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The first among Rush Wars Troops are the Troopers. Lovely name that won’t create confusion… at all (Troops could easily be named Units and the source of confusion would be gone… unless this was done on purpose, in which case you could ignore this rant:) ).

“Bread and butter of warfare! Attacks air and ground at a short-range. Cool under pressure, but watch out for grenades!”

Relatively fast-moving, Troopers come in a squad of 4 and have a medium range. They can attack both Air and Ground with their single-target attacks.

Strength: 4 of them produce a good amount of single target damage.

Weakness: Vulnerable to splash attacks. Depending on upgrades Troopers can be destroyed by one or two Grenades.

Positioning: place Troops like Shields in front of your army to soak up the damage, and place Troopers behind everyone. If they survive the initial enemy salvo, they just might get something done.

Counter: Troopers are easily countered by Pitchers, Tanks and other splash-Troops.


As one of the earliest and probably the first unit with a splash attack in Rush Wars, Pitcher deals a lot of damage at a respectable distance.

“Ex-baseball pitcher putting those throwing skills to good use! Medium range and best used against groups of enemies.”

Pitchers have good damage, long attack range, and good attack speed. However, while they are great at dealing damage, they cannot withstand. They come as a single unit (squad size 1), with medium-low health, effectively creating a “glass-cannon” unit. Also, Pitcher cannot target Air-Troops, which means in defense they should not be placed alone.

Strength: Strong splash attack with solid range.

Weakness: Vulnerable to splash attacks and not able to target Air Troops.

Positioning: because how effective splash attacks are against them, place them slightly to the side of other Troops, and far behind the front line (Shields and Tank).

Counter Pitchers in 3 different ways:

  1. When in a group with others, they will die from splash.
  2. When standing solo on sides, send a flying unit (Jetpack) at them.
  3. Strong and durable single units like Gorilla or Tank, can take the punishment long enough to get in range and dispose of Pitchers.


Slow-moving infantry whose role is to be at the frontline and take the beating while the rest of the army is unleashing hell from a distance.

“Put them at the front to soak up damage with their riot shields – but really it’s their healthy skepticism that keeps them safe.”

Shields are present in almost every early game composition. Extremely useful because they are the only tanky unit in the game that takes only 1 slot in the roster. For that one slot, we get a squad of two slow-moving, melee range Troops with decent health and a lot of shields. Don’t expect major destruction, yes they have good attack speed, but they’re slow, melee range, low damage per hit unit.

Strength: Able to take the beating. Because they are a squad of 2 and upgrades increase both health and shield health, Shields as a unit scale very well with upgrades.

Weakness: Fairly slow, melee with low damage. Besides being a shield wall, they have no other purpose.

Positioning: Like with any other bruiser unit, place Shields far ahead of others and let them soak up the damage.

Counter: Because Shields are 2 unit squad, they are somewhat vulnerable to splash destruction, especially from multiple sources.


Thou the game says it is a “Fast” moving unit, in practice that is not exactly true. Tanks lack acceleration, so whenever they have to stop-and-go, or if they need to turn, Tanks will stop-turn-move. Judging by the standard of other troops, this process is extremely slow, so the top speed is comparable to other Troops, but their agility is not.

“This absolute unit crushes obstacles in its path and deals area damage at medium range. It also works part-time for a rideshare company.”

The tank is an Epic rarity unit that takes up two slots in your army. It is a single unit with tons of health and a great deal of splash damage, however, its attack speed is a bit low and it is capable of attacking only ground Troops. The tank has a good attack range, however, that may not be the best thing and here ‘s why. When sending out Troops, you want Tank to soak up damage and allow more squishy damage dealers, like Pitchers, to get in range and attack, but because their attack range is similar, very often all Troops will clump up thus allowing the enemy to splash kill your squishes with splash damage. Even if you let the Tank go ahead alone, and then drop other Rush Wars Troops a few seconds later, they will clump-up together at one point and remain that way until the end of a  battle.

Strengths: Strong Splash attacks. Large Health pool.

Weakness: Attacks only Ground Troops. Difficult to coordinate with the rest of the army (the tank should be on the frontlines taking splash attacks). It takes up 2 spots for Troops. (It is weird, but it feels like Tank would be a much better unit if his range was shorter.)

Positioning: place them well ahead of other troops, or somewhat to the side (if the map allows for it). If that is not enough, place Tank alone on the map, and start the game, wait a few seconds and then spawn other Troops.

