its main ability is the Bullet Shield, and it soaks damage you take as long as you are shooting with the gun. Pretty unique and useful feat. It will cost you 10850 gunbucks to buy it and another 13830 bucks + 450 gold to max it. Rate and give us your opinion.


Armageddon is the copy of M249 SAW (Squad Assault Weapon), USA made Light Machine Gun. It saw (pun intended) action for the first time in 1984 and it’s been used in every major conflict since.

In the game, Armageddon has the biggest range (besides Jack Frost) of all machine guns, and it’s a fantastic 30 meters. Gun is unusable and inaccurate if you are moving, but pretty stable and accurate if you are standing still. So find some cover and mow down people trying to get to you. It also has the game-breaking ability to incinerate foes because of the Incendiary Bullets ability it has.

It will cost you 820 gold to get the gun initially and another 1180 to fully upgrade it, and that brings us to a magical sum of 2000 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.


Buffalo kinda looks like PKP Pecheneg to me. It is a machine gun made in Russia in 2001 and still used by Russian Specnaz (Special) Forces. It has a great effective range of 1500 meters, and it’s a very accurate weapon which can even use scopes.

Now, our Buffalo also has a great range of 29 meters and 40 accuracy which is ok for a machine gun. The magazine holds 60 rounds, and that’s a plus. What I noticed is a slower rate of fire, and also, the damage of the gun decreases the further you are from the foe, that’s the special ability of the weapon. If you try to move and shoot with it it’s more probable you’ll hit yourself in the eye than hit an enemy. It’s popular amongst new players because it’s cheap and it’s the second machine gun you can get, but I don’t really understand the hype.

It will cost you 10260 gunbucks and 345 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.


Equalizer is the copy of M60 machine gun- once of the most famous machine guns ever made. M60 is still in use and it was made back in 1957! It is generally used as a crew-served weapon and operated by a team of two or three individuals.

In Gods of Boom, all you need is one guy with a huge chin and log like arms to wield it. Now, this gun has the unique ability – First Blood. It deals more damage to foes with more health, it’s the exact opposite of the Annihilator which deals more damage the less health a foe has. Damage it deals to a foe with full health pool is really huge, so the ability is really useful. The range of the weapon is 27 meters- pretty good, the accuracy of 42 is average and the magazine size is 60 rounds. As most other machine guns, use it by standing and shooting, don’t move because of the spread. It doesn’t have any recoil, so it’s not hard to use. Also, target foes with high health to max the damage output, you might not get as many kills, but you will get a lot of assists.

The cost of this weapon is 920 gold to buy and 1235 gold to fully upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.

3.3 Balance update:

– Decreased bonus damage to targets with more than 75% HP – Base damage increased by 25% – Headshot damage reduced by 12.5% – Initial price reduced by 12% – Upgrade cost increased by 20%.
This update increased the basic damage of the weapon by the 25%, making this machine gun one of the best weapons in the game overall! It comes with higher upgrade cost, but you need to lose something to gain something…


This pistol is a copy of a famous German gun, Mauser C96. It was made in the late 19th century and used in both World Wars and after, until 1961. What distinguishes this gun from others is the box magazine in front of the trigger and a better range and penetration until the .357 Magnum was made.

In the game, this is the first pistol you get by default and it’s only use is in the first few levels. After that, you can’t even scratch a pigeon from point-blank range with it. As soon as you get the money, replace it with Anathema or something better.

You will waste 120 gunbucks and 15 gold if you decide to upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.


Anathema derives from Ancient Greek meaning “an offering”. In the Old Testament, it referred to both objects consecrated to divine use and those dedicated to destruction in the Lord’s name, such as enemies and their weapons during religious wars. Since weapons of the enemy were considered unholy, the meaning became anything dedicated to evil or a curse. Anathema was, in other words, used for the excommunication of a heretic.

The gun in our game used to purge the heretics is none other than the M1911, made in the US back in 1911 and actively used until 1986 until it was replaced by Beretta M9. Some branches of the military still use it though, and that means this firearm is actively used for over a century!

Anatema is the second pistol you get to buy in the game, it will cost you only 900 gunbucks to buy it and another 3010 bucks and 102 gold to upgrade it to the max. It’s worth it if you ask me. All the pistols in the game have the same characteristics, and I’ll write the review for all of them in one post. Rate and give us your opinion.


This looks like the M22 airsoft pistol to me. Btw, have you ever tried airsoft? Awesome.

Anyway, Whisper is the fourth handgun you unlock in the game and the first one you can buy with gold. It’s a real mid game gun, and you can even use it at later stages of the game. I would rather take an Eagle or add some more for the Executioner. In my humble opinion, it’s not worth the money but don’t mind this old fool. You will need 445 gold to get it and to upgrade it to the max you’ll need another 277 gold. That makes it 722 gold for it. If you like it – buy it.

Rate and give us your opinion!


Jackal is a copy of one of the best pistols in the world, made in Austria – the Glock. This gun made in 1982 is still in use in many countries around the world by military, police and security agencies. Often referred to as the “plastic pistol”.

In the game, this is the third gun you unlock and a pretty cheap one. That’s why you’ll see a lot of Jackals in the low, mid and even some high tier games. It will cost you 3920 gunbucks to get one, and another 4810 bucks + 162 gold to upgrade it fully. Good bang for your buck. Rate and give us your opinion on it!


Of course, this is a replica of the Desert Eagle. Pistol made in the US in 1982 and refined by Israel Military Industries, still manufactured and used by some militaries in the world. It is notable for chambering the largest centerfire cartridge of any magazine-fed, self-loading pistol. You can fit 7 rounds of .50 cal into it!

In the game, this is the best gun you can buy with gunbucks, and it will cost you 16580 bucks to get the Eagle. Another 10550 bucks and 310 gold is what you will need to max it, which makes a total of 27130 bucks and 310 gold. I would say that’s a fair deal. You will cry a river when the enemy is low on health, you are out of ammo and you pull out some crappy pistol to finish the job and he survives. That’s what this baby is for, you pull it out, take out the guy and the smile stays on your face.


Executioner, another intimidating name. It is a replica of a Smith & Wesson revolver Model 629 Stealth Hunter, caliber .44 magnum. It does look intimidating, not just a name huh?

Executioner is the second best gun in the game, only behind the Oppressor, with great power behind it. You can only buy it with gold. What is great about this gun is you unlock it at level 10 and you can use it until the end of the game. It will cost you 615 gold to get this beauty and another 402 gold to unlock its full potential. So we get a total of 1017 gold to get the second best pistol in the game. Good trade if you ask me.

Rate and give us your opinion.


I’ve never seen anything like this, a gun with a hand cover, or whatever that thing on the pistol is!

Anyway, if you are looking for the best handgun in the game, look no further. With 1575 power Oppressor can devastate even an opponent with a full health pool if you manage to get the shots right. You’ll require level 34 to unlock it and 995 gold to buy one. As all other weapons of the highest tier, it can’t be upgraded. Now many would argue whether it’s worth it to wait for level 34 or just buy the Executioner and upgrade it slowly. I would say it depends on how you play. If you want to get to level 34 fast, save the gold and buy this one and if you don’t, just get the Executioner and upgrade it slowly. Rate and give us your opinion, and if you know what this thing is please educate me in the comments.


Barracuda is saltwater, snake looking and extremely ferocious fish. It is a fearsome fish, that even attacks pray twice its size and relies on quickness and surprise. Another hit by the guys in Game Insight.
The Barracuda might be the best sniper in the game at the moment. It has the second-best range in the game – 44 meters, with only the Thanatos being better by 1 meter. The accuracy is irrelevant but still, let’s write it – 65. The magazine is second-worst in the game with only 5 rounds, way lower than the next one which has 8. Aim time is 0.7 seconds and the time between shots is 1.9 seconds. The headshot multiplier is 2.0! With Dark Stalker, maxed Barracuda deals 4608 damage. Brutal. Body shots deal 1920 damage. You basically need one headshot and one body shot to kill a fully armored enemy. The special ability of the weapon is Spare Bullet – you will gain your ammo back if you score a headshot.
Now we get to the price. You need fragments to buy and fully upgrade this rifle. To buy enough fragments you will need 400-500$. Not gunbucks, real money. Rate and give us your opinion.
Note: As of update 4.5, the damage reduction distance has been increased from 5 to 8 meters.


