We talk about Tencent often, I know, but you cannot dodge writing about them when they are by far the largest company in the mobile gaming world. Even though Rules of Survival, Knives Outand a few other PUBG clones got released before the mobile version of the said game, Tencentgrabbed the opportunity and buy the right to release it for mobile themselves.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has recently surfaced on mobile devices (still in Beta though; we are yet to see the ver 1.0 build). Needless to say, it got millions of pre-registrations, and no matter how much players Rules of Survival already captured, PUBG has more, which isn’t strange when you think about, especially since this mobile version is free, unlike the PC version where the cost is $30 on Steam.

Two days ago, PUBG Mobile got patched – an update which already gave us a new mode called the Arcade mode and some new content. The team behind the game is obviously working around the clock. This new mode has a lot fewer players – 28 to be exact and weapons are randomized based on their variation. These variations include: melee weapons alone, pistols only, all weapons, only shotguns, only sniper rifles and finally, the mysterious item heaven.

The update also gave us something to remind us of the PC PUBG and its origin, DayZ mod – dusk setting. We also got the training grounds, which is great for new players. Besides this, the update also got us lots of new settings and better optimization.