Counter: Multiple Troops that come from different directions (you might say “everyone is weak against multiple enemies”, but not everyone cost 2 Troops slots like Tank).


As a single infantry unit, Bazooka is somewhat low on health, but he makes up for it in raw damage, especially against turrets.

“Deals long-range, area damage to both air and ground Troops– plus extra damage to buildings! Previously a world champion arm wrestler.”

Bazooka is a Rare unit capable of bringing down turrets in a few shots. While this is impressive, don’t forget that both the health pool and attack speed are very low, which means Bazooka guy has to have someone standing in front of him and taking the shots (Shields, Tank, Gorilla…)

Strengths: Strong against buildings, Long Range + Splash.

Weakness: Attack Speed and Health

Positioning: Place Bazooka last, after deploying other Rush Wars Troops, allowing it to clean up the battle.

Counter: Bazookas have low health so they can be destroyed with Arcade. Also, because of their slow attack speed, it is possible for units under the effect of Boost or Coach’s ability to enter the range and kill Bazooka before they fire a single shot.


A single unit of Rare quality, Hotshot has two ways of dealing with opposition, long-distance attack and one in close quarters.

“Eyebrow model by day, Hotshot by night. He moves fast and blasts anything in front of him. His shotgun doubles as a selfie stick.”

Hotshot has a good amount of health for a single infantry unit. Also, he can attack both ground and air Troops at a reasonably good rate of fire. Great for dealing with the low health Troops. While his damage is listed as a single target, that is not the case, he deals damage in a frontal 30-45 degree cone.

Strength: Decent health and good against a large volume of low health infantry.

Weakness: Weak against Troops with lots of health or turrets.

Positioning: Try to place him in such a way that he confronts enemy infantry units like Troopers, Jetpacks, Shields, etc.

Counter: Place against them a strong single unit with loads of health (Tank is a good example). Consider Hotshot as a classic bully, he‘ll easily wreck weaker units but will crumble against Troops stronger than him.


As a squad of 2, Jetpacks takes two army slots, but more importantly, they are Flying Troops. In the early game, this is not as important as in a late-game, simply because the majority of late-game Rush Wars Troops target only ground units.

“Fast-moving, medium-ranged and can fly over obstacles. It can’t be targeted by certain troops or defenses. Blue hair is the new pink!”

Overall the stats are mediocre, Health and damage are somewhat low, with mediocre movement speed and attack range. Attack Speed is the only good Jetpack’s stat, however, this is all compensated by the fact Jetpacks can fly and that can be used as a form of tactical advantage.

Strength: Flying, most Rush Wars Troops target only Ground units.

Weakness: Low stats and the fact Jetpacks take a minimum of 2 army slots.

Positioning: The only way Jetpacks could be effective is if they are alone on one side of the map and facing enemies that can target only Ground Troops.

Counter: Troopers, Shields, Bazooka, Hotshots, Jetpacks, Laser, Cannon, Gatling. Make sure to have at least some of these Troops/defenses on the field, otherwise, you are vulnerable to Jetpacks.


A huge Gorilla, giant wrench and tons of health, everything about this one is big, unfortunately, he is also a little bit slow.

“It’s a building-targeting Gorilla with a GIANT wrench! Why did they make a wrench this big? What does he do with it? So many questions… “

Gorilla is an Epic quality single unit, that moves slowly across the battlefield and attacks buildings wit his melee attack. It has strong attacks, but because he is melee, and attack speed isn’t exactly great, the total amount of damage is mediocre.

Strength: A lot of Health.

Weakness: Slow, lackluster damage, melee.

Positioning: Because it is a melee unit that targets buildings, and has tons of health, place Gorilla at the forefront. The main role of this unit is to go ahead and soak up enemy splash attacks, protecting your, low health, squishy of troops.

Counter: a lot of cheap Rush Wars Troops that deal good single target damage will ruin Gorilla, obvious example are Troopers. The other thing that is good against it is Gatling.

Plumber Van

A van stacked up with plumbers that jump out on the first sign of trouble. Plumber Van has low acceleration, but once it picks up speed, it moves very fast.

“The van parks up, then Plumbers run out – like an army of handyman ants who won’t fix your pipes.”

The Van packs a half a dozen angry Plumbers that are moving very fast and swarm their enemies. Plumbers are ground attacking melee Troops. Unfortunately, once the van delivers all of its cargo, it just stands there useless for the most time.