Falcons are birds of prey, present on every continent of the world except for Antartica. Adult falcons have thin, tapered wings, which enable them to fly at high speed and change direction rapidly. I’m not a rifle expert, but I think that this gun is a copy of the German PSG rifle. It was produced by Heckler&Koch from 1972 to 2014. This gun does 1106 body shot damage and 2655 headshot damage maxed (with Dark Stalker helm). It has a medium range of 39 meters. Special abilities of this rifle include the Sniper Scope X6 and Extra Headshot Damage – more damage with every headshot. It’s pretty obvious that this gun takes skill to play. You need to get those headshots or you won’t deal any damage with it. If you are skilled enough this is a great rifle, if not then pass up. It will cost you only 11100 gunbucks to buy it with another 13500 bucks + 505 gold to upgrade it fully. Like I said, if you are skilled with rifles it will pay off. Rate and give us your opinion.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but this looks like a modified French Famas rifle with a silencer.
Iceberg has a medium range of 38 meters, it does 1546 damage to the body and 2474 headshot damage (without the Dark Stalker). On the other hand, it only has an 8 rounds magazine. It has a Sniper Scope X2 which is the best in my opinion and a great ability Slowing Shot. If you hit an opponent he will become slower for 4-5 seconds. You can’t enhance the ability in any way, not by headshots or consecutive shots. So, you slow down the foe with one shot to make sure he can’t get to you and then finish him off with 1 or 2 headshots. It works like a charm.
It will cost you 64000 gunbucks to buy this rifle and to upgrade it to the max you need another 22300 bucks + 790 gold, which makes a total of 86300 bucks + 790 gold. Rate and give us your opinion!
Update 3.1:
– Increased rate of fire by 25%
– Increased upgrade cost by 17%
Iceberg had a low rate of fire even by rifle standards. 25% is a welcome change to this underused weapon and I hope we will see it in many more games.


If you are one of those (exquisitely rare) people who is driven more by the contribution to the team’s effort rather than ending a game with the highest score – this is a rifle for you. Although not as accurate as one would expect of a rifle of this kind, it will surely help your teammates in dealing with the enemy more efficiently.

Icebreaker has three Special Abilities: a x6 scope which will, along with its high range, ensure for you to stay at a relatively safe distance from the enemy; every bullet that hits, marks the target for 3 seconds where he/she will be visible to your team even through obstacles; and for the grand finale – marked target will receive more damage for the duration of the mark. In addition, Icebreaker’s reload time is quite short (about 2 seconds) and it goes well in combination with Cheetah pants which can decrease that time even more. All in all, it is a very useful support weapon.

last breath

This gun looks (and sounds) like something that can easily pierce an armored truck, even ground a helicopter down. Since Gods of Boom doesn’t feature these kinds of vehicles, the only things left to pierce are living, breathing players. Say hello to Last Breath rifle.

Last Breath has a power output of 2560 which puts it slightly above Baracuda and Liquidator (2520). Its accuracy is excellent (83), so again compared with the latter rifles Last Breath really dominates its category stats-wise. Range of the gun is the same as Thanatos (45), which is also the highest range that the Gods of Boom rifles have so far. The magazine can hold only one bullet (6 bullets per round allowed) but given the rest of its stats that was the only logical solution.


True Sniper – again like Thanatos, the Last Breath can only fire in Sniper mode. This is an only fair thing because you don’t want enemies with the highest range possible, wielding a gun that can damage-wise also serve as a shotgun.

Right Through – the bullet pierces several opponents, dealing damage to each. This is by far the most useful feature for a rifle with such immense power. With one shot, one can theoretically eliminate an entire team if the shot is perfectly timed, and the enemies aligned just right.

Bloodlust – roughly 7.200 damage to the head is made possible by this little perk which increases your damage output after eliminating an enemy. The boost lasts for seven seconds after which you have to eliminate someone again to have it back on for another 7 seconds.

Sniper Scope x6 – The scope itself is telling us that this rifle is designed to be used predominantly at long and mid-ranges.

It costs 3.300 fragments to buy and upgrade Last Breath fully, where it really starts to shine.


Liquidator looks like something from the distant future, something a space marine would use and not be ashamed of.
It has the fastest lock time and most power when it comes to rifles. It deals 1300 damage to the body and 1560 to the head without the Dark Stalker, but it has a short-range (for a rifle) of 36 meters. Also, two abilities: the first one is an X4 scope, and that’s not uncommon, but the other ability is the Living Bomb. What does it do? It increases the damage that the enemy takes after it’s applied for 5 seconds. Enough time to take down anything if you ask me. The living bomb does 1300 damage when you apply it. It can be triggered by hitting the enemy again or you can wait for 5 seconds to trigger it. This gun is perfect for weakening the enemy and hiding. It has a 15 round magazine so you won’t run out of bullets as fast. Hold a good position on the map and you can snipe for most of the match without being killed while dealing a lot of damage to foes in the open. There is a debate on whether the Thanatos is a better rifle and I’ve given my opinion on it in the Thanatos section.
Like every other top tier gun, it unlocks at level 34 and it will take you 2950 gold to get it. No upgrades of course. Rate and give us your opinion.

Balance Update 4.6.2:

  • Increased maximum firing distance by 5 meters
Developer Comments: we increased the maximum firing distance so that this high-level sniper rifle would be more appealing. Due to the changes, Liquidator will be a worthy opponent to Barracuda and Thanatos.


Lizard got the name for its regenerative ability, like the animal counterpart.
Let’s break it down. A maxed rifle does 1280 damage to the body and 1600 damage to the head (1920 with the Dark Stalker). It has the second-best range of all the guns in the game -42 meters and a 10 round magazine. It has an X4 Sniper Scope and another interesting ability – Vampirism. Vampirism restores 900 health with each hit AND regenerates an additional 240 health every second for 3 seconds. It means you are healing 1620 health with each hit. Sweet huh? This is a great rifle for countering enemy Snipers, you stay out of their range and heal with every shot. Eventually, they will fall and you won’t because of the regeneration (this tactic does not work on Thanatos). Overall it’s a good rifle.
It will take you 1070 gold to unlock it and 1355 more to fully upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion!

Balance update 4.2:
– Damage per shot increased by 10%
– Upgrade costs increased by 7.5%
Developer Comments: Despite the powerful healing, this sniper rifle lacked the needed damage in battle. Now it’s become more offensive while retaining all of its life-saving qualities. This should do the trick.


It looks like this gun is a copy of the British L96A1 rifle. The rifle was first made in 1982 and it’s still actively used under a different name -AW. You probably know the police version best- AWP Sniper rifle. Many consider this weapon the best sniper rifle in the world.
Manticore is an average sniper in every way, an average range of 38 meters, average magazine -10 rounds and the average scope X4. The only thing that stands out is its First Shot ability that deals 25% more damage every 5 seconds. The rate of fire of the rifle makes this ability useful, but not groundbreaking. What I don’t like about the weapon is that you don’t get any bonus damage for headshots. I wouldn’t recommend spending money on this rifle at the moment, it’s not that cheap and there are better rifles out there.
The base price of the weapon is 42800 gunbucks and it would take you another 29000 bucks + 715 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.
Balance update 3.3:
-The rate of fire increased by 15% – Upgrade cost increased by 15%.
Manticore has a low rate of fire, so this update is more than welcome. It comes with a price, but it’s fair.


Prometheus was the titan of the Greek mythology, and he created the man out of clay. Not only that, he stole the fire from the Gods and gave it to mankind, and for this sin, he was bound to the rock where Zeus sent his eagle to peck his liver during the day and it would grow back during the night. It sounds like marriage to me.
The rifle we are reviewing today has the same name as the Titan above, and that’s not all they have in common. Prometheus has the Incinerate ability which deals 900 fire damage over 6 seconds (150/ second). This effect does not stack, it just resets if you hit an enemy again. Perfect for the shoot and hide tactic, but don’t try to go against the Lizard, he will wreck you one on one. Shot the enemy and watch him melt away while you are safe behind the cover. This gun has a range of 40 meters, so it’s good, and a slower rate of fire like the Iceberg.
It will take you 80500 gunbucks to buy this titan and 800 gold to upgrade it to its full potential. Rate and give us your opinion.


Punisher sounds pretty cool when you shoot. You actually feel the power of every shot.
It has an X4 scope and a great range of 41 meters. What it is really good at is finishing off the enemy because of its ability – No Mercy. It does more damage the less health your foe has. It also has a hidden ability to switch fast between weapons, so you can use it effectively with another main weapon. The weapon itself deals 992 damage to the body and it has a great headshot multiplier of 1.9, so the headshot damage is 1885! With Dark Stalker helm you are getting 2262 damage, which is great for a weapon of this tier. Needless to say, you need to aim for the head to get the most out of this weapon.
A big plus of the weapon is the price. It’s dirt cheap to buy this weapon, base price is 21700 gunbucks and you will need another 17280 bucks and 595 gold to fully upgrade it. That makes a total of 38980 bucks and 595 gold. If you are looking for an affordable secondary rifle, or just a cheap one look no further.
Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 04/2019: Buying price reduced from 17280 to 7540 gunbucks, with additional 27750 gunbucks and 860 gold needed to upgrade it fully.


Quicksilver is a modern looking rifle.
It has the second biggest magazine of all rifles, with 20 bullets in it. Maxed Quicksilver deals 805 body damage and it has a 1.6 headshot multiplier so the headshot damage is 1288 per shot. The range is 36 meters and it’s really low for a rifle. Why is it called Quicksilver? Well, the reason is it has no aim time (most rifles have a 1 sec aim time) and it shoots the first bullet after 0.2 seconds, while most rifles shoot the first one after 1.2 seconds. Also, most of the rifles take around 2 seconds to shoot each bullet after the first shot, and Quicksilver does it in 0.5 – 0.6 seconds. Theoretically, you can kill a foe with 3000 health and 3000 armour in 2 seconds with this rifle if you manage to hit the head each time. For a ranged weapon that’s pretty good.
Now about the price. 910 gold to buy the weapon and another 1240 gold to fully upgrade it make a sum of 2150 gold. Does the weapon pay off? Well, it depends on your playstyle. You might be good with it, or you might fail hard. I would use it as a secondary weapon because of the speed. Rate and give us your opinion.


