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Rush War Defenses are structures built to repel the enemies during the attack on your gold mine. They range from mines and cannons to various contraptions and walls.

Rush Wars Mortar


Mortar has a very long attack range of all Rush Wars defenses, however, it does come with some drawbacks. First of all, it can’t target units standing right next to it, and secondly, its attack speed is extremely slow. 

“Deals area damage at very long range. Fun.”

Mortar can target only ground enemies and it deals a huge amount of area damage per attack, the only problem is its slow rate of fire, thus overall damage per second is more or less mediocre.

Strength: Extremely long-range area attacks.

Weakness: Poor attack speed, inability to hit flying or units in melee range.

Positioning: Position Mortar behind your gold mine and try to line up its engagement area with other Rush Wars Defenses in front of it.

Counter: Jetpacks, melee troops(especially Gorilla). Use Airdrops to eliminate this unit. For example, if you have Boost, use it the very second your Troops get in range of Mortar. One of the best ways to counter Mortar are Paratroopers, just drop them right next to it and it won’t be able to do anything (unless the opponent protects it with other defenses)

Rush Wars Mines


Rush Wars Mines are a defensive structure with medium area damage and one of the first Rush Wars Defenses in the game.

“They come in pairs, like socks, but are less friendly to your feet. Deals area damage to nearby ground units.”

Mines takes up one defense slot, and are good against a large number of low health enemies, like Troopers. You can get one free use of mines for the first completed Research in team options. I would say this is the only time Mines are actually viable, otherwise focus on other Rush Wars Defenses.

Strength: Only good as bonus defense (the result of your team Research)

Weakness: Small activation and explosion radius, so more often than not, enemies will miss it, making this defense useless.

Positioning: place them at choke-points, at the medium attack range distance from your front-line. 

Counter: The only way to counter this is to remember the name of the player you are attacking, remember the mine(s) locations, so next time you attack the same guy avoid sending units to those positions and just bypass his mine defense.

Rush Wars Cannon


A manifestation of brute force, Cannon is a common quality and one of the best Rush Wars Defenses, able to dish out tons of damage at an extremely high rate.

“Target air and ground at long range with lethal efficiency. Another Henchman making Mother proud.”

Aside from a very good single target damage, Cannon packs tons of health and its ability to target both ground and air units eliminates weakness that some other defense structures have when facing flying units. 

Strength: Great single target damage, durable, versatile (good vs units with large health pool).

Weakness: No splash damage, so this defense is vulnerable against a large number of units, like a swarm of Troopers.

Positioning: Line up Cannon and Mortar attack range so they can both attack at the same time.

Counter: a Large number of units (because the cannon doesn’t have a splash attack). 

Rush Wars Plumber Hole

Plumber Hole

This is a defensive structure that at first sign of danger summon a pack of angry plumbers. After the Hole completes the summoning of the 6th plumber, it is drained and empty. In such a state, Hole is still valuable as it will take a few shots, and buy time for your other troops.

“Caution! Plumbers at work. Approach at your own risk.”

Plumber Hole is a great asset for halting the progression of enemy troops, thus allowing the Turrets to do their thing. It does that by summoning Plumbers in pairs of two and sending them forward, thus forcing all enemies to stop and attack them. This defense is particularly devastating against units with a slow rate of fire, as they need a lot of time to stop, shoot, and move again (by that time the second pair of Plumbers is incoming).

Strength: Good at delaying the opposing army, and versus individual troops with a single target attack.

Weakness: Weak against units with splash attacks or high attack rate.

Positioning: Plumber Hole should be placed close to the Cannon or other strong defense with high damage output. To elaborate more on that, place PH closer to the one entrance, and Cannon closer to the other entrance so that both structures are in the range of one another, and overall their range should not exceed the range of Mortar.

Counter: any splash damage unit with half-decent attack speed will be effective against Plumbers (Pitchers is one example).

Rush Wars Bomb


A bomb is an advanced version of Mines. Unlike Mines which comes in pairs, you’ll get a single Bomb, that deals more damage than mines but in a smaller radius.

“Deals more area damage than a Mine, but in a smaller radius. It’s da bomb!”

The bomb is a Rare quality defense structure that cost only 1 army slot. Once level 2 of Team Research is completed you can claim one bonus use of Bomb in your Gold Mine defense.

Strength: Able to one-shot weaker units.

Weakness: A very small radius, and not worth planting one outside of that Bonus use.

Positioning: Obviously. at the spot that the enemy has to cross (chokepoint). Also, place it as far ahead as possible, we need those enemy numbers dwindled asap.

