PUBG 0.13.0

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta is here and it brings us the Team Deathmatch

Patch 0.13.0 for PUBG Mobile had just hit beta on Android with a lot of new interesting changes and tweaks. There are several changes coming to Survive Till Dawn. Tyrant, Licker and some of the other enemies are removed, while 4 additional types of zombies are added to this mode. Also, this patch introduces the Abandoned Factory featuring new boss.

Perhaps, the most exciting addition to the game is the Team Deathmatch mode. This exciting new mode is playable in both third and first person perspective. Also, this update features a lot of tweaks and improvements. The first-person gameplay will feature some new control settings, which will definitely improve the players’ experience. Also, in this patch, players will now leave their footprints while moving in the snow, which is an interesting change that will surely make an impact on the gameplay.

Other than that, a lot of the players are excited about the new Godzilla event. As some of may already know, after the success of the collaboration with Resident Evil 2, PUBG Mobile is doing a crossover event with Godzilla: King of the Monsters. While the players won’t be able to play as the gigantic monstrous creature, they will be able to find the traces of it and there are some interesting silhouettes seen far in the distance.

One thing’s for sure, this new update will definitely improve the gameplay experience and the new Godzilla event is more than likely going to draw in a lot of players. In other words, pure win!