Scout is a copy of the M40A5 sniper rifle made in the US back in 2009. The M40 rifle or as some call it “Sling” or “Scout” was made back in 1966 and was modified and improved a number of times. It was used in a lot of wars as the standard sniper rifle.
Our Scout in the game is light like the original. That gives it a special ability Speed Bonus – it increases your movement speed. The rifle has no aim time, like the Quicksilver and it shoots the first bullet after 0.2 seconds like its counterpart. The difference is, the Scout shoots every consecutive shot after the first one in 0.9 seconds. Magazine size of 15 rounds is fine, and the range of 40 meters is a bonus. Fully upgraded it deals 754 damage to the body and it has 25% bonus to headshots so that a 942 damage. The scope is X2 and for some, that’s a good thing because you have a wider field of view but some people don’t like it. It’s all about preferences really. Like a Quicksilver and Punisher, it is good as a secondary weapon for many reasons.
The base price is 46100 gunbucks and to max it, you’ll need another 27220 bucks and 715 gold to get the max potential out of it. Rate and give us your opinion.


Makers of this game really love Greek mythology. I’m a fan of it myself. So, in the Greek mythology, Thanatos represents Death. Not the guy with the cape and a scythe, but a humanoid looking angel with a sword on his side.
In the game, Thanatos also represents a quick death if he is wielded by a skilled individual. It has the best range of all the weapons in the game – 45 meters.
What it lacks is the number of rounds – it only has 6 rounds TOTAL. If you don’t make sure that every bullet counts, don’t play this gun. Maxed Thanatos does 1886 damage to the body and double damage to the head – 3772. With the Dark Stalker helm that’s 4527 damage 😯 . It takes 0.7 seconds to aim with it and after the first shot which takes 0.9 seconds, every other consecutive shot takes around 3 seconds to fire. This weapon has X4 sniper scope and it can only fire when you zoom. In my humble opinion, you need another main weapon to go with it when Thanatos is out of ammo because you can actually empty it after 15 seconds of shooting. Some say that this is the number 1 sniper in the game, and if you compare it with Liquidator 1 on 1 it wins. However, I think that it’s a tie at least because Liquidator can be used as a main weapon the whole round and with 30 rounds in it you can deal a lot more damage lover the course of the game.
Base price is 800 gold and you will need 1230 more to max it. Rate and give us your opinion.
Balance update 3.3:
– Damage reduction distance increased from 7 to 8.5 meters.
Since you won’t use Thanatos at the said distance, this nerf is irrelevant.


I don’t know who makes up the gun names in the game, but I sure hope he gets a hefty raise. Names are unique and most of them literally crack me up.
The Undertaker has the biggest magazine of all the rifles – 25 rounds. It also has a few more cool features. Number one is the rate of fire, also the best of all sniper rifles. It takes no time to aim with this gun and 0.2 seconds to shoot the first shot. After the first one, every consecutive shot takes another 0.4 seconds to shoot. That’s even faster than Quicksilver. The range of 37 meters is lower average for a rifle. The maxed weapon deals 309 damage to the body and with 1.5 headshot multiplier, it does 464 damage to the head (556 with Dark Stalker). The scope is X2 and I think it goes well with this rate of fire. You need that extra field of view.
It will cost you just 2650 gunbucks to buy this weapon and to upgrade it fully you need to reserve 10470 bucks and 350 gold to upgrade it. That’s a total 13120 gunbucks and 350 gold to max this weapon. Pretty cheap and you can max it at level 16 already. Rate and give us your opinion.


The Veteran is a copy of the M40 rifle. Similar to the Scout rifle. You have more info about the M40 in the Scout section.
The Veteran is the first rifle you get in the game, and it teaches you the basics of sniping in this game. The most important thing you need to know about every rifle is: the accuracy is not important! You have the same accuracy when you zoom in with every rifle. Accuracy is only important if you shoot without sights, and if you plan on doing that don’t buy the rifle at all. It’s a rifle that becomes useless after a few levels even if you upgrade it. You can buy a better one relatively fast if you save any money.
If you are a masochist you can upgrade and play with it, but good luck with that. It will cost you 300 gunbucks and 20 gold to upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.


Avalanche is a shotgun which you can get only in the Christmas Event in the game. And not only that, it will cost you a lot to get one. During the event, you need to collect 1000 pieces to get one. There are two ways to do it. Pay an incredible amount of gold or get it through gamble and hope for the best. You will save up a lot of money if you intend to buy it this way, it works. Now the trouble is, you won’t be able to get it until next Christmas.

Avalanche does 1776 damage to the body with all pellets and it has 1.2 headshot multiplier if you want to carry a Dark Stalker, so if you hit a head with all the pellets it does 2131 damage. It has the second best accuracy of all shotguns, after the Storm – 55. The rate of fire is around 1 round per second. It has an average range of 10 meters and a good magazine of 10 rounds, so all around it’s a good shotgun. Bad thing is, it has no special abilities at all and it has a high price. If you bought a Porcupine hold on to it, it is a better shotgun. If you want to have a unique weapon, you’ll need to wait for another special event to get this gun.

Balance update 4.2:

– Damage per shot increased by 5%

Developer Comments: This late-game shotgun was introduced during the New Year event, but we noticed that it was greatly underpowered compared to the Porcupine. This change should make it a more viable shotgun option for high-level players.

Balance update 4.6.2:

-Increased damage per shot by 7%
-Increased maximum damage distance from 5 to 6 meters

Developer Comments: changes are aimed at making Avalanche a more attractive shotgun for high-level battles and a worthy alternative to Porcupine. It doesn’t have the incinerating perk, but it has more bullets and a wider range.

battering ram

Battering ram is a siege weapon originating from ancient times, used to break through fortifications of cities and castles. It was relatively easy to build and a pretty effective contraption. Although it was made out of wood it could easily make a crack in a stone wall, because every hit made the crack bigger. Sheer force.

Our Battering Ram looks like a SAR PA 12 gauge pump action shotgun. You could call it a standard shotgun seen in most movies and games.

Now, our Ram is available early in the game, the third shotgun you unlock. It has an average accuracy of 42, its range is a little below average – 9 meters and it has the smallest magazine out of all shotguns, only 6 rounds. The gun has one of the biggest recoils in the game. On the other hand, the rate of fire is great. It’s one of those guns you’ll really love or hate. Being one of the first shotguns you can get it early and it’s cheap.

It will cost you 19900 gunbucks to buy it and 19300 bucks + 575 gold to fully upgrade it. Total of 39200 bucks + 575 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 04/2019: Initial buying price reduced from 19900 to 8140 gunbucks. An additional sum of 29250 gunbucks + 890 gold is needed from now on to fully upgrade this shotgun.


Berserkers were a group of Nordic warriors famed for many things. One of them was rushing into battle with nothing on them but a wolf pelt or bear hide and having no sense of fear or danger. They lived in the woods, and were very religious, they mostly worshipped Odin. Another famous thing about them was that they went into battle with such frenzy that it struck fear into the enemy the moment they see them. You can imagine a butt naked madman with an axe and a wolf pelt rushing towards you and screaming like all the demons of hell possessed him.

Now, our berserker doesn’t have any pelts on it and it didn’t consume any strange mushrooms. It has one ability and it says “the less health you have, the more damage you inflict”. On low health, it does more damage than any shotgun in the game. Around 3000 body damage with a maxed weapon if your health is around 100 hp and around 3500 headshot damage with Dark Stalker. That makes it the only shotgun that can kill someone with 2 shots. It has an average accuracy of 35 and an average range of 10 meters. The magazine is good and it can hold 10 rounds.

This is the first shotgun you can buy with gold and it costs 810 gold to buy one. If you want to max it, it will cost you another 1195 gold to upgrade. That makes a total of 2005 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.


Another blunderbuss in the game, just a bit fancier than the Blunderbuss.

This is a drive-by gun. Literally, you just keep running around the map, shoot people in the face and run off. And you can do this because this gun has the ability Speed Bonus. It does not increase shooting speed, it increases running speed. You pair it up with Panther pants and you become a roadrunner bird. Flank people and shoot, DON’T go frontal with them. Also, the gun is great for the king of the hill (capture the point) maps. Now, about the raw stats. This gun deals 1311 damage to the body from point-blank range, and it doesn’t have a lot of recoil, but the bullet spread is awful. Accuracy is 40, mediocre. The range is 8 meters and that’s the lowest in the game. Nothing more to say about it, it’s so low you can almost slice an enemy when you get in range. The magazine holds 10 bullets, it’s enough.

The basic price of the Brawler is 31600 gunbucks and you will need 12150 gunbucks and 450 gold to upgrade this gun to the max. Rate and give us your opinion.


