Project TL

Project TL – The Lineage Saga Continues

Behind the cryptic, almost coded name Project TL actually hides a franchise that’s well known to all aficionados of great MMORPG action – NCsoft’s Lineage. To be more exact, this TL part actually means The Lineage and this game is envisioned as a sequel of the first title in the series. Project TL was initially announced back in 2011 as Lineage Eternal. However, that particular incarnation of this massively appreciated franchise was ultimately canceled due to a number of problems related to production and the game design process which, according to all the reports, had many issues. Admittedly, while at the time that sounded like a devastating decision to all fans who rejoiced at the thought that they’ll journey through an interesting medieval world and lay siege to mighty castles once again, that actually might be the best thing for the much-needed revitalization of the Lineage series – at least judging by the phenomenal trailer and promos that promise a Diablo quality action and excellent visuals based on the Unreal 4 engine.

Project TL – The Lineage SagaUnfortunately, the fact that Project TL will be a sequel to the first game in the franchise (some even say a remake, but that’s perhaps a bit far-fetched) is just about the only thing we know about it, and any details of the story, characters, their motivations, and backgrounds, are still left unspecified by the famous South Korean developer. However, we do know something about other features of the game. First of all, you’ll be able to choose from a range of 5 playable classes, which will be open to further customization. What are they exactly, we still don’t quite know yet, but, if the trailer is to be trusted, we’ll probably have the opportunity to play more or less standard cast of might, magic, ranger and rogue heroes, with a few hybrid classes in between, for those players who like to experiment and combine the play mechanics of different classes.

First of all, we have what seems to be an archetypal knight class, armed with a sword and shield as a default combination, which promises a nice balance between offensive and defensive capabilities. Later in the game, he’ll perhaps also be able to carry two-handed weapons, although that might be left to a barbarian type class or something similar. The trailer also shows that the broad-shouldered knight will also wield several special attacks – a movement not unlike “Grappling Chain” from Dragon Age (which will allow the knight to pierce and pull opponents or parts of the environment such as pillars towards you), a powerful jumping attack which targets multiple enemies, as well as some sort of charge movement which grants you tremendous speed and power.

The other character featured in the trailer is a sorceress, designed with the inevitably eroticised look, as a tribute to the Far Eastern aesthetics. Of course, besides her feminine wiles, she’ll also have a powerful assortment of movements and spells under her command. Besides basic magical attack, she will have her own version of magical slam attack, with potent dispersive effect and will be able to do other spectacular things, like dash lightning-fast across the battlefield.

As for the visual component, you’re in for a treat. The gorgeous graphics places Project TL shoulder to shoulder with the best looking games of isometric RPG genre, and it’s evident that the action itself will be tremendously satisfying, with plenty of things, objects, and structures that can be demolished during the battle. The game will be officially released next year, so be on the lookout for the title which promises to become the best chapter yet in the ongoing Lineage saga.