Well aren’t we full of Tencent talks today. Their games keep trending, so it’s only natural, I suppose. Announced on June 20th, PUBG Mobile version 0.6.0 landed yesterday. Since there are around 50 million copies sold on Steam and Xbox One, there are, oh, just about 350 million players enjoying the game on their mobile devices. Imagine that, a game having more than 400 million players. Statistically, there are 227 million players per month and more than 88 million players that log into the game on a daily basis, and that’s absolutely insane. Greene, the original mastermind behind the game and the ARMA mod before it, said that PUBG sold 50 million copies during its first year on the market.

But we came to talk about the update, so let’s stick to that. So what is new? Where do I start… maybe with the announcement trailer for the patch?


Quite an update, isn’t it? With PUBG on PC getting a new map (happened just yesterday), their mobile cousins couldn’t be left behind. In that light, we are getting a brand new mode, new perspective (first person) and some new rewards, brand new ways to unlock cosmetics etc. The last big update was the new desert map, Miramar, for version 0.5.0 and this one isn’t any less impressive. The first person view is available in Classic mode, and that is something the fans have been asking for quite a while. I am personally not digging it, but I have always been the third person guy, so what do I know.

A Royale Pass is a new type of progression system, something that the mobile version implemented earlier than its PC counterpart. Funnily enough, it looks as if Tencent one-upped Brendan Greene and his original game, because the PC version has announced an Event Pass which should work similarly. The Royale pass gives you sort of a daily quest type of thing where you complete the challenge given to you that day and bump up your rank. Earning these ranks lets you in some crates and their sweet rewards, so log into the game daily if you want to stay on top. There are weekly challenges as well, so keep an eye for them too. And that’s not all, apparently, as Tencent said that the player who has the highest rank in Royale Pass will be the one who decides the starting plane’s skin, and that’s a pretty cunning way to make your players compete for the rank.



And that’s not even close to everything, let alone the main feature of the update. We will be getting a new Mini-Zone Arcade mode game. How does it work? Now listen to this – all of the players, meaning a hundred of them, are dropped into a lot smaller area than usual – with no less than triple the number of weapons that can be found. I imagine that the matches will be a lot shorter, but also far more chaotic and action-packed. I can already see people shooting all over the place, and I love the idea. Though I suppose it subtracts from the game’s tactical moment quite a bit, but it’s there for those who are interested.

There are some new weapons and items, and of course, emotes. It is now possible to (finally) see weapon stats and choose your best fit accordingly in the Armory. So what do you guys think? I think that I can’t wait to see what the game will look like once it’s finally released, because these updates sure bring a lot to the table, and the whole package should be just an amazing experience.