Cerberus, another mythical being from Greek mythology, is often depicted as a 3 headed dog with a serpent replacing its tail. It was assigned by Hades to guard the gates of the Underworld. Heracles submitted him using the lion skin as a shield with his hands, as described in the Twelve Labours of Heracles.

Let’s go to the raw stats of our Cerberus. As the three-headed mythical beast, it can also attack many times at once. That’s the special ability of the weapon, it fires several bullets at once. 4 rounds in 1 second to be precise. As for raw stats, it has a 40 accuracy (average), 10 range (also average) and the biggest magazine beside Storm which contains 12 rounds. Close range (4-5 meters) damage is 1299 to the body, which combined with burst is great. What you won’t know if you don’t try this weapon is that the recoil is one of the hardest to control in the game. So don’t get enchanted with raw stats, they usually don’t tell the whole story.

If by any chance you want to possess this piece of weaponry it will cost you 1210 gold to get it and another 1230 gold to max it out. It unlocks at level 16. Rate and give us your opinion.

death dealer

Now, this is another interesting name for a gun. It’s simple and pretty effective 8-). Gun itself is a replica of a famous sawed-off double-barreled shotgun. This weapon has a tremendous impact in small spaces and close combat situations, because of the short range and a huge spread of the pellets. For the same reasons, it’s illegal to possess one because it’s easy to conceal it.

Our maxed shotgun deals 964 damage with each hit. The rate of fire is a lower average, but the accuracy is great for a shotgun – 50. It also has a low average range of 9 meters and a standard magazine with 9 rounds. It has no special abilities, what you see is what you get. This weapon is really popular in the lower tiers and you will be seeing it a lot. Why? Because it’s cheap and with some training easy to use. Read the General shotgun guide to learn how to use a shotgun.

It will cost you 2500 gunbucks to get this shotgun and you will need to save up another 11190 bucks and 360 gold to max it. Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 3.1:
– Decreased damage per shot by 5%

Since this shotgun is one of the most used weapons in the whole game the developers decided to nerf it a little bit, and I think it’s fair. 5% is enough to make a difference but not too much to make the gun unusable.


Desperado (formerly known as Trejo’s Ace) is the most badass looking shotgun!

The rate of fire is around 0.8 seconds for one shot, except the first one of course which is almost instant. Accuracy is good for a shotgun, 50. It has a low range of 9 meters and an average magazine which can hold 9 rounds. Its special ability is Serial Killer (unlocked at level 16) and it deals 25% more damage with every kill you make up to 3 times. Basic body shot damage of the maxed weapon is 1520 damage, after the first kill it rises to 1900 damage, after the second kill 2280 damage, and on the third kill, you get 2660 damage per shot. Combined with its good rate of fire, this is monstrous. Now, you need to take into the account that 3 kills are not that easy to accomplish.

This gun will cost you 1000 pieces to buy and if you want to upgrade it fully you need another. Rate and give us your opinion.


Dolores is a replica of a famous Winchester repeater rifle. It is not a shotgun, but the guys who make the games have the creative freedom to make it a rocket launcher if they want to. There is no argument about it.

Dolores is a weapon Danny Trejo is holding in the game’s background. With the power of 2552 this shotgun stands in front of the famous Porcupine. The maxed gun does 2520 damage from the close range. Guns accuracy is right there in the middle with 50 acc. The range is an attribute where the Dolores shines, it’s sharing the top with Onslaught shotgun. The magazine, on the other hand, shares the bottom with the Battering Ram, it can hold only 6 rounds. Dolores has 2 special abilities – Reload boost and Extra Clip. The first one is really cool, after you kill an enemy, the next reload time will be reduced by 2.5 times (hard to be precise about this info). The other one is simple, you have one extra clip of bullets. In total 6 more rounds to spend.

The total price to buy the gun is 7500 plus you’ll need more for upgrades. This is a good gun overall, but whether it is worth the money is up for you to decide.

Balance Update 4.6.2:

  • Improved reload animation—now the cocking mechanism doesn’t take up the whole screen
  • Improved rate of fire between shots

Developer Comments: this time we’ve fixed two important issues. Firstly, we’ve improved the reload animation, which was unnatural and was in the way during shooting. Secondly, the inconsistent rate of fire would result in an unpredictable behavior: sometimes the weapon would perform great, sometimes it was horrible. We’ve noticed and fixed thisnow the shotgun will perform like it’s supposed to.


An interesting looking weapon. I can’t define it, it looks like something made in the future by a car mechanic 😄

Anyway, Onslaught by definition means a fierce attack, and it represents this weapon pretty well. It has a special ability Combo that makes it deals more damage with every consecutive shot. An onslaught, you must agree. The exact formula for it is: damage before the first shot DMG+(5-TFLH)*(0.2*DMG). TFLH- time from the last hit. Base damage of the maxed weapon is 1314 and the most damage with maxed Combo is around 2400. This weapon kills with 3 consecutive shots. It will take you 2 seconds to kill an enemy with maxed armor and health. That’s excellent for a gunbuck weapon if you ask me, especially because this is the fifth shotgun you unlock. Accuracy is 20, and that’s the worse thing about it. The range is good for a shotgun -11 meters and the magazine is also average -9 rounds. Overall, Onslaught is viable and worth the money.

It will cost you 43720 gunbucks to buy the gun and 17970 bucks + 730 gold to upgrade it fully. Rate and give us your opinion.

Note: As of patch 4.5, the rate of fire has been decreased by 5%.


It is said that Orion was so serious hunter, that Zeus himself placed him in the heavens to warden from above with his arrows and apparently really long-range bow. He might have done some bad things early on in his life, but he paid the price for it and still earned his place among the shiniest of stars.

Here we also have one bad boy bearing the same name and similar attributes. Orion shotgun distinguishes itself from other close combat weapons by its Range, Power, and Accuracy. Imbued with the highest of values for a gun of this caliber, the Orion Shotgun also possesses a collimator scope, which eases your aiming as you target enemies a bit further away. No other shotgun has this kind of installment. This scope’s equally valuable perk (apart from more accurate aiming) is that it leaves you with peripheral vision, allowing you to keep one eye for the eventual flanking – which isn’t the case with any of the rifles. Its cartridge holds 6 shells with a total of 27 shells per life.

As of 5.2 update, Orion now has freezing bullets which will slow down your enemies’ movement speed upon hit.

Orion is currently available through the Lunar Festival event.


Porcupines are mammals with a coat of sharp quills that protects them against predators. They kinda look like skunks, and that is one more reason the predators stay away from them. Or maybe skunks look like them?

Our little porcupine also deters most of the predators. When you show up with this bad boy people run away in every possible direction. I’ll try to explain why. It has Incendiary Rounds as a special ability. It deals 400 damage over 5 seconds (80 per second). Not much, but ok. It can fire 4 rounds in 2 seconds, but the first one is shot almost instantly. That’s the time it takes this gun to kill a foe with full health (3000) and armor (3000). Every shot to the body or head deals 1950 damage. Impressive, but you need to come close to fire your rounds, so it may not be that easy. It has good accuracy- 50, average range of 10 meters and a low magazine with 8 bullets. Theoretically, this means you can kill 4 foes with full hp and armor if every bullet hits for full damage. Unlikely, but not impossible. Still, if you want the best shotgun in the game look no further, you just need level 34 to unlock it.

Also, you will need 3100 gold to buy it, it is not upgradable so that’s it. Rate and give us your opinion.


Clearly, the devs got the inspiration for this gun from Italian SPAS 12 shotgun. It was produced from 1979 until 2000 when it was replaced by SPAS 15. The gun was used by militaries and police forces worldwide and it was also used in a lot of movies and video games.

Now, this was the best shotgun in the game before the nerf came, it had higher damage with a better rate of fire. Now it deals 2000 damage with each shot, and it has Incendiary Bullets specialty which deals 350 damage over 5 seconds. The rate of fire is not that good anymore, around 1 shot per second, except for the first one which is fired almost immediately. It has an average accuracy of 40, low range of 9 meters and a smaller magazine with 8 rounds. Stats-wise this is not the best shotgun you can obtain in the game. Honestly, I would not my spend my gold on it, but it’s up to you of course. Some people can still plaster you with it.

It costs 900 gold to get this shotgun and you will need to pay 1255 more to get this gun maxed. Rate and give us your opinion.

Note: As of update 4.5, the cost of all upgrades has been increased by 5%. Additionally, the rate of fire has also been increased by 5%.


A totally appropriate name for a shotgun, concerning the effect it has on the enemies once you bring this baby into action. Reaper Shotgun has a significantly higher fire rate than most shotguns (about one round per half a second), and damage to match.

The total cost of maxing out this Halloween event treat costs 1000 fragments. The total power of this shotgun reaches 2540 when maxed. The range of 10 can be considered more than enough since it’s accuracy is 58%. The magazine is armed with 10 shells, with 20 shells total being maximum per one gun.

