RAID: Shadow Legends – Beginner’s Guide


Plarium’s RAID: Shadow Legends is the latest big-name entry in the increasingly popular MMORPG mobile scene, holding a rating of 4.7 on the App Store so far. The title has been praised for its accessibility, graphics and variety of characters on offer. However, as is common with most role-playing titles, we understand that players may be initially daunted when it comes to learning how to manage resources and level up their heroes. To help you get started, we have prepared this beginner’s guide to RAID.

Mastering the basics

Games like RAID: Shadow Legends rely on regular time investment from you – completing battles, opening chests, spending the in-game currency, etc. For you to get the most out of this MMORPG, you need to spend regular amounts of time playing and forging ahead.

Real-world money may come into play as well via optional purchases that can make your journey easier. These are not required to advance; they simply level up your characters much faster thanks to the powerful items included. These items may require longer play to acquire without spending money, but are achievable goals.

Dungeon battles

Gaining ranks and leveling up your champion’s key to success in RAID: Shadow Legends. Each win in battle will give you various items, such as silver, which is used as the main currency. Each battle will consume energy, though, with dungeon battles requiring a larger investment to attempt. At the same time, these challenges also give better loot upon completion versus regular overworld battles.

Taking advantage of the benefits of dungeon battles will definitely increase your rate of advancement. Just remember the energy used in dungeon battles is much higher.

Managing available resources

Your champions are only one resource that requires managing. Their stats, including weaknesses and strengths, require your attention during battle. Certain character classes are strong against certain monsters and vice versa. Pay attention to this to maximize your success in battles.

Managing your base is also something that requires your attention in succeeding in RAID. Certain buildings and their abilities will become available as you level up. Keep an eye on these as they are integral to your success later.

Controlling the flow of the fight

RAID: Shadow Legends offers you two ways to battle the many enemies that you will face. Manual, where you take control of every step of the fight, and Automatic, which leaves the fights to the computer. One on hand, Automatic can seem like an amazing addition, there are some caveats to its use. The best time to make use of Automatic battles is when you are 100% sure of success with your champions. If you have any doubt on the outcome then take control and manage your team to success.

Don’t rest on your laurels

The challenges presented by RAID: Shadow Legends are constantly improving and changing – partly due to continued development by Plarium and also because other players are improving their champions just like you. This means you will have to continue upgrading your champions and improving your strategy if you want to remain competitive.