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Welcome to our King’s Raid Tier List and top 15 PvE and PvP Heroes selection. The Heroes on the list are ranked alphabetically, considering their overall end-game performance with their respective ultimate weapons. So, let’s get started!

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Champions ranked for every game mode…


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Our current top picks for the PvE part of the game…

kings raid tier list and best champions

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Annette’s fourth skill Charge can affect all other skills. When activated she gains a stack of Charge every half a second and gains 10 stacks of Charge for every orb of mana used. Upon 100th Charge stacked she enters into Overcharge state. In Overcharge, every skill effect is increased while their cooldown is decreased after each auto-attack. Annette’s first skill Blasting ray gives her enemies a weakness to magic damage. Emergency treatment dispels negative effects from all allies, heals and gives them resistance to CC. When Overcharged, this skill along with all mentioned effects gains an additional buff to her Crit chance. The Process of Elimination gives enemies a lot of Magic Damage. In Overcharge, along with magic damage, she stuns enemies as well. Overall, Anete is a solid support hero, best for Amping and giving her allies immunity to CC which gives her a place on our King’s Raid tier list.


Artemia’s Pillar of Light is a great option against a dangerous, single opponent because it hits hard and reduces attack damage. Critical Intensity has similar power but with increased critical damage, and targets all enemies in front of the caster, in a straight line. Light’s Judgement hits all enemies 3 times, dealing huge amounts of damage, and stunning them. The downside of this skill is a very long cooldown, but it gets reduced for each enemy killed with Light’s Judgement, so the more enemies die to this skill the sooner it can be used again. Blessing of Light will passively increase her attack, while also further increasing her damage dealt and reducing damage received in PvE mode. Artemia is one of the best PvE heroes and she has rightfully earned her place in our King’s Raid Tier list.


Fire Needle is her single-target attack of solid power that also helps her recover some mana. Fire Ball has solid AoE and a stun effect, but her true power lies in Fire Rain that absolutely devastates all enemies on screen, with the possibility of dealing increased damage on a critical hit. All in all, Cleo will work great against large groups of enemies, turning them into dust with her powerful Fire Rain spell, and that earns her a spot on our top 15 King’s Raid Tier List.


A teleporting assassin that is a lot of trouble for the enemy units in the background. Her first skill Absorbing Blow helps healers do their job easier by healing herself for a part of the damage dealt to enemies. Nightmare skill gives her the possibility to go behind the enemy lines and attack them from behind. Along with dealing magic damage, she makes her enemies more vulnerable to magic damage. While Epis uses Devil’s Prom she is immune to CC. Passive Harvest amps up her attacks and gives her cooldown reduction for all her skills. Nightmare makes her useful against the enemy healers and ranged units earning Epis a place on our Tier List.


Erze is one of the best assassins, capable of hitting multiple opponents, while also healing herself with Sweet Blood and Soaking Blood. Sweet Blood is a solid AoE skill, that can be used quite often since it has a very short cooldown and it works best against a group when you can hit 5 or more opponents. When that happens it will grant an instant double hit on the second use of this skill. Sweet Blood will also heal Erze a part of the total damage dealt, improving her survivability. Soaking Blood can be used to heal Erze if her HP starts dropping, however, it’s a good idea to use this skill sooner rather than later since the heal will not activate immediately after casting it. Blood Liberation is another solid AoE ability and can be used to remove CC effects, while Life Drinker boosts her attack and HP with each slain enemy. In short, Erze will shine against large mobs of weaker enemies and won’t be nearly as effective against one or two strong opponents. Still, this makes Erze one of the best anti-mob PvE heroes, and that’s why she’s on our Tier List.


Miraculous Light can heal an ally with lowest HP, probably saving them from death, but more importantly, she can quickly protect the whole team with Blessing of Light, while also granting them immunity to CC. Heaven’s Vengeance is her main offensive tool, as it hits hard, blinds and amplifies the damage that targets take. On top of that, Goddess Grace skill can save a team member in trouble. Frey is a very interesting hero who found her spot on King’s Raid Tier List for a reason.


