Marvel Strike Force Patch Notes 1.3

New Characters

Ant-Man (Available to unlock now in the Ant-Man Event Campaign)

Ant-Man is a unique Controller who shares a powerful synergy with Wasp, increasing their power and utility when they team up on the battlefield. Ant-Man is available to unlock now in the Ant-Man Event Campaign.

The Wasp (Available in the Wasp Event Campaign on July 12, 2018 at 12 AM UTC)

Wasp is a Blaster with a high dodge chance once leveled and hard-hitting attacks. Wasp will arrive to continue the story from the Ant-Man event campaign on July 12.

New Event Campaigns

We have a new campaign event that takes you on a new adventure and an original story that can earn you Ant-Man and Wasp orb fragments. Collect orb fragments to open the orbs and add these heroes to your roster!

New Environment: Secret Submarine Base

Ultimus and his minions have gone underground. Enter the mysterious Submarine Bunker and show them there is no place they can hide.

Chat blocking

New in this patch is the ability to block players in Global Chat. Just tap on the player portrait and select “Block” to keep that player’s chat hidden from you in the future.

Raid Season Leaderboards

Compete against other Alliances in our new Raid Season Leaderboards!

Level Cap Increased to 65 (coming soon)

The level cap is increasing to 65 very soon. More info on that and future Raids later.


      • New Combat HUD: We have a new combat HUDI that displays how negative and positive status effects are shown in-game. This is a visual change that accurately displays stacking effects, such as Bleed and Regenerate. Nothing has been changed in how the effects are applied.
      • Nodes in Raids are now highlighted with a glow when selected to make it easier to see which node you’ve chosen.

Character Updates

      • Updated the description to clarify Hawkeye’s Concussion Arrow.
      • Description updates to clarify Black Widow’s Abilities.
      • Ability Upgrade Smoothing for:
      • Spider-Man – Agile Attack, Webslinger
      • Crossbones – Piston Punch, Detonate

Developer Note: Our goal here is to improve how characters feel as you level up their abilities. While the overall power once leveled will not change, the way in which the power is earned will be spread out more evenly.  We want every ability level increase to feel valuable when you upgrade, and hope this provides a better experience for players who are ranking up the abilities of their favorite characters.

Bug Fixes, Changes, and Improvements

      • Revived summoned minions no longer have increased health.
      • Various improvements to alliance matchmaking.
      • Ability text formatting tweaks & language clarification.
      • Black Panther will only become charged if he is in an uncharged state.
      • Daredevil’s Special (Baton Throw) can now be properly assisted.
      • Yondu’s Ultimate, Captain America’s Ultimate, and Daredevil’s Special should execute cleanly in the case of an assist occurring (rather than the animations playing twice).
      • Fixed various combat freezes.

taken from Marvel Strike Force official site