The reason why this gun stands out compared to other shotguns is because of its monstrous ability – Harvesting, that enables you to pick up a cell from a fallen enemy which will boost your movement speed by 25% and restore your armor by 50%.  It also has a noticeably higher fire rate, combined with equally powerful damage output. Even without the maximum build, it is a formidable piece of close-range weaponry.


If you check the vocabulary for the word remedy, here is what it says: “something that cures or relieves a disease or bodily disorder; a healing medicine, application, or treatment. “

Remedy looks like a combination of a toolbox, mailbox and a lunchbox to me. It got its name from its ability to heal the wielder. It has a Vampirism ability, it heals the user when you deal damage + it heals you gradually after each hit. Total health gained is 175. It deals 1840 damage maxed from point-blank range and the rate of fire is around 1 round per second for the first 4 shots. Accuracy is 30, lower average. It also has an average range of 10 meters and another low stat, 8 round magazine. This is another shotgun I would not recommend because if you save up some more you can buy a better one, and there are a few better shotguns. Not a bad weapon, don’t get me wrong, but you can spend your gold better I think.

Basic price is 64900 gunbucks and if you want to fully upgrade it, you’ll need 22900 bucks and 800 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.

– Increased rate of fire by 5%
– Increased damage per shot by 10%
– Increased the cost of upgrades by 15% – Increased healing over time. It used to be 155 HP after landing a shot + 38 HP every second for 3 secs. Now, you get 155 HP after landing a shot + 155 HP one second later.
Developer Comments: This is a straight-up buff of Remedy. We felt that this gun was weaker than its predecessors like Onslaught and Traitor, as well as in a totally different league than Porcupine. This change will make it a more viable option for high-level fights.


The Storm is a futuristic looking shotgun, and it even sounds like one.

When you look at the raw stats, this is one of the best shotguns there is. Highest accuracy of all shotguns- 60, has an average range of 10 meters and the highest magazine there is, along with Cerberus – 12 rounds. Now, you are probably thinking – this is a sweet shotgun, if you take the price into account and the fact that it is the fourth shotgun you unlock. Wroooong. First of all this gun doesn’t have a crosshair. Second of all and the biggest flaw is that you need to have the crosshair pointed at the enemy, and only when the red circle fills up you can shoot. If you lose your enemy, it resets back slowly, so you need to have them in sights all the time. If the gun didn’t have this ability to slowly charge the shots it would be great. I don’t like it, not going to lie, there are a few better options out there.

If you decide to buy this gun it will cost you 32900 gunbucks and to fully upgrade it will take another 22520 bucks + 640 gold. Total of 55420 bucks and 640 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.

Update 3.1:

– Increased rate of fire by 13%
– Increased upgrade cost by 14%

The rate of fire is a welcomed change on the Storm since this was a rarely used weapon in all tiers. This could somewhat help raise the popularity of the weapon.


I will try to review this gun, although to be honest, I don’t know much about it.

I got my hands on the maxed gun, and this is what I got out of it. It deals 1566 damage from close range, and the rate of fire is somewhere between 3 and 4 shots in 2 seconds. It has a 10 round magazine, not much recoil and the average range of 10 meters. Also, an average accuracy – 40. About 2.5 seconds to kill a guy with a set of full armor and health – it will take you 4 shots to do it.

This weapon was obtainable only during the Christmas Event. You needed to collect 1000 thunder fragments to get it. To fully upgrade it, you need 33400 gunbucks and 995 gold. That’s the only info I got about this gun. If you have more, please post it, so everyone can get the information. Also, rate the gun if you got it!


Another short-barreled shotgun beside the Death Dealer.

It does 1808 damage to a close range enemy if it’s maxed. The rate of fire is around 0.8 seconds for one shot, except the first one of course which is almost instant (around 0.1, 0.2 seconds). Accuracy is really low – just 25, it has average range -10 meters and an average magazine which can hold 9 rounds. A great thing about this gun is the special ability: Slowing Shot which reduces enemy’s movement speed. Great thing. I noticed that a lot of people use and cherish this gun, usually with another main weapon. Mosty because it’s cheap for what you get, a solid close range option. If you are looking for a f2p option, choose this one or the Onslaught, you won’t regret it.

This gun will cost you 46750 gunbucks to buy and if you want to upgrade it fully you need another 29000 + 710 gold. Rate and give us your opinion.


Trickster (as the name implies) might resemble a shotgun, but its power is closer to that of a hand gun.

It is the first shotgun you get in the game by default. It’s there to teach you how to play with shotguns, and therefore has basic stats. It has a low accuracy of 20 and an average range of 10 meters. With the low 8 rounds in the magazine, this is really something you’ll get rid of as soon as you get your hands on any other shotgun. It can be upgraded twice, but don’t waste your time and money on it, except to learn the basics of a shotgun.

If you disregard my opinion though it will cost you 300 gunbucks and 20 gold to fully upgrade it. Rate and give us your opinion.

gods of boom guides, tips, tricks, weapons, maps

gods of boom maps

There are four different game modes in the Gods of Boom and each of them has different victory conditions and should be played differently….

Note: Use the “JUMP 2” button at the lower right part of the screen to get back to this section.

Team Deathmatch – Gods of Boom Maps

Team Deathmatch is the most basic game and the most common game mode. Here, the only way to gain points is to kill an opponent (+10) or assist (+2 points). Additional points can be earned for multiple kills without in quick succession (+12 for the second, +15 for the third, etc.), by achieving a critical assist (+5, deal more damage to the target than the player that scored a kill), killing multiple (four or more) opponents without dying, etc. Whichever team reaches 500 points first will win the match, and if the 5-minute time limit expires the team with the higher score wins. Since dying on these Gods of Boom maps directly contributes to the opponent’s score, and there’s no other way to earn points, we would advise more cautious playstyle on this type of maps.

Control Points – Gods of Boom Maps

On the Control Points maps the points can be earned in the same way as team deathmatch, and also by capturing a point (+10), neutralizing it (+5) or by defending an already controlled point and killing the enemy that is trying to neutralize it (+12 points). More importantly, the team will gain 2 points per second for every Control Point that it holds. Control Points Gods of Boom maps are geared more towards aggressive gameplay and going after/fighting for the objective since that’s the only way for a team to be victorious. However, once you’ve established control over most of the map, more defensive gameplay with machineguns and snipers is viable, even recommended. On this type of maps, whichever team reaches 1200 points first wins, and if neither succeeds after the 5-minute time limit has expired, the team with the more points wins.

King of the Hill – Gods of Boom Maps

In this game mode, players will be fighting over a single control point, so it’s absolutely crucial to make this your one and only objective and ignore the kill count – something that’s very hard for most FPS players. In essence, King of the Hill Gods of Boom maps are very similar to Control Points maps, except that you’ll be fighting for only one CP, and victory can be achieved with 1000 instead of 1200 points earned.

Payload – Gods of Boom Maps

In this game mode, fighting over payload and escorting it to the enemy team base is your one and only objective.

asia fusion

Do you feel like surprising enemies from behind just ain’t what it used to be? Well, now you can do it from above! Yes sir, Asia Fusion map features an intricate web of connected rooftops that will enable you to pray on unsuspecting enemies and shower them with led when the time had come. But, the ground level is also available for play. And you know what they say about ground levels…


This map is exclusively made for the Bounty Hunt mode, in which you collect Orbs by eliminating an enemy player and picking up Orb(s) that he drops. “As many Orbs as you can get” is one side of this mode, while the other is a bit more difficult one – to preserve collected Orb(s).

Once you or your teammate (or both, or anybody) amass 10+ Orbs – you will be visible to every opponent. Every time you’re killed you lose a portion of your Orbs. Preventing this mostly falls into the lap of your teammates whose only mission is to keep the “Orb(s) Bearer(s)” alive until the timer ticks out.


The use of Shotgun in combination with Assault Rifles (and Knives) will likely give you the upper hand in close and mid-range combat, of which these two seem to be the most common in this mode.

When rooftops come to mind, long-range scope Rifles usually pop up as the first obvious choice, at least in my book (damn you Hollywood). Although you will have clear sight from above, know that these rooftops aren’t isolated as ones from the movies. More often than not you will see a whole team up there, armed with Porcs, easily “grounding” the lone gunman.


“Guard thy teammate as though it was yourself.”

asia waterfront

Buckle up your shirts, because it’s going to get windy out here by the river.


This is King of the Hill map which is arguably small in terms of its size, but cleverly intertwined with lots of ground and roof passageways that enable attacks from an unexpected direction. This being the case, holding the point is equally demanding as attacking it – making it a fairly balanced map that supports diverse weapon combinations.


All a Shotgun really wants is the target nearby, and organized use of this map’s many passageways can increase chances on sneaking up close to your opponents from the desired direction – which is virtually any. When defending, this enormous firepower is effective for deflecting group rushing enemies, but quickly loses its shine when directions of the attack expand.

Although crisscrossed, this map has some really nice (but limited) angles that make the use of Rifles possible more often than expected. These angles require skillful marksmanship as the windows of opportunity are short, but also offer a quick cover if the opponent is returning fire. Rooftops provide a better view on the whole central area, yet they are also a bit more open positions for sniping.

