Raiders of the North Sea Video Game

Raiders of the North Sea is now available on Mobile, Switch, and Steam

Raiders of the North Sea board game is now adapted and ported to Nintendo Switch, PC, and mobile (both iOS and Android)! This award-winning board game, set in the Viking Age, won over audiences and critics alike and is now adapted to a video game. It is a digital adaptation in all its glory, announced by Dire Wolf who is its developer and publisher, and they are bringing the game to a variety of platforms right from the start.

Raiders of the North Sea video game will see players assemble a longboat outfit and crew, and raid settlements for fame and fortune, just like the Vikings did it! You compete against other tribes to win over the approval of your chieftain and become a legend of the seas, earning a place in Valhalla. The board game won multiple awards for its attractive looks, clever mechanics, and appealing gameplay, and that’s all ported to PC, mobile, and Switch.

The best part about this ambitious project is that it’s set as a cross-platform online edition, so iTunes iOS phones & tablets, Android phones & tablets, Nintendo Switch, and PC users can all share the same game. The adaption was done in a turn-based environment, of course, with a campaign available for single play, AI opponents for practicing matches, and of course online multiplayer. Its price depends on the platform and it’s anywhere from $10 to $20.