Castle Burn The Crown League

Say Hello To Castle Burn

From time to time a game comes out that, at a first glance, can closely resemble to so many others from its genre. A blatant attempt to sell the same old story again, with the sole intention of finally catching that dodgy Golden Goose. After a more detailed inspection however, it becomes apparent that the case is rather opposite. The game features turn out to be a fresh and innovative improvements to the genre, while the vision and effort invested slowly make their way to the surface through gameplay, characters, artwork, attention to the details and many other aspects of the game.

One such project is (yup) the Castle Burn by Bluehole PNIX. A card-based RTS mobile game full of proud Heroes, silly yet powerful creatures, magic and warfare. The ambiance in the game is similar to the one of an old cartoon that we loved to watch as kids, with colorful characters, their extensive stories and lots of action. In addition, the whole artwork for the game is outstanding and does a good job in breathing life into these creatures (of which there are quite a few).

Castle Burn

Given that the gameplay consists of many different features, it wouldn’t be adequate (nor possible) to present them all here. That’s why we’ve made a whole section just for Castle Burn, where we will be covering (we hope) all aspects of this great game. You can check what’s been done so far by clicking on a link Here