The same can be applied for Machine Guns. With their long-range, they can provide invaluable support during an attack and/or defense, if positioned and covered properly. Rushing with these babies is a ticket to hell, as you will find yourself between an anvil and a hammer as soon as you enter open central terrain.

Assault Rifles will provide other weapon wielders to fulfill their duties, by going in first. Given that there is a lot of passages that need to be covered – a quick, unexpected burst of action from one of them can easily take the enemy by surprise and maybe even secure the point. Likewise, safeguarding your teammates backs during point defense can increase chances that your team survives such a scenario.


As always take care of your team and mix the directions of approach – it will make the enemy edgy and prone to mistakes.



This is a point capture map, the battle over the points A, B and C is what you need to pay attention to. Picking your arsenal and gear for this map is all about adapting it to both defending and attacking.


This is one of those small maps which favor close-range weapons. Not much tactic here, you should use shotguns or assault rifles. There are 3 capture points. Try NOT to go through the middle, hug the sides. If, by any chance, you want to play with a machine gun or a sniper rifle use the stairs as cover. You want to move in groups and make sure you always have 2 points captured.

Shotguns are very useful on this map for attacking points and clearing them really fast. Keep in mind that good movement is very important because it will make a big difference if you’re approaching the enemies from the front or from the side.

construction site

Hey, Gunslinger! The construction site has always been the favorite playground for kids. Now the adults can play around with guns involved. It’s a small map with a lot of hiding places, packed with action the second you get in. Do you like small maps, or do you prefer big ones?


Construction site is quite a chaotic map with a bunch of obstacles. That means that assault rifles, machine guns, and shotguns are most used. You can play both an aggressive style and a passive style. Protecting from attacking players from spawn point obstacles is sometimes a better option than charging in headfirst.


Shotguns are useful however you have to keep your head behind cover until you can approach the enemy from behind or surprise them by rushing.

Assault Rifles and Machine guns definitely are more useful on this map since a lot of the battle is in-between obstacles and you need precision for that.

Rifles are mostly used as a defensive mechanism from spawn point or from the sides of the map where there is some open space.

europe fall

The first map (out of many we hope) for the new Classic Game Mode – Escort the Payload. It can be accessed only by level 22 players and above.


This is a mode very similar to one of Overwatch, where the attacking team has to escort a payload (in this case a three-wheeler, slightly resembling the one from “Only Fools and Horses”) to the opponents base, and the defending team has to make sure that doesn’t happen by not allowing the enemy to stay close to the vehicle, thus moving it forward.


Given the nature of the mode, the attacking team will be closer to payload more often than not so Shotguns and Assault Rifles seem to be the most effective in repelling the head-on attacks on your group.

The same weapon choice can be applied if you are a defender because you will have the upper hand in terms of setting up ambushes. Furthermore, there are few spots on the map from which an experienced Rifleman can give a headache to the busy enemy.


Team play is essential here. Good coordination between players will, in most cases, decide the victor.

europe halloween

Candy time! Put on your costumes, grab your shotguns and join the fray. The last one standing gets a treat. It’s a small king of the hill map, prepare for quick hot action boys.


Halloween is a point capture map that’s all about momentum as most point capture maps are. A lot of narrow and tight angles with enemies popping out from multiple directions. This most often requires heavy machinery or shotguns.


Shotguns definitely have the biggest impact here especially on point A where it’s a really tight spot.

Machine guns definitely have the ability to hold down points and are very useful on this map

Assault Rifles and Rifles are at a disadvantage here because of the narrow design of the map.

europe new year


  1. Attackers try to push the Payload to the goal before the end of the match.
  2. Defenders try to stop the Payload from reaching the goal before the end of the match.
  3. Payload has a 6-meter radius in which: – Attackers move the Payload – Defenders stop the payload from moving
  4. The more Attackers there are near the payload, the faster it moves.
  5. If there are no Attackers near the Payload for 15 seconds, it starts moving backward.
  6. The number of Defenders near the Payload doesn’t influence this speed.
  7. You get points for: – Moving the Payload (being in the radius) (ADVANCE) – Killing the enemy who’s in the Payload radius (DEFEND) – Killing the enemy while standing yourself in the Payload radius (DEFEND)

DEFEND is worth more points than a simple kill. (Defend 12 vs. Kill 10)

europe square

It’s a classic capture the flag map with a beautiful setting. Prepare your running boots and turn on the Benny Hill music!


Europe square is all about time efficiency. More important than the weapons you use on this map is the route you take to capture the points A, B, and C.


Shotguns are very useful in rushing into a point, however, defending it is better done with some other weapons.

Assault Rifles and Machine Guns are quite good on this map since there is a lot of mid-range combat. Using them to capture and defend from the numerous camping spots present on the map is the most efficient way to use them.

Rifles are good for capturing and flanking the center point B. Since there is a lot of open long-range shots from this point.


Capturing and holding a point is very important, that means that you have to have a somewhat balanced arsenal because some weapons are better for capturing and some weapons are better for defending.

europe streets


Another Europe map, besides Europe Square and Europe Fall. The map itself has a lot of high spots, some covered so there are a few sniper nests. The trouble is, there are 2 paths to get anywhere, so you might get flanked if you stay in one position for too long. The map does not favor anyone, so you can play with any weapon set equally. With closer range weapons I recommend moving to the left or right flank, don’t go through the middle. Btw, you can run over the Beetle car in the center of the map!


Playing any weapon is supported, it’s a well-balanced map. Snipers get flanked and assault rifles get sniped.


Just a peaceful day in the countryside. Little Red riding hood was picking flowers in the woods on a sunny day. The basket was almost full when she heard a noise in the bush. She stopped for a moment and saw a wolf, running towards her with jaws open, saliva dripping out of them and she started to scream from the top of her lungs. A loud shot interrupted the scream and the wolf ran away like the devil himself was after him.

“Damn it, Garry, I told you, you shouldn’t use a rifle because you can’t aim”. “But you told me to shoot, and I got a headshot! ” “I said to shoot the wolf, not the girl Garry! Back to the farm for target practice you idiot.


The Farm is a map that supports high chaos. Shotguns and Assault Rifles will dominate on this map because of the design itself. A lot of obstacles combined with a centralized battlefield will result in a bunch of cross-shooting where you will constantly kill and be killed from the back or the side.


Because this map gives such a chaotic setting Sniper Rifles and Machine guns will be way less efficient than Shotguns and Assault Rifles. However, if you are comfortable with the map angles – a Rifle can be a real pain in the cheek for the enemy.

farm at night


Farm at Night is one of my favorite maps in GoB. It has everything, it is balanced and looks good. Maybe the dark is what separates it from other maps, I don’t know what it is, but the feeling persists. Anyway, you can play it as a sniper from the high ground just in front of your spawn, or on the ground right beside the elevated location. No other places for snipers. With shotguns, you can choose either right or left wall and stick to it or you could go to the center but you’ll get exposed too much. Machine gunners and AR wielders should follow the same route, but not as aggressive as the shotgunners.


As mentioned above, the map is very balanced. This means that any role is playable, it just comes down to the team tactic.
Snipers an assault rifles need to keep on eye on the center of the map since they will find most of their good angles right there.
If you’re playing a closer range strat, you need to know your obstacles and hug the walls until you have an opportunity to attack efficiently.


In one of the most fun maps to play on, communicating with your team and deciding what kind of strat you will be playing is crucial to gaining a fair amount of points.

farm halloween

It’s that time of the year again. Pull out your costumes and prepare for the fair, because this one is going to be bloody brilliant. And what better place for a Halloween party than on an old, familiar turf away from city noise and lights.


Farm Halloween map is available for King of The Hill mode in which you need to take and hold a single victory point or Control Point. It will include a lot of close combat fighting for the main spot, as well as keeping away from sniper nests that observe the central area. Since it supports all fighting styles by its design, pick out the one that suits you the most.


As mentioned, long-range Rifles are suitable for this map because of the clear view some spots have on the Control Point. One should be careful when camping there, however, lots of passages make those places rather easily accessible. You could shoot from the ground level too, but that’s also the level where most of the close-combat will take place.

Assault Rifles can provide cover for your Snipers while they clear enemy nests and/or serve as a good tool for rushing Control Point, supported by same Snipers this time. The result of these tactics will depend on how well your team coordinates and adapts.

Shotguns will find plenty of use here. From rushing on to Control Point – to safeguarding it. Beware of the snipers though, as you will be quite an easy target in the open. Or you can utilize the Behind Enemy Lines tactics and clear their nests for your team.


This is an all-around map that doesn’t offer any observable upper hand for any of the play styles, so we may say it is a balanced and fun map. Whether it will be available after the Halloween event passes, remains to be seen.

farming complex


This is a Capture the Point map, with 3 possible points -A, B and C. I would recommend you to get A and hold it because it’s easiest to defend. You can hold it against 2 people without an effort. If you have an organized team, you can play by leaving one man to always defend A or C. Not B though, it’s hard to defend. Others can go and cap together. There are a lot of obstacles so make sure you use them for cover and to hide and shoot if you can.