Her first skill has solid DPS, and it strikes enemies 7 times, increasing damage with each strike – this especially useful in PvE because of the additional damage bonus. The second and third ability will strike all nearby enemies while also stunning, knocking them down or dispelling negative effects from allies. Pride of Imperial Knights increases the attack of all allies  – it’s extremely useful, especially in PvE, because here it also grants a bonus to both damage and damage reduction. Glenwys one of the more versatile Heroes in King’s Raid, and she is one of the best choices for PvE and deserves to be on this Tier list, although she isn’t that great in PvP.


Best Dish removes negative effects from all allies, heals and increases their defenses. On the other hand, Power Up will grant a protective shield, CC immunity and one mana orb to the team member with lowest HP, possibly saving him from death. Cook From Hell will heal and clear Juno, and also change Best Dish and Power Up to more offensive spell versions meant to harm their enemies, rather than help her allies. The ability to be a great team supporter or to debuff enemies, depending on the situation, earns Juno a place on our Tier List.


Kirze is a hero who is best used for crowd control in PVE. Her first skill Slash, Blade of judgment attacks nearby enemies in a circular range of herself. After the initial attack, she attacks enemies in the front row knocking them down. Her second skill Disperse, Crystal Haze! Stuns enemies while activating Arcane Crystal Awakening, which increases the attack speed of her allies and releases shockwaves every couple of seconds (each shockwave stuns enemies repeatedly). Bloom, Crimson Flower puts a curse on enemies reducing their attack speed, and after the curse runs out it explodes damaging the enemies further. End of Evil Deeds not only boosts your attack damage and Crit Chance but it also increases the duration of CCs that all allies inflict on Bosses. Kirze is a great addition against any Bosses in PvE and that gives her the rightful spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.


He is a very good damage dealer. Rapid-fire pushes back enemies and if they are not heroes he stuns them. Smoke Bomb makes enemies weaker to physical damage and blinds them. Glue bomb inflicts a lot of damage and stuns its targets. With Load Cannon each auto-attack has a chance of firing a bomb that stuns enemies. Lakrak might not have as much utility as Miruru but he makes up for it in damage. Because of his damage-output, we think that he deserves a spot on the top 15 best PvE Heroes Tier list.


All her skills cost a little amount of mana and deal decent damage. Pew! Is a bouncing orb that damages four enemies in a straight line – the further it goes more damage it deals. Look out above! attacks enemies furthest away from her, dealing biggest damage for those most distant to Luna. Gotcha! dispels CC negative effects on her and attacks the farthest enemy stunning it for a short amount of time. Outside of attacking enemies farthest away from her, she can reduce an enemy’s chance to deal criticals to zero by using Twinkle Twinkle. She gives healers and ranged enemies a lot of trouble and for this, she earns a place in our Tier list.


Neraxis is one of the best magic tanks. He is very versatile, having both offensive and defensive skills. Black Lightning Claw is a very good for crowd control, as it stuns the enemies and also slows down their attack speed, improving the survivability of your team. Obsidian Roar benefits the whole team by buffing attack and defenses while damaging opponents and debuffing their offensive capability. Breath of destruction is solid for offense, as it hits hard, stuns and reduces their M.Def, but the downside is high cost and long cooldown time. Black Dragon Hide makes Neraxis one of the toughest characters in King’s Raid and earns him a place on our Tier list.


Phillop can knockdown enemies with Collision and knock them back with Head Butt while also debuffing their attack speed. This skill is making him a solid option for crowd control. Even more impressive is his Earth Incarnate that heals him and improves both defenses. Destroy Armor does exactly what you would expect, it reduces P.Def of every enemy that Phillop hits, thus increasing the P.Dam of the rest of the team against that target. Philop can do a lot of useful things and that earns him a spot in our Top 15 Tier List.


Theo can both DPS and CC. Final Crash hits the opponents quite hard and, more importantly, can significantly boost up Theo’s critical damage. However, his DPS (and stun) depends on RNG, as a lot of it comes from For Jane passive that has a chance to activate with each auto-attack. God of Lightning increases this probability and amplifies Magic Damage that opponents take. Although he is a bit RNG dependant, we feel that Theo deserves a place on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Zafir can use Judgement of the Desert to hit multiple opponents and buff up his critical damage up to 18 times, so spamming this skill is a good idea. Blessing of the Sand Spirit will create a shield around low HP ally, while more stacks of Judgement of the Desert can be gained just by using auto-attack, due to Calling of the Guardian. His third skill, Mark of Desert can help out the whole team since it reduces enemy P. Defense. All in all, Zafir is a very good AoE DPS hero that excels against larger groups, debuffs their P.Defense and can also protect one of his allies. His usefulness is obvious and he takes a rightful spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Our current top picks for the PvP part of the game…