Counter: Have a durable unit go ahead and activate mines, like Tank, Gorilla or something similar.

Rush Wars Walls


A common quality structure that cost only 1 slot and serves the purpose of stopping or funneling enemy forces through narrow paths.

“Block pathways and guide enemy ground troops… TO THEIR DOOM! Ahahaha!”

Using Walls is all about influencing the enemy position and funneling enemy forces in such a way that the rest of your troops can fight more effectively and create kill zones(units like Mortars, Laser and others are the most effective against grouped up enemies).

Strength: Increases the effectiveness of certain allied units, slows down enemy forces.

Weakness: ineffective against Flying units, deals no damage, effective only in certain setups and on certain maps.

Positioning: Barricade the front of the base, but make sure your long-range Rush Wars defenses are in range to shoot behind the wall. We want them to attack while the opponent is distracted by destroying walls.

Counter: Deploy your long-range units first so they destroy the wall before moving into the range of opponent’s defenses.

Rush Wars Gatling


A Rare quality defense turret is extremely proficient at destroying front-liners with loads of health. 

Its barrels spin fast, then faster, then fastest! Perfect for taking down big targets. Meanwhile, the Henchmen says “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

Gatling is a single target turret with a long attack range and attack speed and damage that increases with each shot fired at a specific target. This means that Gatling becomes more effective the more times it attacks the same target, and when it changes to a new one, attack speed and damage are reset to beginning value. So Gatling is highly effective against troops with lots of health. At the same time, Gatling’s health pool is extra large. What makes it even more effective is the fact that it’s also capable of attacking Air units. Overall, the Gatling is great in combination with Mortar, as it protects mortar from Air and close-range attacks, while Mortar, with its splash attack, can clear enemy troops with low health so that Gatling defense can focus on bruisers like Gorilla, Tank, Boxer, and similar units.

Strength: Long attack range, potentially deadly against bruisers.

Weakness: extremely ineffective against a large number of troops with low health, because it resets after each kill.

Positioning: Somewhere in the range of Mortar, as their strengths and weaknesses complement each other. If Mortar is not available then something with good splash damage will do the thing.

Counter: Gatling alone is easily countered by sending a swarm of low health units. The problem is, that this type of troops is very weak against any area damage defense. So if Gatling has a Splash-attacking unit to protect him, the only solutions for this menace are either Invisibility or Fridge, which can buy you enough time to destroy it.

Rush Wars Cluster Cake

Cluster Cake

A Rare quality defense mine-type unit, that explodes and releases 6 grenades, each dealing splash damage. It is one of the most potent Rush War defenses considering its cost.

“Surprise! It’s your birthday. Your final birthday.”

Great for dealing with a large number of ground forces. It is a highly effective unit for a cost of just 1 defense slot.

Strength: large radius, multiple instances of damage are great at destroying low health enemies, low cost of 1 defense slot.

Weakness: low effectiveness against units with a lot of health. As with all mines, it could be activated by a single unit with tons of health, wasting a lot of its potential.

Positioning: Protect one of the entrances with this mine, however, make sure it is in range of at least a few friendly  Rush Wars defenses. We will do that in order to punish those who send bruiser first to activate/soak mines, so your other defenses can take them out.

Counter: It has a significantly lesser effect on units with a lot of health, likes of Gorilla, Boxer, Tank and so on. Troopers and Henchmen are particularly vulnerable against Cluster Cake.

Rush Wars Box Ninja

Box Ninja

A Common quality defense unit, Box Ninja costs 1 defense slot. He has a certain activation range (similar to mines). So, when you plant the box and the enemy enters the range, Ninja will pop up and start slicing and dicing.

“It’s a ninja in a box, but if you get close… it becomes a ninja out of a box!”

In theory, this looks interesting however, in practice Box Ninja is very difficult to pull-off, more often than not a simple Mine would be more effective.

Strength: If left unchecked the potential for damage is huge.

Weakness: Turning that potential into reality is somewhat problematic because Ninja is very squishy, and almost anything will destroy him. Basically, Box Ninja needs to activate without him (the ninja) becoming the target for the enemy army.

Positioning: Place the Box to the side of one of your Turrets, or Gold Extractor. That should provide misdirection for enemy forces, and allow some time for Ninja to get going.

Counter: By having units somewhat spread out, those in front will probably attack something else while activating Ninja, but those behind will target Ninja and blow him out of the way.

Rush Wars Freeze Mine

Freeze Mine

As an Epic quality defense unit, Freeze Mine is very potent because of the large radius and long freeze duration. 