Shotguns – Shotguns on this map need to keep close to the ledges and hug the obstacles so they can avoid damage from a longer range. Capturing points and clearing enemies inside quickly is what you’re here to do.
Machine Guns – Defense, defense, defense! Defending spots from a camping spot right behind an obstacle will be the most efficient way to play here.
Assault Rifles – Balanced in both defending and attacking. Farming complex offers all three ranges so you can always find play.
And finally Snipers or “Rifles”. You really have to be careful about players that are rushing. It’s okay to have 1 sniper or maximum 2 snipers if they are really good on this map. Any larger amount of snipers will result in a defeat if the enemy has even the slightest clue what they’re are doing.

mexico canyon

You know what I figured about Gods of Boom, it is missing one important ability that would raise the game to a whole new level. One simple ability, jumping. This map would be a heaven in that case, it is filled with layers of piled up rocks. Something just pulls you to climb upon them and shower your enemies with the bunch of bullets. A lot of places to hide on the map and surprise an unaware enemy. The map itself is well balanced and it does not favour any type of weapon. This is a free for all map.


Mexico Canyon is a pretty well-balanced map, this means that any type of weapon has utility on this ground. It’s divided into 2 parts: “The Outside” and “The Inside”. There’s a building complex right after you pass the canyons or the rocks outside.


Shotguns are most efficient on the inside because the house is filled with sharp angles and close corners that require a high damage burst to win a battle.

Assault Rifles and Rifles are best utilized on the outside, although you can shoot from the outside of the house.

Machine guns are most useful when stacked behind a rock on outside, catching enemies that are passing off guard.


This map is all about controlled aggression. Picking the right spot and the right weapon as mentioned above will have the most impact on the overall outcome. Don’t forget to use grenades to stack kills on any number of enemies rushing at one spot since this map supports this type of play highly.

mexico church

If you are playing as one of those recons try to position yourself that at least one of your sides is protected. It will narrow your point of view, but you have to sacrifice something to gain something. I think it’s not a good idea to stand out in the open and scout everything, but that’s about you and your playstyle.


Mexico: Church is a sniper favored map. It has a lot of high positions, so don’t get surprised if you get into the recon’s crossfire. There are few paths you can travel safely if the enemy team is waiting to splash you on sight. Let’s say their recons are on the building near the starting point. You can go straight to the middle building and go through it to emerge close to the recons. If they are somewhere in the north building hug the wall to the right or left depending on your starting position to flank them. It works 60% of the time, every time!


Shotguns can have a place in the church however most of the combat is a long range or mid-range so Assault Rifles and Rifles, as well as Machine guns, work best.

Rifles (Snipers) Pick long angles and good camping spots, there are players rushing and peeking all the time and getting into a good position can be very frustrating for the enemy team.

mexico hacienda


Hacienda is one of those maps that implement complete chaos all around. There are crossfires everywhere and the quicker player wins.


Shotguns and Assault Rifles should always be on the move and looking for exposed enemies since there is a lot of cross-fire on this map. Turning around and being aware of spawn points is crucial here as you yourself will be subject to a lot of backfires.

Sniper Rifles (Rifles) Can be useful, however, the overall chaos of the map and the fast-paced routine required here will put any sniper player at a disadvantage against assault rifles and shotguns. Sure you might be able to get a few decent frags here and there but rarely will you go on a multi-kill.

Machine Guns are useful on some corners however shotguns will almost always dominate here since if there is a camping spot, it’s subject to a sharp angle.


Be quick on your feet and know that the team that navigates better will win here. It’s all about staying on the run and shooting while planning your next move. This is by far one of the most fun maps to play so get your gear and go out there to make a difference!

mexico mansion

Mexico Mansion is a map filled with (you’d never guess) luxury. Mansion itself looks amazing, with 2 floors, fancy furniture and all that. A cute detail is a table in the middle of the room with a pile of cash stacked up higher than the table itself. Outside you’ll find 2 limousines and it all looks glamorous, Hollywood style. You can imagine some music or a movie star sitting on the sofa there and snorting…I mean, drinking Coke. Jokes aside, this is one of the free for all maps and I would only recommend using shotguns and assault rifles plus a grenade launcher here and there. Enjoy wrecking the place.


This is a Map that compliments Shotgun users the most. Tight angles and sharp turns will almost always create chest to chest battles and the more damage you can burst out the sooner you’ll kill the guy. Rifles and Assault Rifles are possible to use on this map however, you would have to pick your angles very carefully because if you make a mistake of coming into close quarters with a shotgun user, you’ll be fried before you can say “Money”.

Speaking of money, remember that huge pile laying on the table at the center of the map? Well that’s probably the best spot for Rifles and Assault Rifles users to be.


For Shotguns, i recommend going all out in all of the numerous rooms located on the first floor of the Mansion and getting into close combat situations.
Rifles and Assault Rifles should go to Money Room or the Parking outside, that way they can almost always be in a situation where the enemy is at least a dozen feet away from them.
Machine guns are very situational here, if you want to guard one of the mid-range corners you could go for a machine guns, however camping one spot can be very frustrating on this map since you can easily be flanked from the back of form the side.


Mansion is a map that encourages movement and quick thinking, figuring out where your enemies are and catching them off-guard with huge amounts of damage from close range. Calling out where players are to your team can be very helpful as this map does have a lot of entrances and go-around paths, so your team can circle around the enemy and get a few clean kills with 0 damage taken.

mexico plateu

As a man who was never a fan of cartoonish game graphics, I was pleasantly surprised when I started Gods of Boom for the first time. I didn’t mind it looked cartoonish, and after some time it grows on you. You start to like it, and with every new map, you like it even more. I started noticing every detail, uncovering a whole new level of beauty in this game. Mexico Plateau is a new map in GoB, and it has a night setting. Night maps have some spectral vibe in Gob. It is a large capture the flag map, set in the Mexico village. The map is well balanced, any type of weapon is usable.


Mexico Plateau is one of those Sniper scenarios where shooting your enemies from afar will be most efficient. It’s a map that implements the idea of rooftop shootouts and that’s why shotguns are rarely a go-to weapon here.


Shotguns should keep their distance from open areas where snipers can easily take them down. If you’re a shotgun player on this map you should keep your feet inside of the houses or right next to the ledges so you can have a chance of catching someone off-guard. This type of play on this map is a “High Risk – High Reward” type of deal since if you do manage to sneak behind on the enemy’s rooftop you can get a bunch of easy kills on snipers.

Assault Rifles I would say are least useful on this map since this map tends to be either close battle or battle from afar. You could pick a few mid-range combat scenarios but you’ll most likely be taken down by shotguns rushing at you or snipers.

Rifles (Snipers) Are definitely most useful on this map as mentioned above. The whole rooftop setting encourages long-range combat and the team with the better sniper players wins.

Machine Guns can be useful however, again, snipers are way too much of a threat, you will rarely have enough time to get a decent amount of points. Even if you’re camping 1 spot you won’t have a lot of enemy traffic since most of the enemies will be on rooftops anyway.


This map is very 1-sided towards sniper rifles and getting a good rifle and practicing your aim is recommended.

mexico village

Two mariachis were sitting under a tree after a bottle of tequila. “Hey Pablo, are you still a lady killer like you used to be?” “No man, you know what I’m good at now? Gods of Boom. It requires a lot less money, and I get to shoot people. ” So the two friends pulled up their smartphones and killed each other for the rest of their days.


There are 3 key spots on Mexico Village where most of the fighting takes place.
Dividing your team of 4 players into a formation so that:
1 player goes Upper side or “Rock”,
1 player goes Mid side or “Door” and
2 other players go to The Bottom Side.
That way you can create a crossfire from all angles and it will be very difficult for an unorganized enemy team to crush your position.


A Sniper Rifle is very useful on Topside or “Rock” because the player on this spot will have a long diagonal view onto the bottom side and a mid-range view into the door, therefore utilizing his weapon’s strength.
Assault Rifles are best utilized on the bottom side, however, you can choose to rush head-on into the enemy with a Shotgun or Machine Gun.
Heavy machinery, sniper rifles, assault rifles, shotguns… Any of these can go into the middle of the map on the Door it all depends on the rest of your teams’ weapons. For example, if you have a Machine Gun and an Assault Rifle on Bottom side, you can pick a Shotgun on Mid and rush straight for the enemies door resulting in surprisingly easy kills on players peeking with an Assault Rifle or a Sniper


Mexico Village is a crossfire-type map where gear organization and tactics have a heavy impact on the outcome of the match. Utilize your weapons strengths by going to a part that suits its ideal range.

military warehouse


Military Warehouse is one of those balanced maps where no weapon, in particular, stands out. If you are playing a recon, your choice is simple you can either go all the way left of all the way right. Don’t go through the middle, you don’t want close-range combat. Always be aware where your teammates are and watch out if the middle is exposed so you don’t get flanked. As for machine guns, I would recommend the same tactic with the exception of going only right. There is a platform you can use to cover yourself while shooting incoming enemies. The bonus is, if the enemy is hugging their left wall and try to go through the doors you’ll see their lower side of the body, and you can shoot before they even see you. Assault rifle and shotgun wielders are the most effective if they go through the middle. That way you are not targetable until you get in the shooting range yourself, and you can flank unaware enemies with ease.


