Scuf released a limited edition Vantage BumbleBee PS4 Controller


SCUF is one of the most recognizable joypad brands in the world, with lines of products that are widely used in the gaming community and esports. They are having several patterns, with many more in preparation, that make gamers’ life easier and gamers themselves are more efficient and precise. One of the products they are most famous for are joypad paddles which replace face buttons on the joypad, allowing gamers to shoot without taking their time of the right thumbstick. A vast majority of esports competitors are using SCUF joypads because of their convenience. You may say that SCUF joypads revolutionized the way games are played, providing the alternative to usual hand positioning.  

There are many other elements that make SCUF joypads revolutionary, like adjustable hair triggers and trigger stop mechanism, as well as interchangeable thumbsticks and control discs. It is no wonder that SCUF is producing branded goods and one of the most recent products they have made is a limited edition Vantage Bumblebee controller. Many gamers are also Transformers fans and this controller was made to celebrate the arrival of Bumblebee movie on PlayStation Store. That limited-edition label isn’t there for nothing, because only 500 of those controllers will be released in the United States, and it can only be purchased by fans that pre-ordered the Bumblebee movie on the PlayStation Store. To add the exclusivity, this controller will cost $200, which is even discounted compared to $230, which is the price for the standard customized wireless SCUF Vantage controller.

SCUF PS4 Controller

Each SCUF Vantage Bumblebee controller features a bunch of configurable components, including the paddle control system, unique side-mounted Sax buttons, advanced audio touch bar controls, a quick-access remapping switch, customizable thumbsticks, hair trigger, trigger stops and extenders, choice of D-pads, and an interchangeable magnetic faceplate. All this was designed to increase hand use and deliver a significant performance improvement.

We’re not sure if there is any Transformers fan hardcore enough to order this kind of joypad if there weren’t for SCUF reputation and quality of their products as a guarantee. Considering how SCUF likes military themes, this Bumblebee line seems like a logical continuation of that trend.