QubeTown – town builder and farming simulator


One of the video game genres which really came to its own on mobile is so-called City games. These simplified manager simulations mesmerize players with their branching options, cute characters, and immersive gameplay. QubeTown is a game like that, giving you the chance to make a town full of cute cubic characters and animals.

This game brings the old-fashioned town management and gives it a little fantasy twist. At its core, QubeTown is a casual building simulation, in which players’ task is to create their utopia by constructing buildings, planting crops and trading with neighbors. However, that is not all because this game also introduces some fantasy elements to the city building formula.  

In the QubeTown every day is an exciting adventure on its own. The basic product making is farming, both crops, and livestock. You can even have pets on your farm, and crops you can grow are ranging from wheat to cotton. In order to turn your crops into the tradeable items, you can build bakeries and dessert shops. Concerning the trade, you can exchange your goods with your friends or with cute anthropomorphic animal characters in exchange for quests.

QubeTown Farming Game

You can expand your property with the gold made from completing quests and trading. You have also the protective duty which obliges you to save your citizens from trolls bent on destroying your town. The interesting aspect of the game is customization. For the beginning, you can customize your Lord or Lady with a plethora of costumes and hairstyles, making unique and cool combinations. You can also decorate your village with sculptures and other kinds of placemarks.  

QubeTown Building A City

You can hire help for your town building adventure in form of citizens and heroes, but you can also socialize with friends by joining cooperating Guilds and playing mini-games. There is the exploration aspect too, during which you can reveal the history of QubeTown, with the help of citizens and animals. Together with them you can explore mysterious dungeons and uncover secrets surrounding the QubeTown. Overall, there are a lot of things to do outside of the core management and building.

This game is an interesting combination of city building, management, exploration, trade, and customization. This is more than enough to deserve a couple of hours of your time.

7.3 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 7
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 7.6