kings raid tier list and best champions

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Due to his Holy Sanctuary skill which grants invincibility to all allies and heals, Badouin is very useful in PvP battles. With Holy Nova, he heals an ally with the lowest health points and everyone nearby while he deals magic damage to enemies and slowing their attacks. Spear of light Inflicts knockback and shackles the target enemy. For the duration of shackling targeted enemies have a susceptibility to Magic damage. In short, he could be explained like a PvP healer that grants invincibility which can easily change the tide of a match and because of that he takes a place in our King’s Raid PvP tier list.


Cain The Immortal God-King is a unique hero because he has two modes of fighting – ”God-King” and ”Tyrant” mode that is activated through the use of skill Behold my Might. In God-King form, his skills are Tremble and Gaze Upon My Almighty Power! With Tremble Cain heals an ally with lowest HP, gives him an irremovable buff and immunity to CC. With Gaze Upon My Almighty Power! he buffs the defense of all allies. In Tyrant’s form, he constantly attacks his target and deals physical damage. Skill Tremble turns to Kneel and Gaze Upon My Almighty Power! turns to Now Die. Kneel is where he attacks the target with the highest attack rate and reduces their attack speed. With Now Die he summons the Gate of Hell dealing physical damage to enemies and pulling them to the center of the map – this can be detrimental to your allies, so be careful when you use this skill. Cain can be the main/sub damage dealer or support, it all depends on how you build him. He shines best in a Physical team, especially in Tyrant mode. This mode gives him indefinite CC immunity which makes him great for PVP battles and that’s what earns him a place in our King’s Raid tier list.


Cecilia can absolutely destroy one enemy in the backline, by stunning and dealing enormous damage with her 3 phase ability Oughta the Way! -> Crushing Kick -> Tempest Kick! Infinite Potential will strike all nearby enemies, knocking them down, while boosting her attack speed and attack damage (higher attack bonus in PvE). Cecilia’s third skill hits very hard in two stages, while also knocking down and stunning the enemies. Inborn Talent increases her defense and, more importantly, critical rate, passively improving Cecilia’s DPS. This Hero can dish out serious punishment with critical hits and she deserves a place in our Tier List.


Dosarta’s first ability increases CC resistance of all allies and can greatly disrupt the enemy team by blocking their Mana regeneration and increasing their vulnerability to magic damage. She can also remove all negative effects and improve P.Def of team members with On Guard! Her third ability is great against single targets but it will also group up enemies in one spot. With her passive, she can last longer in battle and spam skills more often, which earns her a place among the top 15 Heroes in our King’s Raid Tier list.


Tempest skill is a straight-up damage ability that hits the main target and all enemies near it three times. Fluss is great against the enemies with a high magic attack since his Flash Step can silence them, increasing his own damage reduction at the same time and marking the target. If that’s not enough to finish off annoying spellcaster, the Bloody Petals skill is there to finish the job. Fluss also has Spell Cutter passive to immediately strikes back anyone that hits him with M.Dam, while granting Fluss the ability to dodge this type of attack for several seconds. For apparent reasons, Fluss deserves a place on top 15 King’s Raid tier list.


Cut the Ground benefits the whole team as it disables opponents while also amplifying P.Dam they take. Shrouding Creed is useful in PvE and PvP as it removes negative effects, grants temporary immunity to CC, and reduces damage received. Knight’s Creed is his main offensive skill that can devastate several enemies. The Last Gatekeeper provides passive attack reduction debuff. All of that versatility earns him a spot on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Mirianne’s Target Lock On targets and attacks three times the enemy with lowest M.Def, inflicting Target Lock On and reducing M.Block rate. Target Eliminated Passive further buffs up the damage against the enemy that’s under the influence of Target Lock On, enabling her to quickly burst down the enemy. After that, she could use Assassination to finish up a low health enemy, automatically activating Restrain and Protect, and shielding one of your allies. Mirianne can quickly assassinate the enemy with the lowest M.Def, and that earns her position on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Her first skill will hit everyone on the opposing team with solid force and push them back. However, Roll Over will hit all frontal enemies three times, knocking them down with each hit, and denying them the opportunity to retaliate, making it her most important skill. Miruru’s Pirates is her AoE, high P.Dam skill that also slows down enemy attack speed. All in all, Miruru has is solid DPS and CC Hero and deserves a spot on our Tier list.