Strength: Comming in waves, the Plumber Van is good for absorbing dangerous shots and good against single target enemies like Gorilla or Gatling.

Weakness: This unit is only useful in a small number of situations.

Positioning/Timing: Confront Van against Gorilla or Gatling Laser. Also, place the Van alongside Bazookas and/or Pitchers.

Counter: Pitchers, Hotshot, Laser, Kungfu, and other Troops capable of dealing a form of splash destruction.


An Epic quality unit that costs two army slots. Thou his damage classified as a single target, it travels through all the enemies in a line.

“His attack passes through and damages all enemies in its path! This makes it terrifying beyond the capacity for rational thought.”

While Laser shoots at targets at the medium range the laser-beam will travel twice as far. With mediocre movement and attack speed Laser deals decent damage to both air and ground Troops in a line.

Strength: Protecting/assaulting narrow paths against a large number of low-health Troops.

Weakness: If the first enemy approaching is not in line with other targets, Laser effectiveness drops rapidly. The attack range is medium to low.

Positioning: Mostly good for defense, position Laser against narrow passages/bridges that funnel enemies into a line.

Counter: Either flank from more than one side (if the map allows for it) or send Troops with longer attack range against it.

Sneaky Ninja

Ninja s a unit of extremes, extremely fast, extremely high damage, extremely high attack speed, and extremely low health (for a 2 army slot unit).

“Invisible until he attacks! Moves very fast and carries a box of crickets to mask his footsteps. So sneaky.”

Sneaky Ninja is Rare quality Rush Wars unit, excellent for finishing off Gold Extractors, Mortars or other targets already engaged in combat.

Strength: Capable of taking down any target withing few seconds.

Weakness: Will die basically from one shot of almost any unit.

Positioning/Timing: Try to use the rest of the army as a decoy, to pull enemies to one side, while sending Ninja to the other side for a clean-up job. Just, make sure the rest of the army is ahead of Ninja because he is much faster than the other troops.

Counter: Spread out Troops and turrets. Also, place squishy Troops behind turrets (Ninja will attack the first target in range, thus revealing himself).


As a Rare quality and 3 army slot unit, Boxer is a real melee powerhouse. This brawler is not someone to be messed with.

“Briefly stuns enemies with each punch. Enjoys a good brawl almost as much as a soft bamboo tank top.”

Once Boxer gets his hands on target, it is unlikely it will survive. His attacks deal a ton of damage, and also stun the target. Boxer has a huge health-pool that allows him to endure all kinds of punishment, however, if he can be taken out at range than it is a whole new deal.

Strength: Tons of Health, Tons of Damage, and ability to stun the target with his punches.

Weakness: Slow movement coupled with melee attack range makes him vulnerable to long-range Rush Wars Troops. He has a single target attack and can’t attack air.

Position: Place him in front of everyone because Boxer must get in attack range approximately at the same time as your other Troops.

Counter: Troops behind natural obstacles will force Boxer to go around, allowing range attackers more time to take him out.

Rocket Truck

An Epic quality unit that wreaks havoc at a long-range but with somewhat slow attack speed. Rocket Truck is a classic artillery unit, slow to move but with devastating attack.

“Deals long-range, area damage to ground Troops. Side hustles as a grilled cheese sandwich food truck on weekends.”

Rocket truck fires two rockets and attacks only ground Troops. Note it is a 3 army slot unit, making it very expensive. It has to be used efficiently otherwise it is a waste of spots. Its medium amount of health can soak some damage, but not nearly enough as other front line Troops.

Strength: Long-range and good splash damage. It is especially good against squads like Troopers, Shields and Kungfu.

Weakness: Rocket Truck takes 3 army slots, which is huge. Attack speed is very poor, which means that Troops under the Boost can storm in and “take it out” before it manages to fire a shot.

Position: In offense, place Rocket Truck just behind your own front-line. It is a slow-moving unit so there is no danger it will go too far ahead. On a defensive side, place it next to the unit able to attack Air.

Counter: Because Rocket Truck can not target Air, Flying Troops like JetPacks and Helipod are very dangerous if left unchecked. Also, RT is not as great against a single unit with loads of health, like for example Boxer, or Gorilla (Gorilla is not a direct danger to RT, it just keeps moving toward buildings thus it drags away RT’s attacks away from the rest of the army).


