Saturday, February 23



From relatively simple devices capable only of making calls and texting, to sophisticated multi-tools they are today, mobile phones have come a long way since their modest beginnings. These days virtually everyone has at least one, and we use them for browsing, media, social networking, gaming and, of course, making videos and snapping pictures. Unfortunately, as much as their integrated optics may be advanced and capable of capturing stunning hi-res images, the general consensus is that smartphones aren’t able to completely match the power and versatility of professional-grade cameras and their arsenal of interchangeable photographic lenses.

At least it was like that up to recently. However, thanks to Red Digital Cinema, a renowned manufacturer of high-end cameras and related accessories, comes a device that will change all that and provide smartphone users with a mobile camera system capable of rivaling the best professional cameras. Red Hydrogen One will be a mobile phone fitted out with a plethora of cool features that should satisfy even the pickiest users. It will boast Red Digital Cinema’s signature robust industrial design, decked with their recognizable red applications, and will come in two versions. One super premium variant will be made out of titanium, and the other, slightly more affordable, out of aluminum. Another noticeable trait of Red Hydrogen One will be undulating jagged sides that should provide an additional texture, and prevent this imposing phone from slipping from your hands.

As for its specs, Red Hydrogen One will be an Android-powered device with Qualcomm Snapdragon 835, which, admittedly, may sound a little underwhelming in 2018, but this processor is still more than capable of packing a hefty punch. Since this phone is pretty large, the matching display is absolutely mandatory. The 5.7-inch LCD screen with 2560×1440 resolution will be one of the glories of this model. It will be based on Red Digital Cinema’s so-called 4-view technology, which will basically enable you to effortlessly swap between several display modes, from a regular 2D and 3D, to “holographic” view. Of course, it seems that the technology will be so advanced that you’ll be able to fully enjoy the benefits of these different modes, without the aid of accessories such as 3D glasses. You’ll even be able to make 3D holographic videos based on their 4-view technology, which even now seems more suited to the domain of Sci-Fi than that of cold, hard reality.

Red Hydrogen One will also include a number of other innovative features that will go beyond what most flagships currently have to offer, including integrated stereo speakers and an impressive 4500mAh battery that should give you enough power to put all those interesting options to good use. Granted, all this would be enough to proclaim Red Hydrogen One as one of the most remarkable mobile devices in recent history. However, the defining feature of Red Hydrogen One will be its modular character, and the fact that it will allow the use of interchangeable camera lenses. At the moment we know that this device will most likely support a variety of high-end professional lenses from several major brands such as Nikon, Canon, Sony, Fuji, and Leica. The fact that you’ll be able to mount all these bulky lenses on your device will significantly increase the weight of the already rather massive device, so that was the main reason why designers decided to include scalloped sides on this phone.

The official unveiling of Red Hydrogen One was postponed a number of times, no doubt because of numerous technical issues related to the manufacture of such an ambitious device. However, according to the latest information, this phone is scheduled to appear sometime in August this year, so we can hopefully expect that it will soon grace the smartphone scene with its presence.

Finally, one rather unpleasant topic remains – the cost of Red Hydrogen One. This kind of quality comes at a price, so this particular phone will be available only to those users with a bit deeper pockets – the titanium model will cost $1,595, while aluminum variant will be slightly less extreme, with the price of “just” $1,295. So, if you’re a casual user who likes to take a picture or two from time to time, any smartphone with reasonably decent optics will get the job done for you. However, if you’re a professional photographer or cameraman (or you aim to become one) Red Hydrogen One could be just the thing to push your career in the right direction.