Shards of Infinity Review


Shards of Infinity Mobile game and PC version are the follow-ups of the Ascension deckbuilding game. While the Shards of Infinity expansion pack for board game has reached the Relics of the Future story ark, the PC and mobile versions are at its second installation. And, according to reviews and the general feedback, the reception is entirely positive.

The release date for PC was on May 6th, while it followed on Android on the 8th and on the App Store on the 9th. Shards of Infinity iTunes App Store version already has 4.6 stars and it’s in top 50 card games, despite its $7.99 price. On the other hand, with the same price, Shards of Infinity Google Play version has 4.5 stars but the ratings are just starting.

The game was both developed and published by Temple Gates Games, which released such titles as Race for the Galaxy for PC, Android, and iOS, Roll for the Galaxy also for PC, Android and iOS, and Ascension VR, the earlier installation of Shards of Infinity, which is the first Virtual Reality deck building game.

Now, Temple Gates Games’ successful deck building hit comes to PC & mobile and it immediately trampled many other card games with initial reviews.


The gameplay is really rather familiar. In Shards of Infinity, you recruit champions and make allies from four different and unique factions. So, in other words, you collect their cards. Everything revolves around the player’s Shard of Infinity, which he or she needs to master and unleash their full power.

The main game’s features include the following:

  • 2 to 4 player play
  • 30 minute-sessions
  • Multiplayer network
  • Local support with pass and play
  • Solo campaign PvE play against AI


A century ago, The Infinity Engine that contains shards that can bend reality got destroyed and its fragments scattered throughout the world. The main focus of the game is rebuilding the engine and stopping the reality from collapsing, all the while fighting powerful foes and gathering forces as you grow in power.


As far as its looks go, Shards of Infinity is a much more serious-looking game than its competitors. The cards themselves feature outstanding artwork, are quite descriptive and easy to learn. To put it plainly, just by looking at the card gives you a good idea what it is for, The descriptions are comprehensive and concise, which is something many card deck-building games failed at. Finally, the animations, screen effects, and the overall atmosphere is fantastic.


Shards of Infinity PC and Mobile game is a serious take on the deck-building genre. Temple Gates Games is a serious company that pushed the card game genre to its limits, bringing it to the VR even. Where other card games might be considered suitable for younger audiences and easy to pick up, Shards of Infinity rules are much more immersive, complex, and ultimately more rewarding. Definitely for the deck aficionados!

8.0 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 8.5