The largest squad in the game, Henchmen, packs an impressive squad size of 8 at the cost of 2 army slots. Henchmen move and attack extremely fast in addition to which it stuns/freeze their target for a short duration. This is a huge deal when facing a single enemy with a powerful attack.

“Armed with tasers that slow and a strong desire to please Mother, they won’t stop until your toast.”

While Henchmen are great at soaking powerful single-target attacks, they’re vulnerable to any form of splash damage simply because single Henchmen unit has a small amount of health, less than any single instance of splash damage (unless of course one is upgraded and the other is not).

Strength: If left unchecked, Henchmen deals good damage. Also, they are good for soaking powerful single-target attacks of Boxer and similar units and at the same time slow down their attacks even more.

Weakness: Extremely low health melee unit. The combination of these two facts makes them an unlikely choice for a preferred unit.

Position: Consider the range of all enemy Troops, and send Henchmen’s to the side where it seems they can attack the enemy with their single-target attack. If that isn’t possible, place them far behind so that they can engage in combat a few seconds after the slow-moving front-line Troops.

Counter: Any form of splash destruction will ruin Henchmen. Hotshots, Pitchers, Bazooka, Laser and so on, all of them are deadly for Henchmen.


Helipod is an Epic unit with an important strategic element because it can Fly, it is, in fact, currently the most powerful flying Rush Wars unit. However, the 3 slot cost has to be taken into consideration when creating an army composition.

“Flies over obstacles and drops bombs from its steel jaws – look out below! Piloted by a 7-foot Henchman who didn’t make the basketball team.”

Unlike its Flying counter-part (Jetpacks) Helipod is much more robust and deadly. It is a single unit with significantly more health, which makes Helipod less vulnerable to Splash damage. At the same time, it deals a significant amount of splash damage amount of the same type, which makes Heli ideal for taking out a large number of enemies.

Strength: A lot of health, strong splash damage, flying unit.

Weakness: Melee range, slow movement, and the high cost (3 slots)

Positioning: Slightly to the side of your other Troops, you want the Helipod to get in the enemy attack range at the same time as the rest of the army but it should attack from flanks (to avoid being hit by splash damage targeted at your main force).

Counter: Gatling or Cannon, if they manage to target Helipod first, it will be dealt with easily. Also, long-range enemies able to attack air, like Bazooka, will be able to take a few free shots until Helipod gets into attacking position. Finally, because Helipod is unable to attack air Jetpacks are good against them, however, it is unlikely we are going to see Jetpacks in defense.


An advanced version of Hotshot, Blaze is an Epic quality unit that takes up 3 army slots. With a medium amount of health and short attack range (yet longer than melee), Blaze should be placed just behind the front line.

“Shoots a jet of flame at short range, effective against groups of enemies. Always looking for a new audience to roast with his stand-up routine.”

While his flat damage is not that great, the damage per second in incredible, especially if we take into consideration that flames are burning every ground unit in a frontal cone. This makes Blaze exceptional at dealing with masses of enemies like Troopers, Henchmen or Plumbers.

Strength: Dealing with a large number of ground enemies, especially those with low health.

Weakness: Slow with fairly short attack range, Blaze takes up 3 army slots and is weak against Rush Wars Troops with a lot of health.

Positioning: Considering its slow movement speed and short attack range, Blaze should stand just behind those slow-moving front-liners like Shields, Gorilla, Boxer or others.

Counter: by having Troops with medium/large health pool. Because he takes up 3 slots, Blaze is either extremely effective or a waste of those 3 spots. In domination, with the ability to scout the enemy, this is great, but in regular games, it is not worth the cost.


A common quality attack Troop, Kungfu takes up 2 slots in the army. Kungfu comes in squad size of 2 and they move fairly quickly.

“Deals area damage up close with his nunchucks, which double as drumsticks when playing for his smooth jazz band Hot Potato.”

Their health pool is of medium size, their attack speed extremely high, while their (splash) damage affects only ground Rush Wars Troops. Great for dealing with Plumbers and Henchmen, basically targets with very small health pool.

Strength: two of them attack quickly with splash-damage.

Weakness: Kungfu are Ground attacking melee Troops, and because there are two of them, range splash damage is highly effective against them.

Positioning: place them on the side against opponent’s Plumber Hole, Troopers, Shields or Henchmen, because Kungfu has an advantage against these Troops.

Counter: Long-range splash damage is highly effective against Kungfu (Pitchers, Bazooka…), especially if positioned behind natural obstacles (like a river), thus Kungfu has to travel further to reach them.