Nickies Mace of Rehabilitation stuns and disarms her enemies. Merciless Gale is great for crowd control since she stuns enemies in a circle around her each time she hits them. Last Execution gives her an increase to ACC and CC Accuracy while she deals physical damage and knocks enemies down. Her passive, Massacre Instinct Increases Crit Chance and if her HP drops too low Cruel Madness gets activated which gives her more attack points, attack speed reduced damage received and grants immunity to CC which makes her a force to be reckoned with in PvP. Because of all of this, we think that Nicky deserves a place on our tier list.


He is very useful in fighting multiple enemies. With Dimension Blade he deals physical damage to target enemies and after each hit, he gains 1 stack of Dimension Blade for every enemy he hits. The number of targets increases depending on the number of Dimension Blade stacks. Dimension Blade can be stacked up to 5 times. Dimension Cleaver dispels all the positive effects of a targeted enemy. Infinity Blades deals damage to frontal enemies and the last attack concentrates on one or multiple enemies depending on the number of Blade stacks. He has unlimited AoE and excels against multiple enemies which makes him a great hero for PvP and gives him a place on our Tier list.


Each one of her skills is a card that has an effect on its own and an additional effect depending on which card was used the previous time. Additional effects are as follows: Card of Death gives some sort of increase to damage dealt, Card of Love spreads buffs/debuffs over a whole group of people, if positive then she buffs allies, if negative she debuffs enemies. And each time she uses the Card of Fortune, the cooldown on that skill is annulled. Skill Card of Death – Carta deals magic damage and stuns enemies, Card of Love – Elliciad increases attack and Mana recovery. Card of Fortune – Vellekia attacks the target and enemies around it. This attack cannot miss and deals 100% critical damage. Her passive Pathfinder of Fate increases attack damage and Crit Chance. She enhances attack damage of allies, dispels positive effects from enemies and deals instant damage. This master of fate definitely deserves a spot on our Tier list.


Rephy, with Healing Soul, can help out party by providing a solid amount of almost constant healing (that can’t be dispelled), while his other support ability, Salvation, can cleanse the whole party and provide some magic defense. Slourish is both offensive and defensive in nature, as it strikes enemies 10 times but also reduces their attack speed, improving the team survivability. On top of that, Spiritual Tuning will heal the ally with the lowest Hp also granting that ally 1 mana orb. All this makes Rephy one of the best supporters for keeping party members alive and gets him a spot on our King’s Raid Tier List.


Tears of Mr. Python can really disrupt the opponent’s game plan, since it hits two targets, disabling Mana recovery and amplifying damage taken  – since it can’t be dispelled and it preventing two heroes from using their abilities, even for such short duration, this ability can be huge in PvP. Screechy Grass Extract is a solid debuff that can work very well against the arena burst team, by reducing their critical chance and attack. Her third skill is very useful in prolonged battles, as it doubles the effect of the first two skills and passive. This ability also increases the number of targets of effected skills by 1. Requina’s low-cost Mr. Python can be used to easily gain the advantage at the start of the match. All this combined grants her a place on our King’s Raid Tier list.


She excels at the Arena! Justice served! dispels all negative effects dealt on allies and dispells all positive effects on enemies while dealing damage to them. With Halt! Scarlet attacks all frontal enemies knocking them down while healing herself from the damage dealt. Sword of Honor! attacks an enemy 3 times and blasts other enemies behind in a straight line blinding them in the process. Her passive Goddess of War increases Crit Resistance. She can cast Justice served! even when CC’d, potentially turning the tide of the fight, and that grants her a place on our King’s Raid Tier list.


Sonia’s first two skills can disrupt the enemy team by constantly stunning them while buffing her own attack and defense. Electric Explosion is her nuke skill that also stuns (big surprise here) all enemies. Shock can greatly increase the effectiveness of her other skills, making her one of the top Heroes on our Tier List.

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