PS4 Remote Play is available on iOS

Consoles and mobile devices are slowly merging into one, which is accentuated by streaming services which allow you to play console games on mobile devices. One of these services is PS4 remote play, which allows Playing PlayStation 4 games on your iPhone or iPad. The main question is how good is the experience of playing console games on a mobile phone. But we’ll get on that later.

At first, Remote Play was an option on PS Vita, which let players stream everything from PS4 to Vita for portable play. The only limitation is that you had to be in the same building as the console, so you could connect Vita and PS4 over Wi-Fi. The version for iOS works in a similar fashion, just instead of a handheld console, you will get quite a convoluted control method with the whole bunch of virtual buttons and joysticks that will pose more challenge than any opponent you’d meet in the games.

Technology wise everything works alright, with a reasonable Wi-Fi connection. There were some stuttering and lag, but the overall quality of the transmission held strong and games were pretty playable. On the other hand, virtual controls are horrid. The controller was mapped on a flat surface which makes you play your screen like a piano. Buttons feel unresponsive, and making some complicated maneuver, like performing combination in Tekken 7 is basically impossible. Furthermore, playing games with complex configurations which require the press of multiple buttons like Red Dead Redemption 2 are still in the domain of not likely.

ps4 remote play

However, you can play games that are turn-based add visual novels easily, so if you prefer to take Persona 5 to bed, that’s quite achievable. But any game that requires immediate action and reflexes is out of the question. If Sony only made the support for Bluetooth controllers or made PS4 controllers work with an iPad we will have a revolutionary device in our hands. The only way to do this is to jailbreak your device.

PS4 Remote is still quite convenient for some people. The new generations of gamers got used to mobile controls and they played games better than we could even with the controller. If you’re willing to adapt to a new control scheme, this might be a good feature for you to make your gaming experience more flexible.