Roles-wise this map is similar to the “Old Factory”.

Assault Rifles and Rifles will play the biggest role from the rooftops and picking the long-range shots. Preventing enemies from entering into close range with shotguns is crucial to maintaining this type of play.

Shotguns – If you want to try out your luck a bit and try to get into the close range you can do so. It’s pretty effective on this map and you can gain a bunch of points doing so.

mountain cableway

Mountain Cableway is a New Year Event map that comes around every season. It is played in King of the Hill mode, and some of the players consider it to be the hardest map in Gods of Boom.


As on all King of the Hill maps, this one also demands precise and efficient teamplay. Whatever your weapon choice might be, and the map supports nearly every combination equally, the most important task is to coordinate well with your team and drive off the enemy from the elevated area (hill) on which the Control Point is located.


Since close combat is a bit more represented in this mode, using mid-range weapons like assault rifles will be imperative if you are to successfully capture and hold the central point. Also, aggressive play is recommended because it will put the other team under pressure and likely make them take a defensive stance, allowing you to harvest points for a period of time.

Complementing this sort of play includes a good wielding of short-range weapons such as shotguns. If used skillfully and, again, with good team coordination, these weapons will quickly sweep enemy trying to (re)capture the point.

There is also a place for long-range rifles, yet they should also be used aggressively as there is no point in camping in this mode. It can enable you to damage incoming enemy just as much so they arrive without armor to the hill, where they will be met with above mentioned and be (hopefully) quickly sent back to base.


It wouldn’t hurt to yet again stress the importance of coordinated teamplay on the King of the Hill maps such as this. Even if your enemy is more skilled in weapon use and better equipped – you can still win the game by surprising them with your aggressiveness, good positioning and by covering your teammates.

mountain chalet

Another map from the holiday event series is the Mountain Chalet. It is set on a mountaintop, with chalets included of course, and is made for the Escort the Payload game mode. The peculiar thing about this map is that, after playing for some time, one experiences a growing urge to pack his stuff and head for mountains.


Escorting or stopping a payload on this map will be (rest assured) packed with lots of action because this is a relatively small map. The length that the cargo has to cover is the same as on every map, but except for two small main buildings (chalets), there is nothing else but an open and narrow snowy terrain. Ambushes can be set, yet these actions must be done precisely and quickly, considering that the enemy is practically “right behind the corner”.


Since the close-combat will be most frequent here, good utilization of shotguns is required in order to achieve victory. Beware of the stone obstacles because more often than not, behind one lies a considerable amount of firepower.

Assault rifles and even Machine guns, due to their rapid-fire rate, are also very useful here, especially in those rare situations when the enemy is (slightly) out of range for shotguns. There are several good spots for providing covering fire especially if you are on the defending side.

The least represented weapons on this map would be the Sniper Rifles. There are places where one can find a good position for sniping, but the enemy can storm that position(s) quickly. Usually, it is good to fire a few shots when the enemy is busy fighting your teammates or yet unaware of your location and then storming out with a more versatile weapon.


Whether you’re attacking or defending, expect a good amount of close combat. Setting an ambush takes a form of art on this map, so don’t be discouraged if it fails often. If using knives is your weak spot, this map will provide an abundance of opportunities for improvement.

old factory


An interesting map to play, there is something for every weapon class. You can play with rifles on 2 elevated positions, close to the spawn points of both blue and the red team. Go right and up the platform and stand behind the boxes. 90 % of snipers camp that position on this map. You could play with machine guns on a few possible spots, try to stay behind the barrels and boxes. With shotguns and assault rifles, you’ll see a lot of action. If you manage to get through you could try and flank the snipers for some free kills.


Shotguns – Shotguns have a big impact on the game once they’re inside the factory. A lot of close-range battles in here will result in the victory of the guy who can dish out the most damage in the shortest amount of time.
Assault Rifles – Huge impact outside the factory. There is a lot of cross-fire and a big magazine will help as well as a good aim.
Rifles (Snipers) – At least 1 sniper in a team on this map is recommended. With a sniper, you will be able to take quite a bit of shotguns trying to enter the building. Positioning yourself on the roofs or the pipes will give you the most advantage.
Machine guns – Good for camping however it’s recommended to stick to Rifles and Assault Rifles even when defending since there are a lot of angles to cover.

paradise island

Pack your undies, some sunscreen lotion, and water pistols. It’s a vacation of your dreams. A lot of great stuff to do, swimming, fishing and manhunt in this Paradise on Earth. Just watch out for the sand. It can get everywhere.


Paradise Island is a map that supports mid-range combat the most, and after that goes long-range combat. Some general tips would be to get behind the stones for cover and stick to the side passage on the map to avoid getting sniped from a long distance, this is if you’re rolling with assault rifles for example.


Shotguns really struggle on this map because of the design, most of the combat is mid-range or long-range so getting into the right position can be difficult. However, if you’ve infiltrated the enemy side you can pull out your shotgun and easily get a few surprise kills.

Assault Rifles I would say are most useful here because there is enough cover to protect you from Snipers and there is enough space to protect you from shotguns.

Rifles (Snipers) are definitely a go here. Grabbing the numerous long-range angles on this map will prove beneficial for sure.


Have you ever been to New York? Yeah, me neither. But you must have seen those skyscrapers towering over the city. Now imagine having a sniper rifle, standing on top of a building and shooting people down. But they also have a sniper rifle and can shoot back. Poetry.


Skyscrapers is a map in a New-York setting and as you can imagine, there are lots of roofs and ledges that you can make use of with Rifles and Assault Rifles to kill your opponents easily. Being on the move knowing the camping spots will help you achieve Victory.


Shotguns have the least impact since most of the battle is Middle or Long range.

Rifles and Assault Rifles – Snipers should take positions on higher altitude like on a roof or a ledge. Thankfully there are loads of those so you won’t have a lot of trouble finding your ideal camping spots. Just make sure you occasionally check your back and side.
Assault Rifles should keep an eye on rooftops and keep close to walls while battling enemies from multiple angles.

Machine Guns – Machine Guns can be useful here however I would always prefer Assault Rifles to Machine guns on this map.

subway station

Thomas was just another train roaming the track happily with his buddies until one day he got infested by humans. They were farting, coughing and did all the nasty stuff inside him that Thomas didn’t like. Every day he prayed to the train God Choo Choo for it to stop. One day humans got into a fight and started shooting each other with their nasty toys. His prayers were answered! Thomas cooked himself a large bowl of train oil soup and watched the match with a happy face again.


Subway Station is one of those rare point control maps that actually support sniper rifles. Long railtrack tunnels will make for a lot of long-range shots and there is very little cover compared to some other maps.


Shotguns have little to no efficiency when taking a point or protecting it, you will almost always be taken down from afar or you will take others from afar.

Therefore Rifles and Assault rifles are definitely most useful here

wild west railroad

This is a comeback map that was originally intended for the King of the Hill mode but was later removed due to its vastness and asymmetrical shape that deterred players from achieving map objectives. Now, with the advent of the new Bounty Hunt Mode, it has been brought back once again.


The main objective of the Bounty Hunt mode is to amass Orbs (by killing enemies with lots of Orbs) and preserve them (by surviving and protecting teammates with lots of Orbs). Any location on the map can be used as an ambush site or a defending point.


There will be a lot of close combat in order to collect and defend the Orbs, so the combination of Shotguns and Assault Rifles seem to be the best option in this situation.

Since this is quite a large map, you can assign one teammate as a Sniper that can try to land a few shots on the enemy before they come in a range of other members.

Heavy Machineguns are also quite effective here, especially in defending the “Orb Mule”.


The most valuable asset on this map is, again – Team Play. If you and your team can coordinate well, quickly set up ambushes and fiercely defend the proximity of the one with the highest amount of Orbs – you will surely be a tough nut to crack.

wild west saloon

This one reminds me of a guy named Clint and a good old standoff. Too bad that time is over. We are lucky to be able to relive it through this awesome map. See you at the saloon for a pint when it’s over.


Saloon is a point capture map (A, B, C). The map is pretty balanced overall and you can use any weapon really, you just have to adapt it to your play-style. Lots of ledges to climb on and surprise your opponents from which means shotguns are the most “troll” weapon here!


Shotguns – Shotguns have a big role here since there is a lot of obstacles and cover that you can use to your advantage when you approach a point. Jumping overhead players who are camping and defending a point is very common here and you should utilize this as much as you can.

Machine Guns – Machine guns almost always have a heavy impact on Point Capture maps. Camping spots while being wary of your above is very rewarding and you can get a lot of points for your team this way.

Assault Rifles – Assault Rifles do have a role however you have to keep out of houses and tight spaces because shotguns will solo you anytime in that type of scenario.

Rifles (Snipers) – Possible and efficient to play however it’s a bit harder than playing the other weapons since you do need to know all the rooftops, angles and spots between which you have to constantly switch view to stop enemies that are trying to rush you. 

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