“Freezes air and ground units… and gravity apparently!? Cool, huh?”

Freeze Mine takes up 1 defensive slot. By freezing the front line, it allows the opponent’s backline to move closer, so the next splash damage will affect everyone, which is a great side effect.

Strength: Large radius and long duration of freeze, at the cost of 1 defense slot.

Weakness: Like every other mine, it depends on the enemy movement, sometimes they won’t trigger the mine. 

Positioning: Placed on a narrow passage but at the maximum range of your defense turrets like Mortar or Gatling, Freezing Mine will provide more time for the rest of your defense to do its job.

Counter: By spreading-out the army, it reduces the chance of Mine freezing multiple troops.

Rush Wars Plasmagun


A Rare quality Turret who’s projectiles pass through the enemies. 

“Shoots a human-size ball of plasma that passes through and damages all enemies in its path! The range is from long to very very very long.”

Plasmagun takes up 2 defense slots, and it is a turret version of Laser with larger projectile and longer attack range, but with slightly less damage. Great for destroying large groups of enemies with low health.

Strength: Extreme range, once fired, the projectile will travel across the entire screen. It attacks both Ground and Air, and it’s able to one-shot low-health troops.

Weakness: Vulnerable to attacks from different sides, Plasmagun also has less health than the rest of the Turret-like defense structures.

Positioning: place Plasmagun against narrow passages like bridges or walled-up entrances.

Counter: Spreading units in a half-circle, so that all of them can reach Plasma Gun almost at the same time. This is very difficult to pull-off. Plasmagun is a good target for Fridge, or you could try to kill it during the Invisibility.

Rush Wars Dummy


A common, 1 slot defense unit/structure, Dummy serves only one purpose, and that is to take shots.

“1. Do nothing

2. ???

3. Profit”

While it doesn’t deal damage, Dummy is playing a similar role like Walls, meaning it slows down the enemy by forcing them to attack it. The Dummy has a lot of health, but in addition to that, upon death, Dummy also drops the bomb (it takes a while for it to explode thou).

Strength: A cheap, high health, additional target for the opponent’s army. Buys time for the rest of your army.

Weakness: The bomb it drops upon death has a long delay.

Positioning: Place Dummy in front of your turrets like Mortar, Gatling, and others.

Counter: Depending on positioning, long-range units, like Bazooka or Rocket Truck, are able to attack and take out Dummy without entering a range of other, more dangerous Rush Wars defenses.

Rush Wars Tesla


Tesla is a common quality defense, capable of attacking multiple enemies at the same time, Tesla’s main role is killing/electrocuting waves of infantry.

“Pops up, zaps multiple targets at once, then slinks away. Dreams of becoming a disco ball one day.”

With the good range and ability to attack multiple enemies at the same time, Tesla is good for taking care of large volumes of enemies, be it ground or air-based. The health pool is fairly large, especially if we compare it to the other defense units/structures of the same cost.

Strength: Tesla provides a big bang for your buck, long-range, ability to attack multiple targets (both Air & Ground), at the cost of 1 defense slot.

Weakness: Tesla’s effectiveness is directly proportional to the number of targets. Which means it is less effective against an army composed of few high-health units.

Positioning: Due to its range, it is preferable to place Tesla somewhere in the middle of the map. If you are using Gatling, make sure to place Tesla few squares in front of it, so that Tesla can dispose of weak troops, leaving stronger ones to the Gatling.

Counter: One way is to have Rocket Truck (or Bazookas) in the army, which deal massive damage at a slightly longer range.

Rush Wars Rocket Trap

Rocket Trap

As a Rare quality mine-type defense, Rocket Trap is available only after upgrading HQ to level 7, which is late in the game. It attacks both air and ground targets.

“Launches homing rockets from a questionably small silo in the ground. Effective against a trio of units.”

It launches three single-target rockets, each dealing high damage, capable of one-shotting troops with less or equal health to a Hotshot. Rocket Trap is activated at a Medium distance, at which time it shoots all 3 rockets. The effectiveness of this trap is highly dependent on the number and type of enemies that activate it.

Strength: Able to wipe out three low-to-mid-tier units.

Weakness: There is a good chance that part of this damage will be wasted, for example, if one low health unit activates the trap.

Positioning: some basic rules apply for placing any mine in Rush Wars. Pick a narrow passage located somewhere in front of your defense line.

Counter: By having troops spread out and attacking in waves, it reduces the chance of 2nd and 3rd rocket finding their targets.